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August 31st, 2011…

The Bottom Line

This trip of 100 Things is forever changing and growing in what is a very organic fashion. Created originally for the sole purpose of doing the things that I've always wanted to do, little did I know the effects that would have on me and, more lately, others.

In the first instance, yes; I did manage to achieve things from my list. For me this instilled me with a sense of satisfaction that I'd rarely felt before. Recognising this as a good thing, I chose to continue in the same fashion, hoping that the feeling of success would be duplicated many times more. Just quietly it was. By the time I returned home though from what was 16 months of travel, my life had changed. Without ever thinking about it, I wasn't only leading a life that allowed me to tick various items from a list but I now saw the world in a completely different light. Anything, as I saw it, was possible and no longer in the way stood the hurdles that just 2 year prior I'd allowed to restrict my own potential and shape my reality. I was exactly where I wanted to be in life and I'm fortunate to say that this feeling stays with me today.

As you might already know, since being back in Australia late last year, I've been lucky enough to help a few other people achieve items from their lists, most of whom have joined up as Campaigners on the site. This has been undeniably fantastic on all accounts, but what I'm only now realising is the fact that just like myself, the sense of satisfaction that these guys have got from ticking off their own list has now developed into something far deeper. Now, not only have these people learnt that anything is possible but they too now view the world in a way that previously they never did. Having felt success of their own, they now own the tools to take it one step further. With this comes the ability to maximize their own potential. They too are bounding over their once limiting hurdles.

Now you're probably wondering where I get off claiming all of this stuff, right? Well i admit that on occasions I get a little trigger happy when it comes to writing BUT today's blog is based on two amazing letters that I received from Mark Rostoks and Tania Sherley, two Campaigners who have recently ticked off some incredible items (see below blogs for details). If there was ever a reason for me to continue on with this journey, it's this; to see people make positive changes in their lives.

The first piece of writing is an extract from a letter written by Mark and was sent to his Pen-Pal about his recent journey. He took the time to send it to me also and I thank him for allowing me to share it no. I think it sums up the whole new premise of this journey

"And finally, I’d say that’s enough of a gasbag about me; I just wanted to give you an idea of what I’m all about far from all my bucket list hoopla. Yeah sure my list is becoming more and more important to me; but it doesn’t make me who I am – hopefully  you’ve now got a better idea now. Look I’m not saying a little bit of me doesn’t come across in my Blogs or wot not; it probably does. But I just wanted to make it a little clearer – not only for you, but I find the whole process of ‘putting pen to paper’ quite soothing myself. Anyway back to my list, it’s something that I’d seriously thought about doing for years – I think I’ve been writing down ideas in this note book for about five years. My only problem was... nearly everything in this book needed my health to improve to complete them. So I constantly dreamt about the day I’d be better... and that just kept me waiting, waiting until I found myself waiting for something that may or may not happen – so I finally cracked the shits and did something about it.

Now I don’t know if I’d wholly credit Seb with inspiring me to do my list, but he certainly was part of the puzzle. He came into my life right at the right time. Actually how I heard about him, one of my friends (nurses) was one of his speed dates on his ‘Stay Awake for 72 Hours’ challenge. She (Sheree) told me the very next day [as she already knew about my bucket list desires] and within the hour I’d checked out the 100 things website; it was very surreal. Here I was looking at a dude doing exactly what I’d dreamed about doing for years. I loved every part of Seb’s venture; from fundraising, to being a goose, even his original aspiration to do the list. In a way it made me sad, inadequate even – I mean Seb was living my dream, he’d beaten me to the punch... all I could think was great; my stupid fu$#ing health had got in the way again. “If only I hadn’t gotten sick that could be me” (dream dream)

So I looked at Seb’s site a number of times... which as it turns out was right in the middle of a big souls searching period for me. Throughout this period I’d sort of come to the conclusion ‘I gotta get busy livin’, or get busy dying’ – there was a bit more to it but I’ll leave that out. Anyway throughout this month or so stretch, I uncharacteristically had quite a few dark days, patches here and there where I felt so unfulfilled, I was actually wondering why I should keep fighting; I mean what was I fighting for? Anyhow to cheer me up one of my carers (Kate) e-mailed Seb to somehow organise something – I had no idea she did this. Ok I’m not too sure about the order of things here but it was around this time that I busted out my trusty notepad from the years of writing down ideas [and with a bit of help from the 100 things site & others) I finalised my list. I think Seb’s main input was making me realise that a bucket list is a very personal thing; everyone’s different and so is their list – so in turn I just did a list to suit my needs and my capabilities.

