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November 11th, 2009...

We missed the boat!

After numerous emails and flight inquiries, we have had to sadly pass on sailing to the Galapagos Islands- for this time anyway. Logistics really played against us on this occasion. However it has led to a new item being added to the list:

Number 94- Visit the Galapagos Island.

With every cloud there is a silver lining!

But no time to rest, instead we are now planning on ticking off item 82- Hitch Hike across the United States, in two days time! Many think it's illegal, but after a closer look at the hand-book we know better.. i just have to abide by a few rules.

I might dress slightly differently!

We will be starting from Miami on the East Coast and shooting for any location on the West Coast. Living by the whims and plans of random drivers, 100Things will follow the wind simply see what happens!

This means a few things of course:

1- I need to strengthen my thumbs
2-I need to beware for large truck drivers sporting tattoos on their face
3- I need to be prepared to sleep in fields

I can't wait!

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November 8th, 2009...

New York to Miami via the Galapagos Islands!

So were in Charleston, South Carolina, and we meet a friendly guy called 'Clean'. After a bite to eat and a few beers he offers me a place on a boat that sails from the Panama Canal next Tuesday heading for the Galapagos Islands!

Of course I accept this amazing offer but Pauly (my road tripping buddy) enlightens me on the modern day Pirate. Not the type that has one leg and a parrot on his shoulder but the types who hijack boats, shoot people and leave with money! Granted I'm worried and now have to do some research!

What a road-trip!

November 4th, 2009...

Road Trip

So we're now on the road from New York and heading to Miami!
We're stopping at a few places on the way down and then and after spending a few days on South Beach i'm being dropped on the side of the road where I'll begin hitch hiking to the West Coast!

Easy, right?

Any tips you may have are most welcomed!!

November 2nd, 2009...

What started out as a simple journey to find my own self-fulfillment, 100Things has quickly become about something much larger, something I could have never dreamt of.
Your support has shown me that there is a message in what I'm doing and one which I'm humbled to say seems to be having a positive influence on people around the world- Don't ever stop dreaming because you can do anything!

Of late I have been receiving many emails with peoples own lists attached. These are all fantastic and the variety in items is amazing! As such we've added a page to our site where YOU can share YOUR own dreams and items with everyone!

Through-out my trip I have been lucky enough to have people join and help me tick-off certain items. Thanks to Dave and the boys who helped me complete a Triathlon! Thanks to Nic who flew out from Australia to cycle around Cuba with me! Thanks to Lockie who ran with not only me, but also dozens of wild Bulls in Spain! The list continues..... as such I think it's only fair that I try and help you tick off items from your lists!
You may have noticed that there are a few vacancies at the end of my own list and I have decided that these spots will be filled with YOUR items!
I hope that once filled, I can help you tick off these items!

So whether it's one item or a list of items, make sure you let us know what is on your list by leaving a comment here! After all, there's nothing more important than taking a step back from everything and figuring out what it is that makes you happy!

100Things... What's on your list?

October 30th, 2009...

"The Great Big Paddle"

100Things is all about following your dreams and in doing so we're lucky enough to hear heaps of great stories and adventures from you guys. With this in mind, I'd like you meet a friend of mine; Dave Cornthwaite.

Dave is possibly one of the most adventurous people you will ever meet! This guy decided one day after staring out of his office window that he wanted a change in his life. For some this may mean a haircut but for Dave it meant skating-boarding across not one, but two countries!
That's right, after getting his hands on a skateboard, Dave decided he would skate the entire length of Britain! Not content with this alone, Dave then took it upon himself to skate across Australia! No joke! He actually holds a world recored for this effort!

After publishing a book on the above, Dave is now paddling the entire length of Australia's longest river, the Murray River, in an attempt to raise funds for the AV foundation, highlight environmental issues and make the rest of us feel particularly lazy. This is being documented and no doubt you will hear a lot more of this journey!

Anyway, make sure you check out Dave's website (http://www.thegreatbigpaddle.com/) and follow his journey, it promises to be a great one and one that will inspire others to follow their dreams.

Well done Dave!

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October 29th, 2009...

'Nude Pose' Interview...

In all the excitement of last Friday's nude pose, I had all but forgotten about being interviewed by Steven Gadzinski, one of the men behind "50 Parties"! Recorded immediately after my 3-hour shift in the buff, here is what was posted by Steve today!

Note: I forgot how much I can waffle on!!

Not sure what the Ukulele is about at the end! haha

Thanks to Ryan, Will, Steve and everyone from 50 Parties!

October 27th, 2009...

Camp Quality

The 100Things journey is not only about helping to find your true self, it's also about helping others. We are very proud to be working along side CAMP QUALITY, the Australian based charity focused on bringing happiness to kids and families affected by Cancer.

For each item on the left, we aim to raise $100 which will total $10,000 on completion of the list. This $10,000 donation will help 12 families feel the benefits that Camp Quality offers.

So far we have raised an amazing $2,500 and we thank you for all your support.

We rely on donations from friends, family and you the supporter, so if you feel that you can help, please click on the DONATE link on the left page, or simply click here!

Although the aim is $10,000, we truly believe that with the growing support for the project, we can raise a lot more!

Thanks for all your support so far! It drives us even harder!

This journey is just beginning!

100Things... What's on your list?

October 26th, 2009...

More pics!

"Ten minutes starts now!"

Thirty artists eagerly commit charcoal to canvas as I stand naked in front of them. Although I am completely out of my comfort zone, I remain composed. All I can hear is my heart beat.
My body is still but I can't help but dart my eyes around the room in an attempt to catch the eye lines of the busy artists; what are they looking at?
A bead of sweat has squeezed its way out of my arm-pit and slowly meanders down my torso. Eight minutes remain in my first pose.

Hidden behind the numerous easels surrounding the stage are gathered some of Americas best known artists including Will Cotton, who pops his head over the top of his canvas to view me. Shaping a pistol with his hand, he points directly at my body before closing his left eye and staring down the barrel past his extended thumb. Moments later, after gaining perspective and scale, he pulls the trigger and begins to sketch. Exaggerated strokes on his canvas suggest he is starting with my torso, but who knows!

Pose Number 2- The Uke

Next to me sits another naked model. She is an attractive girl and is very comfortable without clothes on. I ask under my breath if talking to her during the pose is deemed OK to which she replies "Not really". That ends my line of questioning. I stare at the far wall and wonder if someone has left a window open; it's cold- this could be a problem.

Two minutes left and my legs suddenly feel heavy as my thigh muscles begin to spasm. They are not used to staying still for so long. My balance is affected and I begin to sway for no apparent reason. My rogue bead of sweat has gathered momentum and passes my hip as it B-lines it for the floor.

Without the luxury of a watch I can only hope that ten minutes is just about up. My feet are sore and I'm already finding it hard to concentrate.

"OK guys, that's ten minutes but I love the pose! Can you hold if for another ten?"

To be continued...

October 25th, 2009...

Number 75- Pose nude for an Art Class- COMPLETE!

Pose Number 1- "The Optimist"!

Apologies for the creative photo censorship but my Mum is likely to see this!

More pics and story to follow tomorrow.....

23 items from the list complete!

100Things... What's on your list?

October 22nd, 2009...

I'm getting naked in the name of art TOMORROW!

With only 24 hours until I tick off item Number 75- Pose Nude for an Art Class, I can confidently say that I am shitting myself! Perfect, right! After all 100Things is all about getting out of your comfort zone.

Preparation was going well until I caught up with Chris, a good friend of mine in New York. Chris asked one simple question that made all the hairs on my spine stand up on end;

"What will you do if you get an erection?"

I had never even contemplated this as a potential problem, but now it is all I can think about! As any man will tell you, we have no control over that part of our anatomy, and in an environment where I will be naked for three hours, I fear the worst!

Chris, a former curator of an art gallery, then went on to tell me a collection of stories which highlighted this embarrassing occurrence where by male models would be left red-faced on a pedestal whilst their artist within would try and leap out, so to speak!

Thanks Chris for filling me with fear!

100Things... What's on your list?

October 21st, 2009...

2 Days until Nude Pose!

Not me, but I like his style

So i've finally given up on trying to get a 6-pack in time for Friday's nude pose, sadly i've had to accept that 3 days is not long enough to transform a healthy travel-gut into an washboard stomach! Instead I got a haircut. Not sure what difference that will make though.

In other news, 100Things will be ticking off item Number 82 next week when we attempt to hitch-hike across the United States. That's right, with the price of flights the way they are at the moment, we thought that hitching rides with strangers and having no control over our route would be the more economic way to travel from the East Coast to West Coast.

Any hints, advice or potential rides would be greatly appreciated!

