Frequently Asked Questions......

What is 100Things.com.au?

100Things.com.au documents the progress of one man as he attempts to tick-off all 100 things from his to-do list. In doing so, 100Things is also raising $100,000 for Camp Quality.

100Things has two main goals:

1- Encourage others to achieve their goals
2- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality

What started out as a journey of one has quickly changed into a journey of many. 100Things now encourages YOU to share your goals as a 'Campaigner' and in doing so allows you to raise money for Camp Quality

The website is updated with stories, pictures & videos as they occur.

Through various means, 100Things.com.au also encourages the exchange of information, idea's and advice for the greater community.

* Who created the list?

Everyone has at least 1 thing that they've always wanted to to do! Sebastian has 100. He simply started writing one day after a serious event in his life and this is the result!
Hailing from the Australian beach town of Manly, Sydney, Sebastian is a 29yr-old guy, fundamentally no different to anyone else.
Sebastian holds three passports (Australian, English & Mauritian) and amongst a list of hobbies enjoys writing, surfing, playing guitar, traveling and making people laugh.

* How do I become a 'Campaigner'?

That's easy! Simply write to us letting us know you're ready to chase your dreams and we'll send you an easy 1-step guide. Your profile will be updated immediately!

* Why are you doing this?

You might just think he's crazy, but Sebastian has his reasons for following his dream. To find out, click here!

* What is the itinerary?

There is no set itinerary. With so many items on the 100Things list, it is hard to plan so far ahead. One thing is for sure though; 100Things will take you around the globe!

Fundamentally, 100Things is a lifestyle choice, embracing the free spirit of travel.
100Things combines items which are location specific (such as the Running of Bulls Festival in Pamplona, Spain) as well as items which can occur anywhere (such as busking).

Skeleton Itinerary:


June-September- US tour

September-November- Central & South America tour




Africa, India, South East Asia

* What happens when you achieve your 100Things?

100Things encourages self fulfillment. It offers a lifestyle with no boundaries. These are the founding reasons for the list, and each item on the list compliments this.

By definition, once all of the items from 100Things are ticked off, the 'list' will be complete.
However, the completion of 100Things does not indicate an ending, but rather a new beginning. A dream will be realised, and with this the next 'chapter' will reveal itself.

Life itself is perpetually changing. As such, so to does the key to our self fulfillment.

* What happens if you don't achieve your list of 100Things?

Don't be silly!

* How do I contact 100Things.com.au?

That's easy! Just email us on info@100Things.com.au

* Can I subscribe to 100Things.com.au for story updates?

Yes, you can subscribe to all 100Things updates.
Simply follow the subscriber links at the bottom left of the page.

* How is 100Things.com.au being funded?

100Things.com.au is entirely self funded. Naturally, budgets greatly influence the 100Things itinerary and thus any subsidised fee's or gratis services are greatly appreciated.

* I think I can help you complete one of your items!


Please send us an email and let us know your idea. Without the help of like-minded people around the world 100Things would not be possible!

We'd love to hear from you!

If you have anything else you'd like to know, please just ask!


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