Fantastic..! I had purpose to my life again – but still it was pretty weird how it all unfolded. Trivial fact No4... I’m a serious believer in is fate and destiny; now how the whole thing played out could not have been orchestrated better even if I’d planned it myself! Oh yeah anyway that bird Kate who contacted Seb... he got back to her strait away; and next thing we chatted on the phone and organised to meet up.  As it turns out Seb was only in town for one day [after riding a scooter from Perth] so I sort of had to make the most of it. So chest infection and all I went and met Seb; and well the rest is history. Just thought of it actually, you can see how fucked I am in Seb’s recent ‘Help a Stranger’ YouTube clip where he shaves my head. Lucky fella... he always sees me at my worst. Hahaha one more thing I’ve never seen that help a stranger footage off the Circle in my life, but gees it works well with the story."

The letter below is from Tania Sherley and was written in relation to some changes in perspective that she's had since becoming a campaigner last month.


This month has been the most incredible, life-changing month of my Life. Not only have I ticked off FIVE, yes FIVE of my ‘Items on my List’, but I now have brought my BIGGEST Life Dream to reality..and I cant begin to try to explain just how much it has meant to me, to experience this…well, ok, I will try to explain it lol….
So…August 2011, I’ve ticked off: No 52. Go on a Womens’ Personal Development Retreat; No 57. Be a tourist in my local area, staying in a local hotel (Mooloolaba) on my own and enjoying ‘being away; No 29. Stay in a hotel in the city, on my own; No 30. Solo train journey (changing my train fear – Ive actually done several train journeys now – but the first ‘solo’ was a major *TICK* off of my List.) And last but most certainly not least, my HUGE Life Dream…No 3 Go for a 'Hot Lap' drive around the a race track, in a Ford Supercar, with a Ford driver of course! WOW!! What a moment (or 3-and-a-bit-minutes of life-changing INSANE fun!!), that was!! Haha…

I had the absolute priviledge of not only meeting ‘The Team’ - Jim Beam Racing/DJR, and the Legend himself, Dick Johnson, but I had the awesome opportunity to meet and sit next to Steve Johnson (Dicks son), and race around the track at Qld Raceway, in his mind-blowingly AWESOME #17 Jim Beam Ford V8 Supercar BEAST!! 240km/hr at top speed, feeling the massive grunt and power, while listening to, and feeling, the roar of that engine….WOWZERS!!! It was INSANE!!..We were lucky enough to have a half-wet track, so of course, Steve slid the car around the corners a little for me…haha…BRILLIANT… “Get in, Sit down, Strap in, and HANG ON!!!” I will never forget this day for as long as I live, not only did my Life Dream come true on that track, but the entire Team at Jim Beam Racing/DJR are very genuine people who were absolutely fantastic with me, they really are the ‘good guys’ of the sport, who obviously love what they do. (PS..that #17 car…wow…WHAT a Beast..I want it!! Haha)…getting back into my Ford a couple of days later and driving a ‘boring 60km/hr (almost Pit Lane speed!!), was…errr…interesting…haha..

Why has this journey been ‘life-changing’? Well, lets just say, the hole that had always been in my heart & my spirit, for as long as I can remember, the emptiness about not being able to join in (because of my disability) with my family who were involved in motor racing when I was growing up – this hole is no longer there, inside myself. The very moment that Steve and I arrived back into the Pit area at Qld Raceway, that hole had magically disappeared. I guess this is what Seb Terry refers to as ‘true fulfilment’ – because I now feel truly fulfilled, in that area of my life – and the flow-on it has had to my mindset, is incredible – not to mention achieving the other two ‘Things’ on my List which were included in my trip to Qld Raceway – the solo train journeys and the stay in the city hotel by myself, were very empowering, personally. The ‘searching for myself’ that I had done for years, and more specifically the last couple of years when I really had ‘lost myself’ has now simply disappeared..and this is because of this new way of thinking for me, that ANYTHING is possible. I mean, who would have thought that I would get the opportunity one day to race in a V8 Supercar, to get that chance to fill that void that had been in my life??? All it took was, ‘putting it out there’ from laying dormant inside my mind to, actually taking action towards bringing it to reality..and it magically BECAME my reality, once I focussed on it!