Oh, and before I forget, i've been told to learn some poses for Friday art class- again, any tips greatly appreciated!

100Things... What's on your list?

October 20th, 2009...

3 Days until Nude Pose!

I'm nervous, excited, self conscious, and hungry. What does that all mean? Well, i'm not too sure, but it probably has something to do with the fact that in 4 days I will be standing fully-naked in front of 40 complete strangers.

We managed to get a great write-up today from Ben Jenkins who stumbled upon some photos of our 'Street Performing' effort in New York. A big thanks to Ben who is on quite the journey himself!

Ben is hitch-hiking around the USA for 1 year in order to experience life, meet people and share stories of the goodness of people.

Ben is driven by his belief that:

"All People are Innately Good;

Everyone is Unique and Exceptional;

and Everyone can life the Life of their Dreams"

His website documents his amazing trip and fingers crossed Ben and myself may be able to meet soon when 100Things hitch hikes across the USA in order to tick off item Number 82!

Go check out his site, he takes some great pics!

Here's to Ben, good people everywhere and of course nude modeling!

100Things.com.au... What's on your list?

October 19th, 2009...

Number 75- Nude Pose details

This is no ordinary art class!

Keeping in line with our unique and bizarre journey, Friday's art class is promising to be quite the party. In fact it is one of 50 parties that New York artist, Ryan McGinness, will throw over 50 weeks!

Each week Ryan invites a select group of friends to his art studio where he throws differently themed parties each week. What a concept!

Recent themes:

- Vogue Party
- Skate Party
- Cougar Party
- Gone Fishing Party
- Goth Party
- Pool Party

This week (Party # 16) of course is the 'Drawing Salon Party' and that is where I come in!

Ryan by the way just happens to be a highly regarded artist world-wide and promises to produce some great images of the nude pose!

Fingers crossed it's a warm evening!

One of Ryan's sculptures- Untitled, Car Paint on welded aluminium- 2008

Check out his website @ http://www.50parties.com

October 18th, 2009...

Item Number 75- Nude pose for Art Class! October 23rd!

So it's booked! On Friday 23rd, thanks to Mark and others, I will be posing nude for an art class in New York.

To answer your questions:

Yes, I am nervous...
Yes, I have told my Mum...
No, I am not in any physical shape to be confident...
Yes, I am worried about a cold room temperature!

A 3-hr shift will see me perform a series of 2, 5 and 15 minute poses for a class of 40 people (details to follow).

Interestingly I have also been given the option to bring a prop with which I can pose. I immediately thought of bringing my ukulele, but would like to know what you think!

If you have some suggestions as what you think I should use for a prop, please let me know. I will be posting the best answers! So far via the majesty of Facebook, I have received the following suggestions...

- A Hat.

- Think u should take a banjo.

- A Squeegee.

- A sock

- A cashew should do it.

- Crabs

- A heater

- A turkey leg....like the ones at the fair... Can't wait to see the art!!

_ A pumpkin

- A midget dressed as a vampire.

- A bigger knob?

- A cashew haahahahaah

- A horse and a cowboy hat

- A swedish penis pump

- Just a simple cup of coffee?

- A condom?

- An ivy leaf...

- A naked man u big homo

Thanks to all for their help so far! Keep them coming!

Remember if you would like to join me on Facebook, just search for Sebastian Terry and send me a request! You can also search for the '100Things' group on Facebook search.

100Things... What's on your list?

October 14th, 2009...

All hands on deck!

As we enjoy our time in the USA, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support! Thanks to you guys, we have been able to tick off 22 items so far and have also been lucky enough to be invited all over the country. We've met some amazing people and have enjoyed some great times!

So as we plan for the next leg of the tour in Europe, we thought we'd plant a seed with you and see what happens.... if you would like to join the journey or think you can help us complete an item from the list, please let us know!

Below are a few items that may give you some ideas.....

Item # 23- Deliver a Baby
Item # 31- Band Audition
Item # 34- Celebrity Kiss
Item # 41- Be a Best Man at a strangers wedding
Item # 48- Act in a Play
Item # 70- Have something named after me

Easy as that!

So if you have a sense of humour and would like to help, we can't wait to hear from you!!

100Things... What's on your list?

October 13th, 2009...

Court-room to School-room!

100Things always like to share stories that we think may inspire people and I think that my cousin Jean-Francois offers something special.

Hailing from a family of three children, Francois excelled at school and university where he studied law. His brother Jean-Marc currently flies helicopters in the RAAF and his sister Ingrid works high-up within Virgin Airlines (some very proud parents you would imagine!).
After graduating as a lawyer, Francois traveled around the world with his girlfriend Ruth and returned after 18 months to begin an extremely successful career as a lawyer.
Ultimately, Francois moved to the highly regarded position of barrister. During his career he was able to purchase a few houses, and start a lovely family of two kids after marrying his girlfriend, Ruth.

Francois with wife, Ruth, and their two kids

To many, his life was perfect, but over the years something within Francois was eating away at him. He felt that he wasn't contributing enough to society and lacked job satisfaction. In the middle of his successful career, Francois unexpectedly quit his job and began to study to become a Primary School Teacher!
In 2009, he graduated as a teacher and now can't take the smile from his face as he happily teaches kids back in England.

Francois is a shining example of what 100Things is all about- true fulfillment!

100Things... What's on your list?

October 12th, 2009...

Sunday Wrap!

Thanks to the Sunday Telegraph for a great write-up yesterday!!

We've been inundated with emails of support overnight! (click on images for enlargement)

If I was going to complain, I would say that my portrait with a beard adds 20 years! haha

What's next?

Well we received an email from Mark D who suggested he could help us tick item Number 75- Pose nude for an Art Class.... well known within New York's art scene, he and fellow artist Will Cotton have kindly accepted me to pose nude for one of his high-end life-drawing classes!!

Pics to follow at the end of the month!

Also item Number 82- Hitch Hike looks like it will be ticked off towards the end of the month as we prepare to cross North America. Starting form New York, we will hopefully end up in LA. Who knows where we'll go along the way and who we'll meet!

Very exciting!

100Things... What's on your list?

October 11th, 2009...

Only four months after leaving Australia, the 100Things journey is taking off!
So far we have ticked off 22 items from the list and have also raised a touch under $2,500 for Camp Quality!

Having just completed item Number 29- 1 Week of Silence , we are proud to have completed the following items (click on items for stories):

What's next?

Mark (a well known artist here in New York City) emailed us yesterday and has offered to help us tick-off item Number 75- Pose naked for an art class. With the opportunity to pose in front of renowned artists, we couldn't help but accept, so check back for the story and pics!

Remember if you think you could help us in any way, please let us know by emailing us on seb@100things.com.au, or click here for ideas!

We appreciate all your emails! It really drives us even harder whilst on the road!

Also we'd like to thank today's Sunday Telegraph in Australia for running a story on the 100Things journey!

For those who saw the article, and would like to know more about my reasons for the journey, please click here.

100Things... What's on your list?

October 10th, 2009...

Email of the week!..... Granny with tattoo's!?

We're lucky to receive many emails from people all around the world showing us support and telling us about their own lists. This week we heard one of the funniest stories yet!

Jennifer wrote the following (read till the end):

"Hi Sebastian,

My friend Shelby stumbled upon your website through your facebook page and insisted I take a look. So few people out there actually have the balls to live out loud and with a fierce passion for life, it's nice to see you're out there doing it!

Anyhow, I saw that one of your goals was to raise money for Camp Quality. I can donate money but I would also like to donate my time if ever needed. I am a graphic designer in the States, Nashville to be precise, and would gladly do some work pro bono for the cause.

Continue to kick arse and take names!


P.S I'm visiting my 85 yr old gram in Florida in October and have convinced her and my mother to get tattoos with me. I don't have a list as yet but I think this is a good start?"

Well we couldn't agree more! That's certainly an interesting one!

Jennifer has since agreed to send us some pics, so keep posted!

100Things... What's on your list?

October 9th, 2009...

World Champions!

Do you remember our friend Willem, the pro sailor who was kind enough to look after us whilst in San Diego a few moths ago? Well we recently caught up with Willem who last week became a WORLD CHAMPION!

That's right Willem and the 8-man crew of Team Bliksem stormed to victory in the Melgas 32 World Championships held in Italy!

Bliksem slicing through the water in Italy!

I've been lucky enough to meet all of the crew including Pauly, Cocko, Bear and Pieter and let me tell you it could not have happened to a nicer bunch of blokes!

Here's to Team Bliksem who show us that anything is possible!

World Champions, 2009- Team Bliksem

October 8th, 2009...

Number 18- Hole in One!.....The Jimmy Wedge

We heard from Ollie recently who shared a touching story with us.

