Number 70- Meet my Name Sake (Sebastian Terry)


Have you ever met someone with the exact same name as you? Well today I managed to do just that when I travelled to London to meet Sebastian Terry!

Initially making contact via Facebook, it took over a year to actually meet in person but it was worth the wait.

Waiting on the side of the road with his brother Alex and close friend James, Sebastian welcomed me with a friendly hug and a cold beer.

"Sebastian Terry! Nice to meet you!"
"And you Sebastian Terry. We finally meet!"

The beer is only the first indication that Sebastian is one of the most generous people you would meet. In the house, three friendly girls sit in the lounge room picking at an impressive food platter which sits on a table alongside wine bottles and beer cans. Although only close friends with one of the girls, Sebastian has opened his house to them as they holiday in London for three days before returning to Majorca in Spain where they live.

Based on nothing but a shared name, many would see this meeting as slightly odd but the hours fly by as we share tales as told through the eyes of a 'Sebastian Terry'. Interestingly I read a few birthday cards still lying around his house from his recent 30th birthday and laugh as I notice we share many of the same nick-names; Sebass, Bastian, Sebski and even the creative Sebious Maximus.

Happy Birthday buddy!

Sebastian is an insurance underwriter of a unique nature. He specialises in high-end customers which means he insures items from Nasa satellites, to the entire Taiwanese army against accidental death! He even recently wrote up insurance for the world famous Inter Milan Football Club who are actually fearful of winning the prestigious Champions League title (yes, that's what I said). You see after promising players a huge bonus if they win the title as an incentive, officials now fear that late season form may see Inter Milan actually lift the trophy which would cost the club millions in player bonuses. In short, Sebastian has now provided them with insurance to cover this loss. Strange.

A the age of seventeen, Sebastian became a golf caddie at one of Britains most exclusive golf courses. With a club joining fee of around fifty thousand pounds, the course was frequented by mainly rich and famous types. This led to Sebastian being asked to caddie for various celebrities including famous British actor, Hugh Grant. As Hugh's golf improved over time, the two became very close and Sebastian laughs as he tells me that he once found himself giving advice to the actor as he pondered what car he should bye the next day- Maserati or Ferrari? Life is tough for some!

The wine bottles in front of us are now all empty and Sebastian insists he takes me and the girls out for a night on the town. This sounds like fun and we make the move into London's West End.

"And don't you bring your wallet, I'll pay for you tonight"

Sebastian's stories are only topped by his sense of humour and the night is one I won't forget in a hurry. Seeing someones reaction to meeting two Sebastian Terry's at the same time is something I won't forget, specially after producing Identification proving so. This would often lead to the question to the question; so how did you meet? to which Sebastian would answer smugly;

"He flew all the way from Australia to meet me!"

Ana, James, Sebastian Terry, Marie-Jose & me (Sebastian Terry)

As I do with most people, I asked Sebastian early in the night what was on his list. Without a hesitation he tells me of his dream to be the chief executive of a stock market listed company with an annual turn-over of a billion dollars. For some reason, i'm certain he'll do it. So driven is Sebastian that when we joke about what we would do if we were to win the lottery, he tells me that he wouldn't actually like to win as he would lose his drive to work and hence would not actually achieve his dream of becoming a Chief Executive.

"Not only that, but I fear i'd kill myself with alcohol poisoning after a month!" Again we find ourselves laughing out loud.

Sadly after one night of meeting with Sebastian, I have to leave, but before we go, we talk about meeting up again at some other place in the world. The three girls who i've also made good friends with suggest we visit them in the Mediterranean- who knows, maybe we will.

Thanks to Sebastian for helping me tick off Number 70 from the list. This leaves only 75 more items and I now continue having made a good friend.

Sebastian Terry & Sebastian Terry

Life is fun!

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