The next Adventure…BRING IT ON!!! :D

Becoming a ‘100 Things Campaigner’ really has changed my life…in so many ways!
**Chase your Dreams – it is SO worth it!!**"

100 Things… What's o your list?

August 29th, 2011…

Hot Seat!

Last week I was over the moon to be able to help one of our Campaigners, Tania, tick off one of her dreams by getting her a hot-lap the Dick Johnson Racing V8 Supercar! SInce ticking off this item, Tania's story has gone international with articles written about the 100 Things campaigners featuring as far as the USA!

One thing that no-one has seen though up until today is the in-car video taken during the hot-lap! And so it's with a big smile I can share this great little vid today!

Now Tania is of course one of our go-getter Campaigners and it's with inspiration like this that encourages others to join up.

Over the past 6 months, I've been lucky enough to be able to do a lot of talks to various schools, business and community groups about my journey and the one thing that keeps me going is the idea that people walk away with enough motivation to address goals within their own life. Some of these people go one step further and actually join up as Campaigners. It's incredible to see and from ten-year olds to eighty year olds, it seems that there's heaps of people willing to create their own list!

Below is a list of newly added campaigners who I spoke to at a school in Melbourne at the beginning of the year with Dave Cornthwaite. Not only were these guysan absolute pleasure to speak to but as it turns out they have some awesome goals and dreams!

Introducing to you, Nath, Kayla, Jacko, Cods, Em, Brods and Shorty! Just click on their names to see their lists.

It would irresponsible of me now not to invite YOU to join the likes of these guys by becoming a campaigner and so if you are interested, please follow the easy 1-step process by clicking here! All you have to do is take a step back from whatever it is you're doing and ask yourself one simple question; if you could do anything in the world, what would it be?

I'd love to see your list and even more so it would be fantastic to link you with other people also chasing their dreams!

People inspire people.

100 Things… What's on your list?

August 23rd, 2011…

1 Year Ago Today (well yesterday to be precise!)…..
Time flys. There is no other way of putting it sometimes. Blink and you risk missing it.

On a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon in Sydney yesterday, I found myself writing a quick to-do list for the upcoming week and wrote down that I needed to update the blog today. I started by writing down the date and as I did so I noted that August 28th seemed particularly familiar. Casting back my mind to this time last year I suddenly realized that I was in fact in the Canadian town of Regina undertaking one of the most incredible items from my list. It involved a hospital, a loving couple and 13 hours of labour. Of course it was Number 23- Deliver a Baby.

Can you believe that a couple who I'd never met invited me to deliver their baby?
IIt seems ridiculous sitting here in the confines of my place in Manly that this is how it eventuated but in reflection it seemed liked the most normal thing in the world at the time.

Of course there's an intricate story layered behind this fact that makes it even it more bizarre but this story I'l leave for the book release at the end of the year.

In short, not only was this a tick on my list but more importantly I got to experience first hand the power of generosity. Carmen and Dane, the parents, took me in, opened up one of the most personal and intimate experiences that a couple could have, and together we witnessed the miracle of birth. I don't use that word lightly either; it was a miracle!

After 13 hours of labour, with Carmen's left leg resting on my shoulder as the doctor and I crouched in anticipation at the bottom end of her hospital bed, a little boy was born at 8 pounds and 15 ounces. His name was Oakley and I'd like to wish him a happy 1st birthday for yesterday.

Oakley, I look forward to meeting you at some stage. You're parents are incredible people and so please give them a hug for me!

Campaigner Mark Rostoks Ticks off a HUGE Item!

Now most of you will remember Mark as the inspirational bloke who I was lucky enough to push in his wheelchair at the recent Melbourne half marathon. This was of course a huge tick on Mark's very own list of things to-do!

Suffering from an unknown neurological disorder that has kept him without movement in wheelchair, Mark is firing through his items at a great rate and has only last week completed something that will make all men jealous; he kissed Miranda Kerr!

Yes, he did! It's Number 77 on his list- Kiss a Celebrity, and the big man managed to do it with one of the worlds most beautiful women!

All I can say is well done buddy! Keep up the good work!

Dave Cornthwaite Dominates the Mississippi

Dave Cornthwaite is man on the move. Together we've done motivational speaking, pedaled a tandem bicycle from Vancouver to Las Vegas and even stayed up for 72 hours together. You could say we share a love of doing strange things.