Ollie, now 22 yrs old, has always been a keen golfer. At school, Ollie and his mate, Jimmy, would practice together honing their skills on Mona Vale Golf Course.
Tragically, at an age far too young, Jimmy one day lost his life in a freak accident. Ollie was deeply affected but continued to pursue golf for years to come. As a tribute to Jimmy, Ollie took Jimmy's pitching wedge and had it engraved with the words "Jimmy-Wedge". This club became a favourite of Ollies, who soon after leaving school turned pro!

To this day, Ollie keeps the Jimmy-Wedge in his bag when he plays on the professional circuit, as a reminder of his friend.

Ollie teeing-up

Ollie, having hit 2 holes in one in his career, has also kindly offered to help us tick-off item Number 18- Hole in One! I think we will need all the help we can get with that one! Ollie has said we can use the Jimmy-Wedge!

So here's to Ollie and the Jimmy-Wedge, well done on following your dreams! You are a legend and we wish you the best in your career!

100Things... What's on your list?

October 7th, 2009...

Needed: 1 husband ($1,000 charity reward!)

Although we're not accustomed to match-making, we thought this was a story not to be missed.

Whilst working in New York on a 2-week deal, we have met some great people including Leslie. Now Leslie works a successful career in finance. One of the nicest people you could possibly meet, Leslie always jokes that she can't find a decent guy in NewYork.

So in an attempt to help Leslie, as well as tick off Item Number 28- Help a Stranger, 100things has decided to help....

The lovely Leslie

The deal as it stands:

If 100Things is able to introduces Leslie to a man who she then goes on to marry, Leslie will donate $1,000 to Camp Quality (and of course live happily ever after). Not only this but if you (that's right, you, the reader!) help us locate a man for Leslie who she then goes onto marry, she will not only donate $1,000 to Camp Quality, but will also reward you with $2,000 of which $1,000 must be donated to Camp Quality.

Easy, right?

So start searching people! We look forward to seeing what we can do!

100Things... What's on your list?

October 6th (Part 2), 2009...



I think there is something to be for being silent. Sure it was a funny and interesting experiment, and one that i'll never forget, but in many ways i think I think I learnt a few things.

Through the seven days, I was helped, nurtured and encouraged by not only friends, but also complete strangers. The lady who took my hand and walked me through a subway, the three people who donated to charity on the street, the man at the Deli who gave me extra portions of food, and even the man who let me in for free at the art gallery, all in some way showed me that even without a voice, the power of community and compassion will get you through. It left me with a very positive feeling.

On the other hand, I also saw people snub me, avoid me on the street and subway, and even become angry when I could not respond. This lack of understanding is something that confused me at the time but I suppose that some people are simply not willing to accept things out of the norm.

In silence, my mind at first raced at a million miles an hour. My inner monologue became frantic and constant. However, after a few days of this, this intense mental concentration slowed down to a point where finally I noticed some form of clarity. I found that in silence, I could process things easier and become more aware of my surrounds. Somehow after the initial awkwardness of not being able to communicate freely, I became alarmingly more receptive. I found that I could hold peoples attention more so in silence that I could with words. In response, people opened up to me more and often I found that the words I wrote down on my white board were words of support and counseling. My body language naturally became more animated and I realised I could produce a smile on the face of a stranger not through words, but through actions and gestures.

Coincidentally, a few days prior to starting my 1 weeks vow of silence, I met a Jehovah's Witness who was practicing 10 days of silence. I told him of my plans to attempt 7 days of silence and so he wrote me a letter as a gift. Half way through my week of silence I sat down and read the poem but it made no real sense to me. Only now after having completed 7 days can I understand at least some of what it says (certainly not all!). Having said this, there are parts, as you'll see, which not only confuse me but scare me!

"Greeting Sebastian,

Grace and peace be upon you in your travel.

Everything becomes harder in silence. Lines for food, startling moments and even the desire to talk to yourself.

The world is cast into confusion by the speakings. They are made dark from it. Spiritually, the speaking is wine and people partake this, even to darkness.

But the authority to restore order is in the pen. Here we see the bread according to spirit. This makes man sober. In your silence you'll be forced to this at times to communicate.

But in all converstaions, the bread (writing) and the wine (speaking) is our meal by which our spirits are nurished. to escape death is to master the art of eating righteously at this invisible table. As the age of death nears, all shall live as they ate."
I wasn't to keen on that last part, but certainly I can see how speaking although crucial to communication, can at times be overused, and in fact used as a means of hiding.

A week i'll never forget.

October 6th, 2009...

Number 29- 1 Weeks Silence

Day 7...

We did it!

Well, technically we have to wait until 10.04am tomorrow morning, but you get the point!

Today without doubt was the hardest day. Until now every day has been different and exciting, whether it be learning Salsa, attending a comedy show or simply working, but today just seemed normal! Add to the mix the fact that my last marker pen also ran out of ink (meaning yet again that I was without a white-board) and things took their toll!

Highlights today:

- As a mute, there is only one thing more frustrating that being in taxi whilst having to direct the driver, and that is being in a taxi with a speaking friend who also doesn't know where to go.

- Phone calls from friends on the other side of the world have increased dramatically this week. Sadly though, they are not calls offering support but are instead cunning ploys to get me to say something. Who needs enemies when you have friends like mine!

- One friend even took to bribing me today in order to break my silence. His offer of $20 simply to name a certain part of the male anatomy was generous, but I declined.

- Skype sessions with my family are refreshingly different. I feel like one of those toy-dogs that sit on the dashboard of some cars, just nodding away.

- Can I also add a huge apology to Hayley. Now Hayley and I went to school together in Sydney years ago. We hadn't seen each other in probably 2 years, until today, so you can imagine the excitement this afternoon when we coincidentally bumped into each other on the always busy 14th Street. Given my silence, you can probably also imagine the confusion on Hayley's face when I wrote that I could not talk to her (didn't I feel stupid!). So Hayley, I hope you manage to read this as I would have loved to catch up properly!

And just to answer your first question, albeit slightly delayed, no, the silence is not in any way related to Yoga (I can't even touch my toes)!

The excitement to talk again is growing with every minute that passes now, and I still have no idea what i'll say first (this seems to be a common question I get a the moment). Perhaps this experience has taught me that speech is a powerful tool that is often over-used, I mean I made it a week without using it once, but then again perhaps my pent up thoughts and feelings will explode in a magnificent spray of undecipherable noise at 10.04am? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, I'll be filming it and will post it tomorrow!

Sweet dreams!

October 5th, 2009...

Number 29- 1 Weeks Silence

Day 6...

All by myself...

Without the ability to write, today was always going to be hard.

Without any way of communicating with people, you really feel alone. In a book store, instead of asking (or writing) where a certain book was, I literally had to search for 45 minutes. You are essentially by yourself and need need to be on top of everything. If you feel brave, why not test yourself today by trying to order food from a cafe without speaking or writing. It is actua;;y quite embarrassing! Getting someone's attention is a whole different kettle of fish again and often ends up with you having to run a huge arc so that you end up in front of the person. Tiring work.

A morning run clears the head!

Thanks to Jack (my room mate) for coming to Lunch with me today. Although the conversation was fairly one-sided, at least we laughed when I had to pour salt on the table and shape it into letters to relay a drinks order to the waitress (who no doubt will not forget this ridiculous scene). The orange juice was lovely in case you were wondering.

Waiting to meet a friend in Union Square this afternoon, I had 20 minutes to kill so decided to approach a small Asian man seated at a fold-up table. On the table lay a rustic chess board already set-up to play. For $5 a go, the man accepts challenges. This I thought would be the perfect way to spend the next 20 minutes; a battle of the silent minds vying for intellectual dominance. Two and a half minutes later I had lost the majority of my pieces in a gruesomely one-sided battle which ended up in check-mate before I knew it. I reluctantly handed over $5 and walked to a near-by lamp-post where for the remaining seventeen and half minutes, I waited for my friend in defeat.

1 full day left in silence....

To be continued...

October 4th, 2009...

Number 29- 1 Weeks Silence

Day 5...

After a late night in a crowded bar, I decided today to slow things down with a relaxing visit to the famous Guggenheim Museum. Surely here I would find an environment where my silence would go unnoticed.

I walked in holding my whiteboard whilst sporting my 100Things black t-shirt. I didn't think I looked particularly formal but I must have as one member of staff, presuming that I worked there, grabbed me and ushered me though the entry point before I had a chance to pay the entry fee. Confused, I kept on walking with a grin on my face, not only had I got in for free but I had avoided a huge queue! Moments later, a huge hand tapped me on the shoulder. It was a security guard,

"Do you work here, sir?"

