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100Things is very proud to be able to work alongside and support Camp Quality.

Sharing a belief that 'anything is possible', 100Things is aiming to tick-off item number '4' from the list by raising $100,000 for Camp Quality!

How? Well that's easy! We are simply aiming to raise $100 per each item on the 100Things list.

One Thousand $100 donations will total $100,000!

Camp Quality believes in bringing optimism and happiness to the lives of children and families affected by cancer through fun therapy. Read more about the efforts Camp Quality are making at the bottom of the page.

If you feel that you would like to donate to the cause (as well as help Sebastian tick-off item '4' from his list) just follow the link below. By donating, you will be bringing happiness to Camp Quality Children and Families!

All proceeds go straight to Camp Quality.


p.s don't forget to put down which item on the list you are donating to!

About Camp Quality

Camp Quality is the children’s family cancer charity that believes in bringing optimism and happiness to the lives of children and families affected by cancer through fun therapy and education. They believe laughter is the best medicine.

Camp Quality are building resilience in the lives of children and their families going through the cancer journey by creating an optimistic community through fun therapy. They believe in improving the quality of life for children living with cancer and their families through unrelenting optimism and the healing power of laughter.

Camp Quality runs education, hospital, family assistance and recreation programs to help create fun and supportive communities for children and their families living with cancer.

Through their education program they have helped over 3 million school children and teachers learn about the challenges of living with cancer through uplifting performances jam-packed full of laughter and optimism.

Camp Quality reaches primary school children through the McDonald’s Camp Quality Puppets, who were created 21 years ago to educate children about what it’s like to live with cancer. The puppets help kids learn how to be supportive and understanding of a classmate or family member living with cancer and promote anti-bullying behaviour. Shows have developed to reflect breakthroughs in cancer treatment with language for savvy school children. Kylie, Dean and Melissa show the importance of friendship and it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, it’s what’s inside that counts. The performance facilitates discussion and encourages children to ask questions in a fun and safe environment.

Written specifically for teenagers, The Teenage Alchemist explores the personal conflicts and inner-crises that emerge as a result of a cancer diagnosis, as Xanthe and Joshua deal with living with cancer in very different ways. The themes are broad reaching and include self-image, negativity, fear, hope, and, most importantly, courage. This edgy play is an opportunity to encourage teenagers to put things into perspective and make positive life choices.

Camp Quality’s hospital program uses Giggle, a remote controlled robot puppet designed to bring fun and laughter to children, parents and staff in oncology wards. Children identify and interact with him through jokes, songs and games. Many children will talk and respond to him in ways that they don’t usually behave while in hospital. Hospital staff often use Giggle to explain treatments to their patients. He leaves a trail of laughter where ever he goes!

Local CQ staff and volunteers regularly visit children in treatment to help spread laughter and optimism. The McDonald’s Camp Quality Puppets, Giggle and a host of other fun therapy activities fill the hospitals with laughter. The investment Camp Quality makes in children’s oncology wards and cancer centres is based on specific needs identified by health professionals in each state. It is a critical part of Camp Quality’s commitment to be there for the entire journey from diagnosis, through treatment and remission.

Camp Quality’s family support program ensures that families living with cancer get the support they need. Living with cancer places enormous physical, emotional and financial stress on the whole family. The family support program is not just recreational or financial, it’s also friendship.

As part of Camp Quality’s commitment to supporting families there are times they provide financial support or domestic help.

Camp Quality’s recreation program is designed to provide fun therapy opportunities for cancer to take a back seat so kids can ride waves, ride horses, abseil down cliffs, paddle down rivers and slip down giant waterslides. A day, a weekend or a week in a fun, optimistic environment can make all the difference to a child’s outlook and ability to deal with cancer. Their recreation program is a safe environment for kids to celebrate living. Depending on their age, they can choose from Junior Camp,

Main Camp and Senior Camp. They also run mother-daughter and father-son weekends, fishing camps and other themed activities.

Camp Quality’s Family Camps help families take time out from cancer. There’s a host of optional activities for those who want an adventure. If adults need time out, there’s time to chat with other parents while the kids are totally engrossed in a supervised activity. New friendships are forged and everyone leaves with a more optimistic outlook!

In addition to their camps, Camp Quality creates fun days for children living with cancer. They are a ‘day off’ from cancer!

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