Right now though Dave finds himself some 2,020 miles down the Mississippi River as he attempts to Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) the length of the 'Might Miss' as part of his 4th journey of Expedition 1000. Dave you see, once an unhappy graphic designer, now has become somewhat of a professional adventurer and with his self-designed project, Expedition 1000, being his main focus, he really is a man on a mission.

Attempting to travel 25 separate journeys using a different form on non-motorised transport on each one, Dave is breaking records, testing himself and inspiring people everywhere. So far he's kayaked, cycled, skateboarded and is on the cusp of completing his SUP adventure.

Having just got off Skype with the big man himself, he told me this;

"Paddling the Mississippi has been like an adventure of old. A giant, gleaming serpent, stretching the length of the United States, slicing through the very belly of obesity yet harbouring people of the utmost kindness. My fingers ache and my board shows the scars of time, but my heart is almost as full as my belly. Great BBQ down here in the South."

I should also say that Dave has just entered Alligator infested waters and so never has the importance of staying on the board been more crucial!

Anyway, here's a shout-out to Dave on his 59th day of paddling! Stay safe buddy!

To follow the Englishman's progress, don't be shy to follow him on Facebook www.facebook.com/expedition1000. He'd love your support!

100 Things… What's on your list?

August 24th, 2011…

 Party Time!
There's a party going on an you're all invited!

I'm not going to lie to you, December 1st this year is shaping up to be one of the most epic days of my life. Yes it's the first day of Summer but even better than this it is the official launch day for my book! Who'd of thought!?

Now to celebrate the occasion, I thought what better thing to do than to tick something off my list and so after a quick scan of the incomplete items, it's clear that there is a standout item that fits the bill perfectly- Number 50- Throw a Party!


Basically I'm working with a blank canvas but all I know at this stage is that it has to take place in Sydney as I'll be doing some media interviews here in the morning. This leaves the door wide open now for some creativity and seeing as this journey has involved so many people along the way I thought it would be appropriate to see if you'd like to help me create something special!

I guess first things first, we need a venue? And it goes without saying that I' thinking fancy  dress is a must.

Help! Any suggestions, contacts, ideas etc all welcome at seb@100things.com.au :)

Our Amazing Campaigner Tania

You probably know from reading yesterdays blog that one of our most motivated campaigners by the name of Tania got whisked around the Ipswich Raceway in Dick Johnson V8 Supercar. By doing so she ticked off one of her life dreams.

Click HERE to read the full article

Of course this is a huge moment for Tania, a lady who suffers from Spinabifida, and to speak with her on the phone moments after her ride was amazing. So much energy and enthusiasm in fact that I could barely understand her!

I also just noticed that Tania even made the official V8 Supercar website with a great little article! Hats off to you Tania!

I think though the funniest thing by far was though was the fact that in the article I got referred to as an "entrepreneur"! I can barely spell that! haha

100Things… What's on your list?
 August 23rd, 2011…

Tania Achieves Life Goal!

Recently I met a lady by the name of Tania. After seeing an interview that I gave on The Circle, Tania contacted me and shared with me the story of her life. Suffering from Spinabifida, Tania has sadly been confined to a wheel chair since birth. An energetic lady with a big smile to boot, it became clear early on in our talks that she had a big personality.

Sadly though Tania went onto explain that over the years she had lost sight of what she labelled as her 'Life Dreams' and as such had been simply 'existing' in a world she described as unfulfilling. Thankfully, having seen that an average bloke like me was able to tick items from his own list of things to-do, she decided to become a 100 Things campaigner and again focus on here 3 big Life Dreams. She had found her motivation.

So what her dreams? Well having swam with dolphins, Tania was able to identify 2 remaining goals that she now concentrates on. The first of these is to ride a jet ski and the second is to get Hot-Lap of a racecourse in a V8 Supercar!

After setting up a personalized profile page for Tania, I introduced her page to everyone following the 100 Things Facebook page and within the day the Dick Johnson Race Team had got int touch and had offered her dream; a hot lap in a V8 Supercar at Ipswich Raceway!


After months of anticipation, today is the day that Tania will be stepping into the car and completing her hotlap and I just want to say a big congratulations to Tania for her newly found zest for life! It is inspiring.

On that note I'd also like to thanks the team from Dick Johnson Racing, including Kel C who initially reached out having read the Facebook post.

It's moments like this that make this journey worth it! I truly believe that one of the most important things in life lays in the strength of community.