Without the luxury of speech, I took a deep breath and nervously pointed to 'Yes'. Without actually speaking I convinced myself this was not technically a lie. A long glare from the security guard was followed by a "Carry on then, sir".

The Guggenheim is a unique gallery in that as opposed to having large viewing rooms sitting side by side on one floor, it instead boasts a long spiral incline which winds up 5 or 6 levels within one large building. It was clear then that I now had a challenge; I had reach the top level before it became clear to the security team that I was a fraud, who would then ask me to leave.

The spiraling walkway took me past Picasso, Monet and Dali masterpieces which even at a brisk walking pace looked magnificent if not a little blurred. I did manage to take a quick picture before fleeing the scene under threat of an advancing security guard from behind. The picture so breath-taking in fact that I was left, well, speechless.

Thirty minutes later I had reached the summit of this magnificent building and soon after left the Guggenheim unscathed.

The white board is no doubt crucial to me in getting through these days of silence, I'm able to convey simple messages without too much trouble. Perfecting my blurb on what I am doing and how I am raising money for charity, another lovely lady donated $60 today in the middle of a hotel reception. If you are reading this (I didn't catch your name sorry!), thank you! With online donations combined, we have raised $186 for this week of silence!

Thanks to everyone.

Day 5 complete, I can sniff the finish line (10.04 am, Tuesday)

In the name of excitement, it's been decided that tomorrow we will introduce a new 24-hour rule, I will not be allowed to write anything down. This of course rules out my closest friend, the whiteboard.

Wish me luck!

October 3rd, 2009...

Number 29- 1 Weeks Silence

Day 4...

Salsa 101...

There's only one thing harder than staying silent for seven days and that's learning how to dance Salsa. You can imagine then how tricky Day 4 was after I managed to combine the two!

As you may know, in Salsa the man is responsible for leading the dance. This meant that I would be leading the lovely Anne. Now as part of this lead role, there is counting involved. This counting usually becomes an issue for a beginner, specially one that has a tape stuck over his mouth. Luckily for me, Anne, with the patience of an angel, was able to put up with me throughout the lesson and by the end of our 60 minute session, we actually looked better than OK!

Having not as yet been out into a busy venue under silence, I was then invited to a lavish birthday party being held in lobby of an exclusive hotel. With roughly one hundred people present, I gripped my white boards tightly and pursed my lips with excitement.

Being introduced to everyone as 'the Australian who doesn't speak' certainly demands attention. My white board and I spent the next hour scribbling stories, thoughts and hardships to a captive audience of onlookers. Ironically, more people listen to me when I don't speak!

Anyway, the night soon led me to a bar where I was to meet a person I had never met before. His name was Dave. A close friend had suggested I meet Dave as he thought we would get on and after all it never hurts to know people in a foreign city. As I walked to the front door of the bar in which he worked, my white-board simply read "Dave? Tall Lanky guy?" (that was the description I had been given).

"The man with the white-board!" replied the doorman. I had found my man. A beer quickly found its way into my hand and over the next few hours my silence was tested under a new influence, that of inebriation.

I write to you at the end of Day 4 saying that I still have not uttered a word, and am confident leading into Day 5.

To be continued...

October 2nd, 2009...

Number 29- 1 Weeks Silence

Day 3...

The Move...

Have you ever tried moving into a new apartment and introducing yourself to your new flat in silence? If not, let me advise against it. Not only does it create a weird tension as you sit on the couch and scribble on your white board, but it also extends those awkward silences. Hopefully I'm allowed to stay past Tuesday so that I can explain myself in speech!

Needless to say I'm moved in, and what better way to be introduced to the building than by a terrible joke told to me by the doorman on reception, fittingly it's about a man who can't talk:
"There once was this bar with a sign in its window.

It read, anyone who can make my horse laugh will have all 
the drinks they want on the house. So this guy who can't talk walks in and writes on a piece of paper that he would like to give it a try. The bartender laughs and says sure.

The man who can't talk then walks out back to where the horse is and again writes something on a piece of paper. The horse reads it and starts laughing hysterically. The guys
walks back in to the bar and the bartender reluctantly serves him the drinks for free all night long.

The next night the sign has changed to making the horse cry. 
The same guy who can't talk goes out back to the horse again and a few minutes later he comes back in. The bartender checks on his horse who is now crying hysterically.

The bartender says 'o.k. you can have your drinks but first tell me 
what you did to make my horse laugh.'

The man who can't speak says, 'I wrote to him that my genitals are bigger than his.'

'O.K. but how did you make him cry?' replies the barman

The man says, 'I proved it to him.'

I told you it was bad!!

It's amazing how differently people react when they realise that someone does not speak. Here are three examples from today alone:

1/ Thank you to man at the deli who I ordered dinner from tonight. He gave me an extra serving of meat because he felt sorry for me. A very kind gesture!

2/ Thank you to Steve from the office who donated $20 towards Camp Quality, the charity I am raising money for! (We are now almost at the $2,500 mark!)

3/ Thank you to the couple who walked straight past me on the street today as I gestured for directions whilst pointing to my white board. I presume you thought I was asking for money and you really made me feel stupid! I hope the restaurant you walked into served you terrible food! (I don't really, but at least make eye contact next time)

That's me for the Day 3.

4 days of silence to come, and a Salsa Class tomorrow. I'm excited!

October 1st, 2009...

Number 29- 1 Weeks Silence

Day 2...

The stolen pen...

I am now officially exhausted of writing on my white board! There is only so many times you can write 'Yes it's tough not being able to talk!' or 'Honestly I am not a freak! I'm doing this for charity'. One lady even wrote me an email late yesterday confirming the strange vibe that apparently I can't help but create as I wonder silently around New York:

"You wrote to me on the subway today on your second second day of silence. Honestly, I was scared you were going to ask me to donate and I'm unemployed...but your story is awesome! Proud to say I don't have a list but I've already done a few of these things :) Best of luck on your adventure - I'll buy the book when it's out!"

I think I'm getting fairly used to not talking now, but the hardest time to control my silence is when faced with a sudden situation or feeling. Accordingly as a way of maintaining my silence, I have to try and stay as low-key as possible. Often it comes across that I have no personality or emotion, kind of like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator.

I did have the pleasure of Having lunch with a girlfriend of mine, Imelda, today and yet again my failure to speak complicated an already tricky conversation. Two hours after starting lunch, my white board had endured a smorgasbord of topics that verbally could have been addressed in 20 minutes! Never the less, everything was covered. Imelda left with a smile on her face while I left with a cramp in my hand!

Today I also managed to catch up with another good friend of mine, Marcus, who I haven't seen in almost 2 years today! Tragically however, all I could offer was a hug and a written 'Hey Mate!'. We'll have to wait for another 5 days to catch up properly.

Of course as a successful stand-up comedian, Marcus seized the opportunity of stealing my pen when I left for the bathroom at a restaurant we were eating at. He then insisted he would not give me the pen back until I tried to order two beers from the non-English speaking waiter. Needless to say everyone had a good laugh at my expense!

5 days to go!

p.s if you want to see more of Marcus and his annoying jokes, check him out at www.marcusryan.net

100Things... What's on your list?

September 30th, 2009...

Number 29- 1 Weeks Silence

Day 1 (again)...

A true test- attending a Comedy Club !

Technically my 2nd day, 'Day 1' saw the purchase of a new White Board! After burning through a whole note pad yesterday, a white board was the 'green' way forward (it's also a lot more fun!).

One thing I am finding is that because writing is obviously a lot slower than talking, I have a huge lag of roughly 2 minutes behind everyone else in any conversation I am involved in! This means I have to forget trying to be witty because something that may be funny if mentioned immediately only makes me look like a complete idiot when presented on a white board 2 minutes further into a conversation which has moved on rapidly. As a result my conversational capacity has been reduced to one-liners and head nodding.

Buying food again proved tricky today, but I did notice something quite funny. When I write down on my white board that I can't talk, the server will for some reason presume that I am also deaf and will immediately starts slowly mouthing words back to me whilst trying to use hand signals. At first I would write that there is no need for this as I can hear, but I have quickly grown to love these awkwardly silent transactions and now have fun trying to encourage the most ridiculous of actions from staff. Chicken is my favourite (picture chicken-dance!).

A lady approached me in the street today and asked me for directions to a place I knew exactly how to get to, but in silence all I could offer was a terrible map which forced her to stare at me like an underachieving kindergarten child who had drawn a horse with three legs. She moved on and asked someone else. Having said that however, two particularly lovely ladies did donate $5 and $6 respectively so thank you to them if they are reading! This means I only need to raise another $89 for this task.

