Pedro Montesino

Pedro Montesino

"If you can convince them, confuse them"

Nik name- Peter

D.O.B- 23rd October, 1990

Nationality- Dominican/American

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? I actually found this site by chance, i had a list of my own. When i googled "pose naked for art class" this site came up. Its good to know that there are people out there in the world who are pursuing their dreams and achieving what others deem impossible.

What's on your list? (click on linked items for story!)

1. 3.5 GPA for a semester (at least one)

2. 1:52.0 (800m)

3. Finish p90x

4. Sky dive

5. Run a marathon

6. Start a company

7. Start a Charitable Foundation

8. Send a message in a bottle

9. Run to the top of the statue of Liberty

10. Drive manual shift

11. Bury a Time Capsule

12. Get a tattoo

13. Finish Perfecting salsa

14. Pose nude for art

15. Dance in banana suit and get chased by gorilla

16. Write someone a love letter

17. Learn to Break Dance

18. Earn $100 Street Performing

19. Give a Random person $100

20. Then spend 7 days completely silent

21. Create an Alter-ego named “Julio”

22. Join a Protest

23. Be a team mascot

24. Become a registered wedding minister

25. Speed dating

26. Shave head

27. Fast for 48 hours

28. Plant a tree

29. Plan an elaborate practical joke

30. Attend burning man

31. Nudist Colony

32. Invent a new Alcoholic drink

33. Go to Carnival in Brazil

34. Volunteer in a 3rd world country

35. Have my portrait painted

36. Hypnotherapy

37. Run for public office somewhere

38. Get married in Vegas to a complete stranger/ and immediately divorce

39. Bike across Dominican Republic

40. Visit family in D.R. in a limo

41. Throw someone a surprise party

42. Get something named after you

43. Road trip across USA

44. Learn to ride a motorcycle

45. Find myself an enemy (arch nemesis)

46. Get arrested/police line-up

47. Have an original Painting hung in a Gallery

48. Go very far away and confess at church

49. Record a rap song

50. Make Music Video /or be in one

51. Complete a Triathlon

52. Learn to play an instrument

53. Learn a Third Language

54. Live in Paris

55. Research Family tree

56. Go on a pilgrimage

57. Live with Tribesman

58. Climb an active volcano

59. Have a personal assistant

60. Make the Dominican Olympic Team

61. Make an important public speech

62. Join a secretive Society

63. Get into Guinness book of world records

64. Deliver a baby

65. Learn a martial art

66. Compete in a MMA fight

67. Times square new years

68. Threesome

69. News Headline

70. Drive on Autobahn

71. Earn private pilot’s license

72. Earn a College degree

73. Buy Strangers Lunch

74. Ask out girl of my dreams

75. Witness a solar eclipse

76. Ride a bull

77. Become a matador

78. Go hang gliding

79. Be in a Movie

80. Visit the Great pyramids of Egypt

81. Take a ride in a fighter jet

82. Bungee jump

83. White water rafting

84. Camel Race

85. Run with Felix Sanchez

86. Smoke with Snoop dog

87. Have a TV show

88. Drive a Lamborghini

89. Learn to surf

90. Earn the title of knight

91. Earn the title of Doctor

92. Chase a Tornado

93. Celebrity kiss

94. Compete in Rifle Exhibition drill team

95. Write a book

96. African safari

97. Step foot on every Continent

98. Get a Blog

99. Dive with sharks

100. *learn not to fear failure, and to pursue goals regardless of the opinions of others. Dare to be different.

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