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February 5th, 2010...

Planning- Number 8- Attempt an Olympic Ski Jump.

After the high of ticking off item 77 from the list (Become a Team Mascot), it's time to start planning the next tick!

A quick trip to Chamonix yesterday to research some ski slopes proved promising as we saw for the first time a proper Ski Jump!
Number 8 on the list of course is to attempt an Olympic Ski Jump and what better place than The Alps, right?

This sadly is a 'baby-jump' used for practice only! This means that the one I will attempt will be much, much bigger!

Step 1- Learn to ski!
Step 2- Stop You-Tubing "Olympic Ski Jump Crashes"
Step 3- Lose fear of heights!


Our Campaigner page is taking shape nicely now with 15 amazing people having shared their own lists with us. Feel free to check out their profiles HERE! If you think you can help them with any items on their lists, leave them a message!

If you feel like you might want to become a Campaigner yourself and start ticking off items from your own list, please take a look at our sign-up page HERE!

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February 1st, 2010...

Number 77- Be a Team Mascot for a Day- COMPLETE!

Terry le Tigre

We did it! Thanks to the mighty Geneve-Servette Hockey Club, 100Things managed to be a team mascot for their most recent home game.

For the full story, CLICK HERE, but in short; Geneve-Servette are the nations best Ice Hockey team and they have two club mascots a male and female eagle. I was fortunate to be invited as a guest mascot for one of the home games before a last minute scare saw a brand-new mascot being conceived for me- "Terry le Tigre"!

Needless to say, the night was one not to forget and the club even made a donation to Camp Quality!

Calvin and Calvina pleasing the crowd; and me!

A big thankyou to the Geneve-Servette Hockey Club and also Henda, the friendliest man in town!

Good luck for the rest of the season and I hope to see you all again soon!

Video to follow shortly!

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January 30th, 2010...

Number 46- Learn French- WEEK 2 VIDEO DIARY :

It's been a great second week as I settle into the Geneva way of life.

Work is going well at The Clubhouse where the locals are friendly and also patient as they try and teach me basic basic French. "Est-ce que je peux t'aide?" (Can I help you?) is my newest line, but my favourite word by far is Penguin. When pronounced by a French-speaker, it is hilarious- 'Paaaaangg Gwaaar'!

The French lessons are also now booked! Starting on the 15th February, I am attacking the 'Intensive Beginners Course', 3 hours a day, 5 days a week for 5 weeks in total. Hopefully by the end of this course I should be able to name many more arctic animals other than a penguin.

My new rugby team Hermance RRC is starting it's pre-season training so needless to say my body is now constantly sore. The coach does not speak a word of English so more often than not you'll see me running aimlessly around trying not to get in trouble.

Anyway, here in all its awkward glory is my Week 2 Video Diary as I take you into the heart of a delicious pattiserie!

Things can only get better!

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January 29th, 2010...


100Things is proud to be raising money for Camp Quality; the charity bringing happiness to kids and families affected by Cancer. Their unique belief that laughter is the best medicine has created fun and happy programs that reach out to kids on all levels!

To read more, please click here!

So far we have raised over $5,000 and are more than half way to ticking off item #4- Raise $10,000 for Camp Quality!

If you feel like helping a great cause please feel free to donate on the 100Things Charity Page.

The goal is to raise $100 per item which totals $10,000! Easy, right?

Thanks for all the support!

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January 27th, 2010...

Number 77- Be a Team Mascot for the Day

That's right, this Saturday I will be ticking off #77 from the list as I become a team mascot for the nations best ice -hockey team!

Calvin and Calvina, the clubs 2 eagle mascots demand respect!

The Geneva Servette Ice Hockey team currently top the national table after an emphatic 4-1 win over Zurich last weekend in front of a home crowd of 8,000 people!

A cheeky phone call from yours truly on Monday asking if they had a mascot resulted in a fantastic response-

"Yes we have two eagles as mascots; one boy called Calvin and one girl called Calvina."

I immediately asked if there was a possibility that I could become a mascot at one of the upcoming games and was amazingly given a positive answer a few days after;

"We can help you, but you must realise that the Eagle suit is a very personal thing. Being a mascot is not easy and some mascots study at university to become properly qualified!"

Lacking a degree in Mascot-studies, I could already feel the pressure building, but a friendly chuckle from Henda (the Events Manager of the club) comforted me.

"There is one other thing though, Sebastian"


"You will have to be Calvina, the female mascot"

Again, I could hear a chuckle! It seemed Henda had a sense of humour.

"I'll do it!"

I was over the moon! In the space of a few days, I had managed to tee-up another item from my list, and all I had to give up was my dignity! The sacrifices we make!

Calvina flirting with the boys

Thanks to Henda for his openness, the current mascot for allowing me the privilege, and the mighty Geneva Servette Ice Hockey Team!