On the plus side, I have become very popular with any girls that I already know! Without the ability to talk I can't help but be very good listener and the majority of my day is consumed listening to female friends venting their frustrations. I offer them something that is rare apparently, a man who listens! Word of this is spreading and I fear that soon I will notice a long queue of emotionally charged ladies waiting outside my office ready to unload all on me.

Finally today we decided that a comedy club would not only be a good test of my silence, but it may also offer some laughs, albeit silent ones.

Armed with the trusty white boards, the only way I could show my appreciation was through writing "Ha Ha" but this seemed to work well!

Day 1 was a a success and now i'm getting the hang of this silent thing... i think?

To be continued...

September 29th, 2009...

Number 29- 1 Weeks Silence

Day 1... almost!

"Good"- one word that cancelled out an entire day of silence.

It quickly became apparent on Day 1 just how important talking actually is within our society. Without words, you immediately feel a huge bubble form around you. It feels so real that physically you can almost touch it.

Wherever you might be reading this, there are probably people all around you talking. Now as a little test for the next one minute, just try and stay silent no matter what happens. Straight away your jaw tightens and your mind races. A mental set of hand cuffs form around your mind and your inner voice becomes immensely louder.

Throughout Day 1 I filled an entire notebook with written words, questions and answers, all just so that I could order lunch, give my address to a taxi driver, drop clothes at the laundromat and get through other tasks that normally seem particularly easy.

Working for an entire day in a finance office (a 2- week deal that I have) proved hilarious for many co-workers and even prompted a competition to see who could trick me into speaking.

One lovely lady on the subway home even felt so sorry for me when I wrote on a piece of paper; "How do I get to 29th street and 8th Avenue?", that she held my hand and walked me to the correct platform as if I was somehow blind.

I had been silent for 23 hours and 1 minute when I returned home to be greeted by my flat-mate who kindly asked how I was. "Good" I replied. DAMMIT! Deafening silence filled the room as I looked at my feet in anger. I had spoken!

"You can talk now?" asked Liz.

I shook my head side to side. Instead the clock had been re-set. I had to start 7 days of silence again. My whole day of awkwardness was useless!

So here I am on what is now effectively Day 1 (again!) worried that this may actually take a lot longer than 1 week!

Wish me luck today!

100Things... What's on your list?

September 28th, 2009...

Number 29- 1 Weeks Silence

Day 1...

Can I be silent for 1 week? I don't know! But today marks Day 1 of that challenge.

We are one and a half hours into it at this point and already it's proving tricky! The first thing I did was order a juice at a juice bar and of course things immediately became awkward;

"And what name shall i place the order under , sir?"

This is going to be an interesting week so stay tuned for updates!

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September 26th, 2009...

Number 16- Street Performing... Complete!

What do you get if you add 3 superheroes and 1 amazing city together?? $300 of donations which we will now donate to charity!

Day 3 of street performing was by far the most successful! Dressed as Batman I was accompanied by Robin (Rugsy) and Superman (Jack) who were legendary in their support!

From street corners to busy bars, the people of New York loved the superheroes! We sang a few songs of course but raised the majority of the money through photos.

The team!

A few highlights included:

- Playing music with a barber shop quartet on the side of the road.

- Being invited into a private venue to sing to a Bride to be at her hen's night.

- A bar manager stopping the music in his bar just so we could perform one song to the patrons.

- Making a young boys day by jumping in a fountain at Washington Square!

Click here for more photos!

All in all it was an amazing experience and one which ultimately has seen $300 donated to Camp Quality!

We have cracked the $2000 mark in donations!

100Things... What's on your list?

September 25th, 2009...

Number 4- Raise $10,000 for Camp Quality

Well after only 3 months, we've cracked the $2,000 mark in fundraising! And of course a huge thank you to everyone who has pitched in. Camp Quality is a very worthy charity who aim to bring happiness to kids and families affected by Cancer.

Thanks to Andy for donating the most recent $100 towards item #29- 1 Week Silence.

His lovely comment suggesting that the donation will shut me up for a little while is much appreciated! Ha ha

Thanks guys and remember to spread to word. We at 100Things think that we will far surpass $10,000!

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September 24th, 2009...

Amazing Story!! Hudson River Plane Crash...

So today we decided to do a few hours of street performing in Central Park to edge closer to our $100 goal (It's a 3-day plan!). It was a beautiful day and one which again presented another amazing encounter.

Kay, a lovely lady from Australia, approached us and said hello after recognising me from the 'Sunrise' interview I did in Australia before we embarked on our 100Things journey in June (Click here to see the vid). She kindly threw a few dollars in the guitar case before introducing me to her niece, Emma Sophina.

Emma then told me one of the most incredible stories i've ever heard. On January 15th of 2009, Emma actually survived a plane crash!

You would have heard of the plane that crashed into the Hudson River earlier this year? Well Emma it turns out was on that plane! Along with 155 other passengers who were on their way to Charlotte, North Carolina, US Airways Flight 1549 dropped from the skies and miraculously landed safely on New York's Hudson River.

A shot of the crashed plane as 155 passengers gather on the wings awaiting their rescue!

A blessing as she calls it, Emma has since embraced life and is pursuing her dream of a career in music which has since seen her not only sign a record deal with Decca Records, but also perform on some major US TV shows including Larry King, Good Morning America, CBS Early Show and Fox & Friends!

If ever there was an example of someone having that opportunity to look at their life and decide to follow their dreams, Emma surely is it!

Make sure you check out her website http://www.blogger.com/emmasophina.com

Now if that's not incredible enough, Emma decided to stick around and sing a few songs with me (let me tell you her voice is absolutely amazing!) and just quietly, the crowd which suddenly surrounded us donated more money in two songs songs than I had all day!

Emma helping me tick off item #16- Street Perform!

She told me after that although having sung to huge audiences world wide, she had never before performed on the streets and actually thanked me for the experience- it was a tick on her list!


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September 23rd, 2009...

Nice story

Everywhere we go to on our journey, we can't help but meet amazing people with great stories- Dan (or Rugsy as his friends call him) from New York is no different.

At the age of 23, Rugsy, originally from England and a keen rugby player, re-located himself to Geneva where he began work for a hedge-funds company. Excelling at what he did he was soon offered a percentage of the company, a very nice opportunity.

Unfortunately at about the same time, Rugsy's Mum passed away causing him to re-think his direction in life. After much thought he decided that instead of taking an easy option in Geneva he would take a chance and start his own finance company; a bold move and one which would offer an amazing journey!

Two years on, Rugsy finds himself living in between New York, Geneva and Brazil as he steers his very successful company onwards and upwards!

The secret he claims was kissing the 'Bull Statue' in Wall St which offers good luck to all. He insisted i do the same...

We asked Rugsy that now he has fulfilled his dream of running a successful company, what would be next on his list. His answer was certainly a first for us...

"I want to buy Bristol City Football Club!"

100Things... What's on your list?

September 22nd, 2009...

Number 16- Street Perform- Complete! (well almost!)

What a day!

It took 5 hours, 4 locations, 2 police warnings and 1 guitar for us to realise it would take more than just one day to raise $100!

Street Performing (or 'busking' as we call it in Australia) must be one of the most enjoyable forms of making money!

We visited, Grand Central Subway Station, Union Square, Washington Square and another Subway and made a total of $39.31 (it was a tough day!).

With a Ukulele and a Guitar in hand, we bustled through our playlist of roughly 10 songs all day long and met some amazing people. I actually had a conversation with a Jehovah's Witness who was practicing 10 days of silence (which is coincidentally the next item on our list)! He even wrote me a letter!

Remember that we are trying to raise $100 for Camp Quality which means that we'll be back on the street tomorrow for another go!!

Washington Square Location

Watch this space for updates!

September 17th, 2009...

Number 29- Be Silent for 1 Week has been planned for next week.

That's right, although we are in New York City, the place that never sleeps, we thought it would be funny to try and be silent for 7 days, something that may prove quite difficult!

Written communication is fine, but no sounds is to be made at all (we think that includes laughing!).

Keep posted for updates!

www.100things.com.au What's on your list?

September 14th, 2009...

Updates! 20 Things from the list completed!

It's been a long time coming but finally we've managed to update the 'Done List'!

Take a cheeky look to the left of this sentence for new additions. There are pics, stories and videos ready to be viewed.

Remember that if you feel you can help with one of the items on the 'To-Do' list, please let us know. Many great people around the world have helped immensely so far and we are most grateful!

If you don't think you can help, think again, if you have loose change, you can always donate to CAMP QUALITY and help us tick off item number 4- Raise $10,000 for charity!

Donate Now!

September 13th, 2009...

Rain, rain, go away!

Number 16- Street Busking (Performing) is sadly delayed right now due to this terrible weather in New York!!

The fact that I can only play about 7 songs in full means that we now get a chance to learn some more of course, but still we are itching to get on the street!