I'm now waiting for the post-lap phone call fro Tania and will update you guys ASAP with her reaction and photos!

100Things… What's on your list?

 August 22nd, 2011…

100 Things heads to Africa

If you just read the title, I guess this next bit of news won't come as a great surprise but 100 Things is off to AFRICA!

Having never been there before, this is something that makes me wriggle in my chair with excitement. You see over the last 7 months, I've committed the majority of my time to writing my book and also carrying out motivational talks through Australia & New Zealand, and although this has been unbelievable, I'm now chomping at the bit to get back out there, so to speak, and experience everything that comes ticking items from the list! Yeeeoooooow!

September 28th, 2011 is the official departure date, and with a quick keynote speaking engagement to present at in Singapore en route, we should be rocking up to the the world's second largest continent at the beginning of October for 7 weeks of adventure.

So which items are we looking at ticking off?

This is the exciting part. As you know, my list is comprised of things that challenge me in varying ways. Enjoying the idea of getting out of my own comfort zone and trying things for the time, Africa therefore offers a variety of fitting opportunities. Not only are the items themselves incredible experiences that mean a lot to me, but being able to learn about a culture and grow as person because of it, makes this adventure all the better.

Number 79- Live with a Tribe for 1 Week

Throughout my life I've only lived with friends or family in what have been standard dwellings i.e a house or unit. Shopping typically was always done at the local supermarket and letters were always delivered into the postbox that sat at the front of the house. This I would say is fairly normal to someone living in a Western society. For this reason, I've decided to go and live with a tribe in Africa. Quite literally, for the period of 1 week, I'll be living with a clan of Masai Warriors somewhere in the middle of Kenya, where i'll be living off the land, sleeping in a hut and doing all the things that they do. Not having done this before, I can' really give any more insight than this, but this is part of the excitement, right?

Keep posted as I learn more in the lead-up.

Number 43- Volunteer at an Orphanage

Based purely on a want to help, albeit in a small way, the idea of helping orphaned children in an environment where violence, poverty and heartache have played a large part, is something I've always wanted to do.

There are of course endless areas that need help throughout Africa, but after much research and hundreds of emails, it looks as though we're now going to be based in Uganda for this item. Living in an attached house and working full-time with babies and children aged 0-6 years old, our role is something that I hope not only offers us an incredible experience but more importantly offers the kids something of benefit. We are taking this very seriously.

As with everything that's happened with this trip, I'm constantly learning about things that previously I was completely oblivious to and when it comes to volunteering at an orphanage, I've learnt that although based on nothing but a positive intention, there can be negative side effects to wanting to help if implemented in the wrong way. The term 'Westerisation' seems to brought up a lot when dealing with aid in Africa and so i should mention at this stage that although volunteering in an orphanage is an item on a list, in no way am I trivializing it. The idea here is to be truly helpful and where possible, we'll be implementing practices and procedures that will leave only a positive message and system for others to pick up on.

All in all, this item excites me no end!

Number 31- Build Something

Now for those of you who know me, you'll know that I am useless with my hands. Because of this, I've always liked to challenge of trying to build something with my hands and so this is why building something is on my list.

Having left this item completely open (as in I have no idea what it is exactly that I'll build!), I just have a feeling that once embedded with a small Africa community, an opportunity to build something will just pop up. Whether it be a water well, a set of goal posts or even class room of one sort or another, I'm going to pack a hammer just in case!

There are of course various other things from the list that no doubt can be accomplished in Africa, but sometimes it's better to just wait and see what these are when they decide to present themselves. What I'm trying to say is that we're open to anything and everything in Africa!

Keep posted for updates in the coming weeks.

100Things… What's on your list?

August 19th, 2011

Bryno the Campaigner!
You may remember back in April that I managed to tick off Number 51- Endurance Tandem Bike Ride as myself and Dave Cornthwaite rode 1400 miles from Vancouver to Las Vegas.

What you guys mightn't have known though was that both Dave and I only had one day to rest in-between landing in Canada and starting the challenge. Suffice to say that we needed a good night's sleep and this was achieved thanks to an old mate of mine called Bryan (or Bryno), a Vancouver local. One of the friendliest guys in town, Bryno offered us his living room couches to rest on for the night and this was crucial in our limited preparation.