How hard could it be to transform into a female eagle whilst trying to skate on ice in front of 8,000 spectators? We will see!

The game is this Saturday so keep posted for the pics and video!

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January 26th, 2010...

Happy Australia Day!!

Much love to all Aussies today, but please stop sending me messages telling me about the 35 degree heat, the beach cricket and endless beers!

January 25th, 2010...

Anonymous $2,500 donation to Camp Quality!! Who done it??

Over night, 100Things has received a mystery donation of $2,500!

No joke, in one foul swoop, we have doubled our donation pool which now totals over $5000! All proceeds of course are directed straight to Camp Quality, the charity bringing happiness to kids and families affected by Cancer!

Webshot of the Camp Quality charity page (click here for link)

So the question begs; just who was our mystery donator??

Well as the story goes, I randomly met a friendly Australian last week whilst working at the pub as a barman. I had never met this man before. Wishing to remain anonymous, Mr X was enjoying a few beers with friends after work. After serving him a few times, we began to chat about my goal of learning French here in Switzerland. A few more beers later and the jovial Mr X had taken interest in the fundraising part of 100Things.

Me and the elusive Mr X

"So far I've managed to raise $2,500 for Camp Quality!"

"Seb, mate i'll double that by donating two and half thousand Swiss Francs. No worries! Just email me on monday!"

Following orders, I emailed Mr X on Monday and re-capped on our late-night bar conversation.
Moments later I received a reply from him explaining that due to the late nature of our talk (and possibly the consumption of a few beers!), he could not remember our entire interaction.

He apologised before then writing;

"As you know Australians are men of their word, so if i said i would donate 2.5kCHF to you I will no problem (probs pay for that streaking fine you will get!)"

Shortly after receiving the email, Camp Quality received a $2,500 donation from an anonymous source.

Mr X, you are a legend and I thank you for your generosity! It's people like you that make things like this possible.

So Number 4- Raise $10,000 for Camp Quality is over half-way complete! We couldn't be happier!

If you feel generous and would like to support a great charity, please feel free to check out the 100Things Camp Quality charity page. Any donation, big or small is greatly appreciated and feel free to sponsor a specific item like others have done!

Here's to great people like Mr X!

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January 23rd, 2010...


We've been lucky to meet some incredible people with some inspiring stories on the journey so far and it's always great to share their tales. Take Dave for example; the adventure-seaker who skate-boarded across Australia for charity, Anthony; the man who single-handedly built a house in Spain at tough time in his life, Ben; the nomad who is hitch-hiking around America for 1 year!

With these people in mind, 100Things is excited to announce our inclusion on the DreamChase website, a place for people to be inspired...

"DreamChase is born from a love of life, and we're here to work with people who want to make this world a better place. We're not a typical organisation and often choose to start working with people without asking for anything in return. Our aim is to gather together a network of inspirational people, enabling their collective experiences to inspire younger generations to chase their own dreams"

Make sure you check this site out! There are some amazing stories here that will only inspire you!

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January 22nd, 2010...

True guts!

We always try and share incredible stories, whether they involve determination, kindness, inspiration etc but today we share one involving absolute bravery!

Most people like to relax in their spare time, but not Aixenne, instead she likes to trek through Florida's marsh lands in search of Alligators. Once she's found them, not only does she take photos, but she literally jumps in the water with them!!

Her goal is to find them on the river bed in order to learn more about their behaviour, this sometimes involves grabbing them and bringing them up to the surface!

Aixanne coming face to face with the big fella!

I'm sure you'll agree Aixanne is one brave person, and someone with plenty of stories. In fact she did mention that her diving partner once was bitten by a 12-ft Alligator, but managed to get away.

Crazy? you be the judge!

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January 21st, 2010...

Number 97- Face an over from Shane Warne

S.K. Warnes celebrating another wicket...

Shane Warne is possibly the best cricket player to have ever played the game. Not only is he Australian (slight bias of course) but his personality set him apart from the rest. Now retired he not only plays professional poker, but also lends his hand to charity through The Shane Warne Foundation- could you ask for anything more?

Ask any young cricketer who they would most like face out in the middle, and they would say 'Warnie!'.

Is it any wonder then that sitting at Number 97 on my list is 'Face an over from Shane Warne'?

At the very early stages of planning, there is one sticking point that needs to be addressed, that being, how do we actually get in touch with the great man? So we are opening up the question to you guys!

If you know anyone that might have a lead to track down the 'king of spin', drop us a message and who knows, perhaps there is a chance that we can organise a great charity event of some sort?

100Things... What's on your list?

January 20th, 2010...

Number 46- Learn French- Week 1 Video Diary!

It's been an amazing first week here in Geneva as I try and find my feet! I've learnt a handful of French (a small handful) and even joined a rugby team, so fingers crossed things start to take shape soon.