Looking like we are hitting Union Square, a random subway, Chelsea and perhaps Washington Square in the same day, and not leaving until we reach $100 (ambitious we know!)

If anyone has a spare set of bongos, let us know as we have a few interested parties looking to share the experience!

Pray for some Sun, and of course if you see us, throw us some change!!

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September 11th, 2009...

Number 14- Burning Man Festival...... COMPLETE!

100Things is back from the Playa in the middle of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada..... and exhausted.

Without a doubt the Burning Man is one of the most surreal/abstract/incredible experiences so far! Photo's will follow and get ready for some weird and wonderful shots!!

More photo's in Gallery (click here)

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August 31st, 2009...

Burning Man Festival today!

All we have to do is sail a boat from Newport Rhode Island to New York, fly to Reno and then hitch hike into the middle of the Black Rock Desert!!

August 30th, 2009...

Penticostal Church Video

Via the majesty of a well-used computer, we managed to edit a little video of Number 59- Attend a religious ceremony.

Armed with an open mind and a barrage of musical instruments, we experienced first a personal welcoming ceremony and then a Sunday ceremony.

Story to follow....

August 27th, 2009...

The Naked Cowboy tells all!

One of the most incredible things about travel is meeting people, and our journey of 100Things is no different. In fact, we get to meet some amazingly diverse people including most recently The Naked Cowboy!

Doing his thing in Times Square today, we asked him a question that we ask everyone we meet;

"What's one thing you would do if the world was going to end next week?"

Here's what he said....

100Things... What's on your list?

August 25th, 2009...

Radio Interview!

Although slightly delayed, here is the radio interview 100Things did back in June 2009 just before we left on our journey. 5.30am is never a good time to be awake let alone be interviewed but we had some fun!

August 24th, 2009...

Astoundingly, a week on from ticking off Number 78- Perform Original Song at a Venue, we are yet to receive any recording deals... (yes that was a joke), but we have managed to upload the video of the first original song played.

Titled 'Break-Up', the song was written a few years ago during a testing time in a relationship. Having written down the lyrics on a piece of paper whilst my girlfriend was away, she returned to find the same piece of paper lying on a table. This caused a glorious argument, which resulted in the title being changed to 'Wake-Up' . This prolonged the relationship for a few months, but ultimately we broke up and the song now has returned to it's original name.

So here's the performance- Break-Up!

August 23rd, 2009...

This morning we're recovering from what would have to be one of the most unique experiences on the list, attending a Peticostal Church Meet!

Amongst a room of instruments, missionaries and dancing angels, we witnessed the presence of God and felt the spirit of Christ enter the room! This of course needs more explaining so hold on for the story which will be added soon.

Just for a warm up though, check out this little bit of vision!

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August 20th, 2009...

Number 59- Religious Jam

Well we're off to New York tomorrow and have organised a induction with a Penticostal Church!

Not sure exactly what will happen but we've been warned that people talking in tongues whilst evoking demonic spirits from within is a big possibility!

"The power of Christ compels you!"

Wish us luck!!

August 17th, 2009...

With Burning Man Festival only two weeks away, 100Things is heading to the Big Apple, New York, to stockpile some hideous fancy-dress outfits!

Check out this link to Burning Man which will no doubt be an experience never to be forgotten!

We are lucky enough to have been invited by the Robbie, MC for the San Diego based hip-hop band Vokab Kompany, who are performing out at the festival. So with tent in hand, and an array of bad costume changes, we should find some fun out in the middle of the Black Rock Desert!

Check out Vokab's sound at their website! http://www.vokabkompany.com/

August 10th, 2009...

Life on the road

Two months into the journey and we find ourselves staying on the beautiful Coronado Island in San Diego.

So far in the USA we've completed the following:
  • Visit Death Row Inmate

  • Cycled around Cuba

  • Perform original song at Open Mic night

  • Challenge Paint Ball World Champion to 1-on-1 match

  • Grow Beard (in progress)

In doing so, we've also raised over $1,500 for Camp Quality and are well on the way to raising our target of $10,000!!

36 Days into the beard growth and I look like a pirate still. I have been described by others as:
  • Rugged

  • Unhygienic

  • Filthy

  • Ratty

  • Hobo

  • Ugly

  • Undesirable

Yes the compliments have been few and far between and I'm finding that I get turned down from getting into pubs and clubs on a regular occurrence (Oh, the sacrifices we make!).

Whist in Coronado, we are lucky enough to be staying with Willem, a professional sailor who i'm fairly certain was born in the water. One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, he has an incredible thirst for life as well as his very own yacht called IMPACT. Whilst sailing in Glorietta Bay with his girlfriends Candice and dog; Beau, I asked him what was one thing he would do if the world was going to end next week (I ask everyone), his answer was simple;

"I'd get my boat, invite my family and friends, and spend the rest of my time here in Glorietta. I guess I'm living my dream"

With that he smiled and cuddled his girlfriend. He was happy.

It's rare that you meet someone who is truly living their dream and it's always refreshing to do so. Willem, you're a legend and we thank you for hospitality.

Willem with friends on IMPACT

100Things...What's on your list?

August 3rd, 2009...

Number 78- Original Song Performance..... complete!

Thanks to the nice guys at Long Boards Grill in San Diego, 100Things managed to get a 15 minute spot to perform 3 original songs (my only 3 songs at that!).

We survived the night and had a lot of fun, although i'm yet to ask the lady who was sleeping at the back of the room what her thoughts were.

Story and video to follow..

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July 30th, 2009...

Cuba story complete, click here to check it out!

July 29th, 2009...


Fifty years on from it’s Revolution, Cuba remains one of the last socialist nations in the world. It is also one of the most unique. A three-week bike ride through this amazing island offers an incredible insight into this land of vast contradiction. It also gives you a great opportunity to grow a beard.

Straight from the airport, we are taken to our casa particular, or family home, where we start our journey. We are greeted with a warm hug and a chilly Rum Cuba Libre.
“It stands for Free Cuba” we’re told by Mario, our selfless host as he introduces us to his mother and grandmother as well as his cousin and his wife, all of whom live under the same roof.
Ironically, it’s a lack of freedom that forces the three generations of family to live under this one roof. No money and no freedom to speak of makes it impossible for most Cubans to move out of home, ever. Cuba Libre indeed.

Still, add music to any situation, a daily occurrence in Cuba, and you’ll see a thirst for life rivalled by no other race of people.

Day one on the road sees us ride from Havana to Veradaro. Less than two kilometres into the ride, my bike pedal literally falls off in the middle of a run-down street. We haven’t even ridden out of Havana yet! Tip number 1; when purchasing a bike, avoid buying cheaply from Walmart in Mexico. The thread connecting the pedal to the crank has somehow worn away. In a city where a cold drink is hard to find, we fear finding a bike shop impossible. Shops are few and far between and locals loiter the streets as if waiting for something to happen. Buildings suggest a past of great promise but a reality of neglect and failure. The trip is already in limbo.
From the side of the street, a friendly Cuban boy approaches and without saying a word, kneels down next to my bike and closely inspects the damage. We don’t speak Spanish and he doesn’t speak English, it’s hard to communicate. The boy stands back up and leads us a few blocks to a large rusty-iron gate on a quiet road. The gate has fallen off its hinges so together we wrestle the bike and our selves through it. On the other side, two men sit in the middle of dusty yard on cardboard boxes. Like most others on Cuba, they don’t appear to be doing anything. A large rusty truck sits centrally in the yard stripped of its engine and wheels. The yard is small and pieces of timber and scrap metal decorate the floor. The boy points to the bike motioning the men to take a closer look. Again, no words are spoken to us. Suddenly the men are filled with energy, something is being planned. From nowhere a mig-welder is suddenly produced and we are ushered back as the bike is picked up by one of the man. The other crouches to one knee with the welder ready to fire. Seconds later, sparks fly, smoke rises and Nic, my travelling buddy, and I start laughing. From a near failiure, our journey is being breathed new life, one spark at a time. Minutes later, the pedal again sits firmly in place with the boy proving its strength by jumping up and down on it repeatedly. It’s worked. A handshake and an exchange of small change signals our journey is ready to start again, but more so it highlights the industriousness of the Cuban people. In a place lacking shops, goods or services, the Cubans have learnt how to survive.

The bike ride from Havana to Veradado takes us out of the city and along the beaches of Playa Del Esta. The derelict buildings of old town are soon replaced by field plantations and shacks, but the bizarre modes of transport remain the same. Large army style trucks pass at speed carrying thirty or forty people on the back as they sway uncontrollably around corners. Extravagantly coloured Chevrolets, Cadillac’s and Buiks dating back to the 1950’s instinctively beep their horns as they pass rogue farmers, who share the freeway lanes whilst riding ancient horse drawn-carts, beautifully unaware of how strange this seems to Westerners. After half a day of riding, we are lucky enough to grab a lift with one such farmer by holding onto the side of his cart. The horse doesn’t seem to care and so we give our already weary legs a rest for a handful of kilometres. It’s hot.