Anyway, since that day, Bryno has put together his own list of goals to achieve and consequently he became a Campaigner on the website. It was only yesterday though that he took the time to email his progress, and let me tell you that he's killing it!

Not only has Bryno ticked off Number 4- Visit Amsterdam and Number 6- Visit Beirut but he's also just ticked off one of his more adrenalin-based items by jumping out a plane mid-flight with nothing but a parachute attached to him (Number 10- Skydive).

A massive congratulations to the always hospitable Bryno and also a huge thanks for his $100 to Camp Quality. Of course this goes towards the $100,000 goal which is Number 4 on my own list.

If you think that you'd like to become a campaigner, why not check out the easy 1-step guide to creating your own profile and if you think that you'd like to donate to Camp Quality, the charity helping kids and families affected by cancer, pleased do so HERE.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Fittingly I just heard from Bryno and he tells me that he now has a spare room in Vancouver for anyone traveling through. Check out all the details HERE. Trust me, it's a good room haha

100Things... What's on your list?

August 17th, 2011


Camp Quality Fundraiser- Saturday September 24th & 25th

It's official, 100 Things and the ToyClub are getting together on September 24th & 25th to throw a fundraiser for Camp Quality!

So in short, the ToyClub are everyone's best friend in the lead up to Christmas because they offer premium toys up to 80% off the RRP! Of course this means that if you're looking to get some presses on the cheap in time for Christmas day, this really is a great opportunity to get it done.

How does it work?

Well all you do is buy a $5 ticket online (which of course gets donated to Camp Quality) and you're allowed into a huge warehouse with toys galore at 80% off. The Toy Sale will feature heaps of brands including Cat, Fisher Price, Meccano, Tonka, Wahu, Disney, Barbie, Playskool and many, many more. With toys available for newborns to teens, there is something available for everyone! (wow, what a marketing sepal!).

Quite literally the ToyClub have approached me here at 100 Things with this lovely offer and so this really is a great opportunity based on the fact that everyone wants to raise as much money as possible for Camp Quality. With a percentage of toy sales also being donated to Camp Quality, we aim to raise somewhere near to $20,000 for this 2-day event.

What Else?

Not only will there be heaps of toys on sale but they'll also be a BBQ, Music, a jumping castle, and an awesome Auction with some great prizes!


If you're interested in scoring an awesome toy deal, please keep your eyes peeled on the ToyClub ticketing site. You'll be able to buy tickets later this week :

Or if you'd like some more info please contact me on seb@100things.com.au

This is a Brisbane based event! 15 Hinkler Court, Brendale, QLD.

Spread the Word!

We are now promoting this event via a special our Events Page and I've also added it to the 100 Things Facebook Group Page so please spread the word and let's see how many people we can get through the door. Of course the more people that rock up for some tasty toy discounts, the more money we'll raise for Camp Quality!

Volunteers Needed

Now in preparation for what will be a huge event in Brisbane, we're also looking for people to help as volunteers on the day!

Roles will be easy-going and fun of course, but essentially we are just looking for people to be able to help in the venue itself to give out prizes, check tickets and help with general bits and pieces around the place on the day. Again if you're interested in helping please contact me on seb@100things.com.au

Band Needed!

It would also be rude of me not to offer any local bands the opportunity to play at the venue on the day. As a way of creating a fun environment, I'd love to have some live music and so if there's any bands looking to get sone time in front of a lot of people, I'd love to hear from you!

Righto, that's about it at this stage but with just over 4 weeks until the sale, let's spread the love! This will be the biggest fundraiser I've ever done!

100 Things… What's on your list?

August 16th, 2011…

Campaigners at the Ready!
One thing I've learnt from this trip is that everyone has a list of one sort or another. Whether it's just one thing or whether it's 100, we all have goals. Seeing as i'm somewhat simple in nature (and male of course), I find it easier to write my goals on a piece of paper and use that at my compass through life. Crazy? Strange? Unique? Well you'd be forgiven for thinking so but I'm here to tell that I'm not. Since starting the 100 Things "Campaigners page" where people can now upload their own lists as part of a personalized profile, I've seen that there are heaps of people in fact with lists! It's awesome.

With this in mind, I'd like to introduce you to the latest two campaigners, both of whom joined our ranks yesterday.

First cab off the the rank is Tina. Having seen an interview I gave on TV a month ago, Tina devised her own list and after sending me about 10 emails telling me that she was on the way to creating the most outrageous list ever, she finally sent me her unique list yesterday. Without ever having met this girl, I dare say that you'l be hearing a lot more from her! How could you not considering one of her goals is to become an Australian champion at something!?