If anyone is near Geneva, feel free to come and visit, I know a great place for Chocolate Croissants!

Watch this space!

100Things... What's on your list?

January 19th, 2010...

What's next on the 100Things list?

With a new year at hand, we find ourselves based in Geneva in order to tick off item 46- Learn French. As we attack this item, we've also had time to sit down and plan the next 10 items we hope to tick off the list!

In no particular order, keep your eyes open as we attempt to:

8- Olympic Ski-Jump

19- Set a Guinness World Record

24 - Publish an Article

35- Find Family Tree

48- Act in Play

51- Cycle Tour de France route

53- Ice Fishing

54- Drive on Autobahn

77- Be a Team Mascot

91- Plant a Tree

92- Sleep in a Haunted House

96- Buy a Stranger Lunch

So we've certainly got a lot to think about. Remember if you think you can help, please let us know as we love any tips, advice or contacts that you can offer!

Until then, aurevoir!

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January 18th, 2010...

Join the 100Things Facebook Group!

The title says it all but to cater for the growing interest in 100Things, we have created a group that allows anyone and everyone to join. Once here you can share ideas, lists, and helpful info with like-minded people as well as follow the journey via Facebook.

Click on this link to take a further look: 100Things Facebook Group

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January 16th, 2010...

Support from a true legend!

Dave Cornthwaite is a friend I have written about on here before. A true adventurer, Dave not only skate-boarded across the width of Australia (!!) but more recently completed a Great Big Paddle 2,500 km paddle down the length of Australia's longest river; the Murray River.

During the paddle, he not only raises money for the AV Foundation, but also highlights the many ecological problems that currently face the Murray River. As I said, a true legend!

Check out his final video post as he completed his latest adventure:

He is currently writing a book about this epic challenge.

Dave was kind enough to write up a little piece about 100Things on his latest website dedicated to inspiring others achieve their goals. You should definitely check out the site at This is your Freedom! as no doubt you'll find some interesting things that are sure to get you high on life!

We're stoked to be on the site so a big thanks to Dave!

100Things... What's on your list?

January 15th, 2010...

13 new Campaigners!

In response to starting our new 'Campaigners' page on the site, we have had 13 amazing people create their own profiles!

Feel free to check them out and please don't be scared to support them or even help out if you can. The have all posted their own bucket-lists and there are some great items on their from publishing a poetry book and starting an art collective, to saving an animal and completing a half-marathon.

So here are the first Campaigners of 100Things, make sure you check out their profiles!

Of course if you feel like challenging yourself, just let us know (info@100things.com.au)!!

Till Dawn

Stephanie Goldner- "Get good grades at university"

Chris Hancock

Ailie Jenkins "I have 50 items including saving an animal from a shelter!"

Bryan Kinney "Publish my poetry book"

Andrew Maciver

Elisabeth Moskosky- "Learn French"

Ashlee Theedam

Dave Thomas

Gemma Zoe Urban- "To go travel"

Hazel Willis - "To complete a half marathon this year!"

Matt Woods "Speak to people I don't know more"

100Things... What's on your list?

January 14th, 2010...

Number 44- Represent a Country (at anything!)

Unfortunately I can't yet say that I have represented a country at something, but I have just found out that I live with a man who has.

If it wasn't enough that on my arrival to Geneva, Iain had offered me a job, a place to stay and a place in his social indoor soccer team, he then goes on to tell me that he has played for the Swiss National Rugby Team for the past 15 years! He even captained the team at one stage.

Iain and the national Swiss Rugby team(Iain is 4th from left, back-row)

Of course I shared with him my aspirations of achieving a similar feat in one of the three countries that I have a passport for (Australia, England and Mauritius) but for now, Iain, you are my hero! haha

Oh, French lessons start soon!

100Things... What's on your list?

January 13th, 2010...

Number 46- Learn a Language!

In an attempt to teach me a second language as a child, my Mum would often speak to me in her native tongue; French. Unfortunately, my stubbornness prevailed and at now at the age of 28, the only French I know is "Parlez vous Anglais?" (check spelling!).

So it comes as no surprise that I have always wanted to right my wrongs and learn French and what better opportunity to do so than by adding it to my list in the form of Number 46!

Beginners being the operative word!

Fairly recently I decided that the best way to achieve this goal would be by moving to a French speaking nation and so accordingly I booked a flight to Geneva, Switzerland where I now write to you from.

In two days I have managed to get a job, find accommodation and even have a private tutorial over dinner tonight! Life is exciting in this snowy winter-wonderland!

The plan is to stay here for 3 months before then moving to France for a few more. Hopefully, given some patient teachers, I'll be able to ring my Mum at the end of it all and say more than "Bonjour"!

Wish me luck!

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January 8th, 2010...

