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When I was asked to give my first talk at the TNT Travel show in London, some time in 2009, I started it like this;

"G'day, my name is Sebastian and to be standing in front of you today is the latest turn in what has been an incredible journey so far. I call this journey 100Things"

I spoke for an hour and finished the talk by breaking a Guinness World Record (check out "Number 19" on the list).

Five minutes after walking off stage, I had booked my second, third and fourth talk. A day later I was having to change my travel itinerary to fit in speaking commitments and 1 year after that I had travelled through Europe, Canada, and the USA giving talks to school, corporate clients, community groups and even charities.

100Things been an amazing journey and one that i'm proud to say has connected and inspired others.

Our 1st talk @ the TNT Travel Show (preparing to break a bizarre Guinness World Record)

Based on not only specific items from the list, but also the beliefs and happenings behind the scenes, we talk about the opportunity that is life and ways to instigate a positive mind-set that allows us to achieve.

An attitude that everything is possible and that life can be harnessed with a positive and ambitious outlook are just a few things that we touch on.

Delivered with humour, honesty and vivacious enthusiasm, the talks, which features a fantastic selection of photos and videos, reach the crowd with impact and purpose, leaving people ready to attack their goals individually and as a team.

Each talk is custom designed to satisfy the your needs and no place is too far, in fact we'd like you to challenge us!

To inquire about a talk, please just email us:

Australia Tour, October - Januray 2010

After a quick fire 15 month stint around the globe, 100Things returns to Australia in October 2010.

Not only will we be ticking off some more items and also featuring on television, but we are completing a speaking tour.

When I say we, please let me introduce Dave Cornthwaite; professional adventurer and the other half to our speaking tour; Hundreds and Thousands.

Check out his website at http://www.davecornthwaite.com

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Northern Beaches Wedding Photography

Northern Beaches Wedding Photography
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