Secondly, I heard from a  guy called Adz. A friend of one of our original and busiest campaigners, Megsy, Adz also has sent through 100 awesome items and is the proud owner of a personalized profile page. Among his goals is to wear a 3-piece suit everyday for a week!

To both of these guys, well done and thanks for joining up, and if you're reading this contemplating whether you might want to become a campaigner like Tina and Adz, just check out their profiles by clicking on their pics above. If you like what you see and think it's for you, check out the easy 1-step process in how to become a campaigner.

You never know; you might like it!

100 Things… What's on your list?

August 15th, 2011…

Book Edit Complete
I'm not going to lie; book editing is something that I'm not going to miss in a hurry! After a solid month of typing, changing, cutting, adding and tweaking, I can though now announce that the final edit of the 100 Things book is complete!

Some 80,000 words and 53 chapters later and I'm finally done!

Not the most flattering pic, I know, but this is a product of 1 month solid in front of a laptop! :)

Where does this leave us? Well in terms of book release, we're scheduled for a release date of December 1st, 2011! This is of course epic. In between now and then though, we still have to finalize a front cover, add QR codes (the book's going to be interactive) and create a wicked bunch of photos to have within the book itself. It's a process that although long is one of immense satisfaction. With all that said, I just hope that you enjoy it!

Free Time

As a result of the above, I'm now enjoying something that I haven't been able to in a while and that is free time. To be able to thrown myself now at other bits and pieces is fairly exciting and with a list of things I need to get done; it's just the time. Top of the list is to add all new campaigners who have sent me their profiles and second to this is experimenting with a new website that allows all campaigners to start their own profiles and be able to talk online! Of course there are plans now for an African trip towards the end of next month and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Camp Quality

I should also note that Number 4- Raise $20,000 for Camp Quality is also over 1/5 of the way complete! Our healthy total is in fact at $20,170 and we're cursing along very nicely!

Thanks to everyone who has donated in some way and with 10% of all my motivational talking fees to be donated to Camp Quality, I'm just about ready to raise that total a little more.

If course you're feeling the urge to contribute at all, please do so by clicking the log below!

I'll leave it there for today but will share some stories as the week unfolds.

See you tomorrow,

100 Things… what's on your list?

August 9th, 2011…


I feel terrible this morning; after locking myself in my room for all of last week in order to get as much book editing done as possible, I've only now realized that my update here on the blog have been few and far between. For that, I'm sorry!

In what has been a busy month for me in fact, I admit that my time to sit down and update the page has been limited BUT the good news is that from next week I'll not only have handed my book in as well as finalized the front cover (what a process that is turning out to be!) but as a result I'll be back on deck in full!

For those of you who haven't as yet far joined the new 100 things Facebook page, I'd suggest joining up by clicking on the link below and pressing "LIKE". This has been my main avenue for updates of late and for the remainder of this week it looks as though will be the best way to stay up to date.

Click the logo to join!

I also feel a little silly as aside to writing and posing for photos (don't worry, I am very "anti-cheese" when it comes to photos) there has been a lot going on. Without going into too much detail right now, let me just say that there's not only various items from the list being planned for the next two months but we've had a big influx of new Campaigner join our ranks and I'm still in the process of uploading their profiles. Of course on top of this there is a trip to Africa in September planned and all this of course will happen before the actual book launch at the end of the year just in time for Christmas. This is just the tip of the Iceburg!

Regardless, thanks for supporting this journey, it means the world to me and as of next week, I'll be back online, full time!

For now, it's back to book editing!

Seb :)

100Things… What's on your list?


August 3rd, 2011...

Brand New Month, Brand New Video!

So here we are, just a few days into August and it's all happening. I could go into details about what exactly it is that's happening but I think right now the only thing on my mind is the latest video that I've managed to put together.

You may remember a few weeks ago myself and few others managed to help one of my Campaigners by the name of Mark Rostocks tick off one of his list-items by pushing him through the Run Melbourne Half Marathon? Well finally it's available to share with you. Just quietly, I think it's awesome! haha

I have to leave it there as I've meant to be shooting the front cover for the 100 Things book that's released at the end of the year! Wow this is exciting.

100 Things... What's on your list?

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Northern Beaches Wedding Photography
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