Picture Perfect

Time and time again on this journey I am fortunate to say that I have experienced hospitality of the highest order. Today, for example, I write this email from a quaint farm house nestled in the snow-covered region of the New Forest, located in the south of England. Thankfully, I have been invited to stay here for the past week by Tim and Helen.

Tim and Helen are a couple that really life to the fullest. If they're not looking after their 6 chickens, 3 horses and 3 dogs, you will find them helping any one of their 5 children who all live near by. Caring people to say the least, you might think that Tim and Helen would have their hands full, but this could not be further from the truth.

Helen conquering her fear of heights!

Take Helen for example; not only has she developed a successful kids nursery over the past 20 year, but during this time has managed to travel all over the world. Photos of Antarctica (where she swam in the sub-zero water), Australia (where she overcame her fear of heights by jumping out of a plane) and South America adorn the walls of the house telling a story of adventure of a love of life. Outside of work, Helen raises money for charity, works part-time as a magistrate and also inspects a local prison to ensure inmates are being given fair standards of living.

Tim does not sit in the shadows by any means! Tim's love of motorbike riding is no secret and coupled with a huge passion for travel, he recently decided to ride his bike around the globe, literally. His website http://timstour.co.uk documents this amazing journey. Starting in England and finishing in New York, it took 3 months to complete and when you ask him to share a tale, you can hear in his voice that this trip will not be his last.

Tim loving life as he speeds through a stream in Mongolia!

But for now, I have to go and eat another delicious meal served by the always smiling Helen, as Tim steps outside to muck the stables for the last time today.

Tim and Helen, thank you so much for treating me like your own!

100Things... What's on your list?

January 7th, 2010...

Number 19- Guinness World Record!

Can you blame me? Who wouldn't want to hold an official world record? A tricky task I admit but having researched many records recently, I think I have a good chance! Here are just a few of the records that I have considered challenging:

- Most bananas snapped in 60 seconds (72 bananas)
- Most bra's unhooked in 30 seconds (20)
- Most times in and out of the same pair of underwear in 60 seconds (20 times)
- Most amount of t-shirts worn at one time (237 shirts)

Admittedly, the skill level in these may not be so high, but a world record is a world record, right?

Watch this space as I await to hear back from the Guinness World Records head office regarding a challenge of the most bizarre of all records! haha

In the mean time enjoy this record attempt... for obvious reason I have decided this is not the record I want to challenge...

January 6th, 2010...

TNT Magazine invite!!

100Things was recently contacted by popular international travel magazine 'TNT'.....

Read by travellers all over the world, TNT Magazine throw a popular travel show once a year in London to which over 8,000 people attend. Now no doubt this next sentence will make my Mum laugh but here we go; TNT have asked if I would speak at the show as a 'Travel Expert'! Who'd have thought! (perhaps they thought I was someone else?!)

Me and the lovely Hazel from TNT Magazine.

Naturally I said "Yes" and so currently we're planning a 30 minute talk on 100Things to be shared at the travel show in March 2010. Exciting times!

Hazel, the gracious TNT representative also kindly said she could help me tick off Item 24- Publish an Article, so watch this space!

So if you're about Earls Court in London on Saturday March 13th, please come in and say hello!

For more details on the the TNT March travel show, click here!

100Things... What's on your list?

January 1st, 2010...

Would you like to raise money for charity in 2010? It's easy!

Everyone has a New Years resolution, but for some reason these are often forgotten. Why not prioritise this goal of yours right now and also raise money for Camp Quality.

Camp Quality is an internationally recognised charity dedicated to bringing smiles to the faces of kids affected by Cancer. Their belief that "laughter is the best medicine" encourages a "fun therapy" for kids and their families. Camp Quality produce unique villages for families to live in creating a fun and supportive environment for the kids.

100Things has developed a great relationship with Camp Quality and has been fortunate enough to raise over $2,500 over the last 6 months. All of these donation have come from you, the followers of this website, so thank you! Our goal is $10,000 which would allow 12 families
to move into the village!

What you can do!

You guys have not only supported and encouraged me to follow my dreams, but more importantly made me realise that this journey is not about just me, it's about you achieving your goals!

Now it's time for you to achieve your goals!

If you have something that you want to do in 2010, whether it's to complete fun-run, skydive, bungy jump, help a stranger, travel overseas, learn an instrument, perform a song or even get a tattoo, you can get a friends or family to support you by donating ANY amount of money to your cause. Even it's $10!


Ultimately by achieving your own goals in 2010, you will be raising money for a charity.

What's more, by contributing donations towards the communal Camp Quality pool, we will also be helping to tick off Item 4- Raise $10,000 for charity from the list.

If you are interested in becoming a Campaigner, please let us know and we will send out an easy 3-step planner for you!

Here's to an amazingly productive 2010!

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