Emily Welch

Nickname- Em

D.O.B-  6th April, 1998

Nationality- Australian

What's on your list?

1;       get  a penny board
2;      Have a baby by 27
3;      Get a pet ferret
4;      Have my own clothing label
5;      Skateboard around Queensland
6;      Go on a plane
7;      Travel around the world
8;      Get married by 30
9;      Go back to school with a positive attitude
10;   Graduate year 10
11;   Move to a different school
12;   Move out of home by 18
13;   Have a job by 15
14;   Be in the Guiness Book of World  Records
15;   Own 100 pairs of Nike shoes
16;   Keep my good friendships going
17;   Drive a Ferrari
18;   Win a game of golf
19;   Be in a movie
20;   Have a pet snake
21;   Go to new Zealand and live there
22;   Be indi
23;   Change my name to Nancy
24;   Grow my own veggies, instead of buying them
25;   Volunteer for an organisation
26;   Become a Photographer
27;   Meet Justin bieber
28;   Play  saxophone
29;   Travel with my brother
30;   Swim with dolphins
31;   Sail around the world
32;   Volunteer at a vet
33;   Ride an elephant
34;   Play volleyball
35;   Do a back on
36;   Have a pet mouse
37;   Play basketball with my brother as the coach
38;   Hug a monkey
39;   Have a pet elephant
40;   Brake my leg
41;   Be on the red carpet
42;   Get my nose pierced
43;   Be on TV
44;   Have black hair
45;   Get a dragon tattoo on my left side of my body
46;   Help a homeless person
47;   Work at a vet
48;   Travel by foot anywhere
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