If you ever decide to cycle through Cuba, please learn from our mistake and avoid doing so in July. Temperatures hit 35 degrees daily before humidity slaps you in the face for effect. It really is hot here. Between the hours of 11am and 4pm, forget about doing anything requiring energy as you will have none. This includes bike riding. The sun, like Fidel’s reign over recent decades is suppressing. We, like most Cubans, can only work around the confines that are allowed. As we battle on, we pass numerous large street signs promoting the 26th July anniversary of revolution. A picture of Che Guevara is never far away either.....

To be continued...

July 28th, 2009...

Item 42- Cycle around Cuba..... complete!

3 weeks, 2 bikes, 1 goal..... what an amazing journey! 100Things met some amazing people, saw some amazing places and experienced a culture so unique, we're srill scratching our heads!
Story to follow soon.

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July 7th, 2009...

Death Row story complete, click here to check it out!

July 6th, 2009...

Radio Interview...

100Things made an early morning interview with ABC recently who were interested in our journey. Australian Celebrity Red Symons rang us asked a few questions...

Click here to hear the interview!

Red Symons is notorious for being edgy and usually leaves the interviewee red-faced. I think we got away easily!

July 4th, 2009...

Independence Day- Number 5- Save a Life

Well 100Things made it's way to Coronado, San Diego for July 4th Celebrations and what a time was had! For anyone who is in Southern California, you should definitely check this place out!

Coronado was a sea of red, white and blue as the 4th July Parade made it's way through town. Shortly after this, we were lucky enough to be taken out on 'IMPACT', Willum's fantastic yacht, for the day. Willum is a professional sailor and a genuinely great guy. Amongst a harbour full with boats and money, I met a girl called Kirsty. Kirsty had always wanted to go Australia and after chatting for a while longer, she told us an amazing story.

Having not spoken to her Father for 8 years due to personal differences she received a phone call one morning. It was her step-mother with some bad news, You're father is dying!

Having suffered with Diabetes for most of his life, Kirsty's father needed an immediate kidney transplant.

Without a moments pause, Kirsty offered one of her own Kidneys. Two days later, she was put under the knife and now three years on, she proudly sports a scar across her torso as a reminder of what she did; saving her Fathers life.

Kirsty proves to us all how beautiful life can be. If we could all learn to be as selfless, as forgiving and as brave as she is, the world would be better for it.

100Things.com.au...What's on your list?

June 29th, 2009...

Michael Jackson R.I.P.

LA and the rest of the world has been rocked by the recent death of Michael Jackson. Hollywood Boulevard is lined with people paying their respects to his star, police cars remain out the front of his house and every radio station is playing his music around the clock.

Perhaps one of the most amazing things to be shared is footage of 1,400 prisoners in the Philippines paying their respects via the majesty of this dance. This is incredible!

100Things...What's on your list?

June 28th, 2009...

Guess who met a Playboy Bunny today!

So whilst lost and confused in LA train station today, I ask a passer by for directions. More than happy to help, it soon turned out that not only did this helpful lady know the exact way to my house, but she had also graced the cover of Playboy Magazine on 12 occasions!

Dumb luck! Needless to say that this could be the lucky break we need to tick off number 10- Get into the Playboy Mansion!

Michelle posed nude for Playboy whilst serving for her country as an Air Force Drill Sergeant. She now travels the country as a Playboy celebrity doing book signings and events.

Michelle fittingly wears military attire in most of her shots

Michelle, thanks for stopping and helping me out. I owe you!

Is a Playboy Mansion visit around the corner for 100Things? We'll see!

June 26th, 2009...

Share the Spirit!

As 100Things pushes through the USA, we're very lucky and thankful to receive support and kind words from friends and strangers along the way. It really does mean a lot to us and it pushes us even harder; so thank you!

For this reason, we'd like to make special mention of one particular individual who recently contacted us. Not that we actually have a 100Things supporter of the week, but if we did Nic Kaye would get this weeks award!

A Sydney-sider from way back, Nic has not only sent some kind words, but has gone one step further and offered to help us tick off Number 42- Cycle around Cuba, by actually joining us! He leaves Sydney on July 7th and we start cycling two days later. What a legend and what an inspiration he is.....now all we have to do is tell him that Cuba is 1000km in length!

Nic (on the left) as he appeared on the TV show Ready, Steady, Cook. He tells me he was beaten convincingly by the other contestant- lets hope he's better on a bike!

100Things...What's on your list?

June 24th, 2009...

Flying back from Oklahoma today and we were lucky enough to bump into little Briaunna.

Briaunna is a brave little girl who shares one special thing in common with 100Things; she has made a wish list...

We got chatting during the flight and it turns out that thanks to Make A Wish foundation, Briaunna had just ticked off one very special item in Oklahoma; Meet the Jonas Brothers! If you don't believe her, check out that photo in her hand! Amazing.

Briaunna's parents were kind enough to share an amazing story, and we agreed that at the end of the day everyone should have a list!

Well done Briaunna, and we wish you all the best for the future!

100Things...What's on your list?

Me and Briaunna

June 23rd, 2009...

Number 12- Visit a Death Row inmate, complete!

Oklahoma State Penitentiary

An experience that won't be forgotten. Today 100Things visited James (or J-Loc as he likes to be known), an inmate on death row. Simply incredible.

From a distance, an endless 10-metre wall aggressively wraps around the heavily concreted Oklahoma State Penitentiary reminding all that this is a maximum security prison of the highest order.

Entering the building through a heavily guarded entrance, we are immediately ushered down a tight concrete corridor, through a series of heavy steal doors which powerfully open and slam shut behind us as we walk deeper into this fortress. There is no turning back. The prison guard escorting me has no expression on her face.

Twenty metres further in, we reach a small room with eight glass windows facing us, four to my right and four to my left. Each window has a stool in front of it. I am led to window number 2 and sit down nervously. To my right is a phone attached to the wall. There is no keypad, instead it connects directly to a phone on the opposite side of the reinforced glass. I peer through the window cautiously to see a vacant stool sitting in an otherwise small empty concrete room. At the back of the room is steel door. Suddenly, it swings opens. I jump to my feet. He's here. I recognise him from a photo. My heart is racing.

By the time the steel door closes again, he's walked straight up to the window directly in front of me. I take a step forward. We're only centimetres away. Our eyes lock.

I have never met this man before, but over the past twelve months, we have exchanged hand written letters back and forth in the mail. He is the reason I am here. He invited me. His name is James Mitchell, although he insists I call him J-Loc.

I feel the urge to shake his hand, but instead make a fist with my right hand and place it centrally on the window. With a big smile, J-Loc does the same. This is as close as we can get. He's happy to see me. I'm speechless....

To be continued...

June 22nd, 2009...

Amazing Video!

With the 100Things journey raising money for Camp Quality, the charity bringing happiness to kids and families affected by Cancer, JC was kind enough to share a video he recently stumbled upon.

Although a separate organisation, Ninos con Cancer, have hit the nail on the head in this beautiful video.

We hope you agree...

If you feel like giving to a worthwhile cause, please feel free to donate here to Camp Quality,
or even have a look at Ninos con Cancer.

So far we've raised $1,272.85! Remember we are trying to raise $10,000 in total for Camp Quality which puts 12 families through Camp Quality!

100Things...What's on your list?

June 19th, 2009...

Item '12'- Visit an Inmate on 'Death Row' is being ticked off on Tuesday!

Over the last twelve months, 100Things has been corresponding (via hand written letters) with James, an inmate on Oklahoma Death Row. Exchanging stories, pictures and even playing a back and forth game of Noughts and Crosses, we recently accepted an invitation to visit James in his maximum security state penitentiary.

James' Profile Picture

We'll keep you updated in the story, but in the meantime James has asked me to post his bio in the hope of finding others to talk with. As you'll notice, he's one for the ladies!

"Hey there, stranger,

my name is James L. Mitchell III, notice how the name has been used 3 times!?! Uh-huh, that good ;-)

I’m of the African American Decent with a splash of Native American. I’m 5’9’’, 210 lbs and consider myself to be extremely handsome!!! I’m in excellent shape.

I’m currently residing on death row in Oklahoma and ferociously battling to declare my innocence. H-Unit is the true definition of ugly and it’s very lonely. There are no windows in my little world. The only sunshine in my day is mail call which I receive very little of.

