Becoming a Campaigner


We're so glad have chosen to come to this Campaigner page!

You are making a great decision that will impact you in a very positive way! By becoming a campaigner, you are about to put down on paper one or more things that that you have always wanted to do.

The 100Things journey has two main goals:

1- To encourage others to achieve their own goals
2- Raise $10,000 for Camp Quality.

As a campaigner, you will be able to do both of these things!

From 'reading more books' to 'travelling more', your own goals can be as small or large-scale as you like, after all; it's your list!

The Deal:

By becoming a campaigner, you will be setting out out on paper a list of your own to-do's. This means that, like me, you are prioritizing you personal goals.
This is the first step in achieving your dreams and hopefully by doing so, you will find a sense of satisfaction and happiness through your achievements!

Not only this, but you will also be encouraging others to do the same! That is something special!

If I can do this, then there is no reason that you can't! haha

At the bottom of the page are a few questions we need you to answer so that we can set-up your Campaigner Profile Page. You will need to email us your answers afterwards on info@100things.com.au.

Once you have done this, we can create your page and send you all the info on how to use this.

Your Profile Page:

Once we have created your page, you can:

- Post details about yourself,
- Update your page with photos, video and music
- Keep friends and family up to date with your latest achievements

Basically, treat your page as a blank canvas on which you can do anything. Feel free to personalise it!

The idea is that you would encourage friends to visit your page to check out what you're doing. Once there they can leave messages of support etc as well as donate to Camp Quality via a direct donation button if they feel like it!

By becoming a campaigner, you will not only be achieving your own goals (which is awesome!!!) but you and your friends can also raise money for Camp Quality, who bring happiness to kids and familles affected by Cancer.

100Things supports Camp Quality through on-line donations and so on your page will be a donation button that anyone can use. Any donation that you receive will go straight to a communal donation bucket- 100% of proceeds go to Camp Quality.
Please do not feel any obligation to raise money as this is certainly optional, but if you'd like to get your friends and family to show support by donating to a great charity, feel absolutely free!

You may know that item Number 4 on the 100Things list is to raise $10.000 for Camp Quality and as part of the team, you can help us achieve this!

Your info!

All you have to do now is send us a few details about yourself.

Once you have answered these questios, please email us at info@100things.com.au:

1- Nik-name
2- Date of Birth
3- Nationality
4- Quirky view on life (maybe a quote?)
5- Reason for becoming a campaigner
6- Your 'item' or list of items on your 'to-do' list.
7- Your email address so that ppl can help you
8- Personal msg for your friends
9- A photo that sums up you and your list!

Once you send this to us, We'll set-up your page and all you have to do is start chasing your goals!

So for the last time; 100Things... What's on your list?

Best of luck!

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