Number 92- Visit a Haunted House

Full story to come...

On Friday evening, we were invited to join the Calling Lakes Paranormal Investigators as they travelled to a isolated primary school to investigate the rumoured presence of paranormal activity.

After setting up 4 infa-red cameras in 4 rooms within the school, we wondered around guided by 2 psychics as we attempted to catch some ghosts on camera. The highlight of the night was noticing that a basketball had moved position after we had placed it in the middle of a dark corridor and currently we are reviewing video footage to see what it was that forced it to move.

The 4-infa-red camera on the computer screen

Wandering in the dark certainly put us on edge and when I was told that I had a small child-ghost standing behind me as we held hands in a pitch-black class room, you can see why the 6-hour investigation was one not to forget.

Over the night, we never quite managed to see a ghost but we did hear a strange drum noise and also some freakish words that were caught on a small gadget designed to pick up the voice of ghosts. 

The guys from the Calling Lakes Paranormal Investigation Group.. oh, and me

The story will follow of course and so to will all results that the video footage review unviels, but for now Number 92- Visit a Haunted House- COMPLETE!

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