I’m looking for someone with good morals who is perceptive, considerate and comforting.

A person I can have correlative chuckles with, as well as provide on another moral support, I’m blind to gender, race or religion.

I’m loyal, caring and loving. I enjoy all sports and have a soft spot for animals. I adore reading because it contributes to me becoming a better person and my quest for wisdom is grand. I also have a passion for writing poems.

I’m a cancer, born July 7th 1979; one of my many drams and goals is to help our youth. They are our future.

So if you are interested in sharing some of your time with me, please write."

If you are interested in talking to James, we'll gladly give you his details.

For the record, we drew both games of noughts and crosses!

100Things...What's on your list?

June 18th, 2009...

The one that got away!

In an attempt to tick-off item 64- Challenge a World Champion, I bumped into Jean-Claude Leuyer; 5 times Heavyweight Thai Kick-Boxing Champion of the World!

Now retired, Jean-Claude keeps himself busy as a professional stuntman in Hollywood. Kindly, Jean-Claude asked if he could help out by challenging me to a Thai Kick-Boxing fight. After much thought, it was decided that in the interest of my front teeth, I would decline this generous offer, but ever the professional, he did allow us to take a few photos.

Me and Jean-Claude... in my opinion he looks scared! (not)

Check out Jean-Claude In action!

June 17th, 2009...

Fundraising Going from strength to strength!

$1,222.85! That's how much we've raised so far for Camp Quality! And it's only been 2 weeks!

A big thanks to everyone to has kindly donated money toward Camp Quality. It means a lot to us and helps us tick item number 4 from our list- Raise $10,000 for Camp Quality.

Special to mention to the awesome people down Tumbi Umbi High School who recently held a BBQ fundraiser with all proceeds kindly donated to Camp Quality.

Where is Tumbi Umbi i hear you ask? It's located on Sydney's Central Coast and is full of great people evidently! A total of $172.85 was made! A big thanks to Brett and Chris for putting this great event together!

June 16th, 2009...

JC emailed us this morning complaining that there was no music on the website. Well, it was more a suggestion than a complaint, but either way he said that we needed to listen to "If today was your last" by Nickelback.

Feeling threatened, we obeyed JC, and soon realised what he was talking about... if we were to have a song on the website; this would be very fitting!

My best friend gave me the best advice
He said each days a gift and not a given right
Leave no stone unturned
Leave your fears behind
And try to take the path less traveled by
That first step you take is the longest stride
If today was your last day
If tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday
Would you live each moment like your last
Leave old pictures in the past
Donate every dime you have
If today was your last day
Going against the grain should be a way of life
What's worth the price is always worth the fight
Every second counts cause there's no second try
So live it like you're never living twice
Don't take the free ride in your whole life
If today was your last day
If tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday
Would you live each moment like your last
Leave old pictures in the past
Donate every dime you have
And would you call old friends you never see
Reminisce old memories
Would you forgive your enemies
And would you find that one your dreaming of
Swear up and down to god above
That you'll finally fall in love
If today was your last day
If today was your last day
Would you make your mark
On ending a broken heart
You know it's never too late
To shoot for the stars
Regardless of who you are
So do whatever it takes
Cause you can't rewind
A moment in this life
Let nothing stand in your way
Cause the hands of time
Are never on your side
If today was your last day
If tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday
Would you live each moment like your last
Leave old pictures in the past
Donate every dime you have
And would you call old friends you never see
Reminisce old memories
Would you forgive your enemies
And would you find that one your dreaming of
Swear up and down to god above
That you'll finally fall in love
If today was your last day

Thanks JC.

June 15th, 2009...

Number '64'- 'Challenge a World Champion' is completed!

Support of 100Things seems to be spreading. Andrew recently contacted me saying that he could help me tick off '64'; Challenge a World Champion!

True to his word, he put me in touch with an Ollie Lang. Ollie just happens to be captain of the world's best paintball team; Ironman.

Admittedly not knowing too much about the sport of paintball, I decided to google 'Ollie Lang' and do some research. The first article which popped up read "Ollie Lang. Is he the the greatest paintball player ever!" the answer was of course, yes.

This was good enough for me! All I had to do was contact him and ask if I could take him on.

The Paintball Arena

I rang Ollie immediately and told him of my list. Without a hesitation, he wanted to help.

"So Ollie, is there anyway I can challenge you to a 'one-on-one' paintball match?"

"For sure!"

Ollie and me... (pre fight)

Not only did Ollie agree to a one-on-one match, but he went one stage further. He offered me to play in his all-star Ironman team in a practice match. There was of course a catch; I had to agree to take on Mike Paxton in a Mexican Stand-off!

A Mexican Stand-off is the paintball equivalent of a dual. Two men stand 10 metres apart with guns pointing to the ground. Neither man is allowed to move from their spot. On the count of three, both men draw their gun as quickly as possible, shooting wildly at their opponent until they run out of paintballs. Last man standing wins.

Team Ironman use the Mexican Stand-off as a way of building confidence to younger members.

I'm not sure who won between Mike and I? You be the judge.

If you want to see some amazing paintball action, check out Ollie's website http://www.ollielang.com/

Thanks to the entire Ironman team.

100Things...What's on your list?

June 14th, 2009...

Mystery Donation!

Always conscious of raising money for Camp Quality, we were pleasantly surprised to see an anonymous donation of $500 today! To whomever was responsible for this very kind act, we thank you deeply. It really does mean a lot us at 100Things as we are trying to tick off item number '4'- Raise $10,000 for Camp Quality.

Remember that Camp Quality bring happiness to the lives of children and families effected by Cancer. $10,000 will ultimately put 12 families through Camp Quality.

Thank you!

100Things... What's on your list?

June 13th, 2009...

June 13th saw the 9th Annual 'Walk for Kids' fundraiser for the Ronald MacDonald House in LA.

100Things made sure they made it down (all be it a little late!) and managed to witness over $250,000 being raised!

Everyone and their dog made it down to the event, including Ronald MacDonald himself!

Remember that 100Things is looking to raise $100 for each item on the list. So far, we're up to $750! Things are looking great!

Tal, Ronald and Seb

June 12th, 2009...

80's Rock!

Wether we admit or not, we all know a song or two from the 80's. Sting, Blondie, Michael Jackson and many more icons have given us memories and anthems for generations to come.

In an attempt to tick off item '78'- Perform an original song, 100Things has today auditioned for an 80's cover band in LA called 'Danger Zone'. A successful audition meaning that Seb gets to play an original song plus an 80's cover at Danger Zone's next gig (June 17th).

Mid-audition with James on the piano

After jamming for 30 minutes, a firm hand shake from James confirmed a successful audition!

All we have to do now is pick an original song as well as one 80's cover.

The gig is next Wednesday 17th June!

Check out their myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/dangerzonela

100Things...What's on your list?

June 11th, 2009...

Fundraising for Camp Quality is rolling forward in style. We have raised a total of $750 for Camp Quality so far meaning that we are well on the way to our target of $10,000! This money will put 12 through Camp Quality which strives to bring happiness to kids and families effected by Cancer.

The generous guys down at Tumbi Umbi Primary School on Sydney's Central Coast are holding a fundraiser over the next few days which they are very generously donating all proceeds to Camp Quality. Keep your eyes peeled for the results of that as well as some great pics!

June 10th, 2009...

100Things is all about making the most of the time we have, and living and dreaming every day like it was our last. No-one exemplifies this more so than our current host in LA; Tal.

Tal is an air steward for United Airlines. You will rarely come across someone who is as fun loving as this man. Combining generosity with excitement, Tal lights up any room he is in. He's travelled the world, met a million people and struts with a big smile on his face!

I got chatting to Tal yesterday (after he surprised me with a birthday cake!) and I was humbled to find out both his outlook on life, and his reasoning for it. Eleven years ago, Tal was diagnosed with Liver Cancer. Doctors weren't sure if he'd survive. After four years of constant treatment, confining him to a bed for the majority of the time, Tal managed to beat his illness!

Ask Tal now what he thinks about life, and he'll tell you,

"I've been a survivor' for seven years, and i've learnt you only get one chance at life- so enjoy it!"

We couldn't agree more!

Tal and me sporting the 100Things shirts...

100Things... What's on your list?

June 9th, 2009...

Watch this space! Get thinking people because soon you will be able to submit your own lists, and by doing so you will be raising funds for Camp Quality at the same time!

What's on your list?

100Things goes from strength to strength!

June 5th, 2009...

The ball is now rolling!

After the Sunrise appearance, 100Things has been inundated with emails and comments of support and help!

Thank you to all who have taken the time to write kind words, it really does mean absolutely everything to me!! (specially the three ladies who offered the opportunity for me to help give birth to their children!)- Good luck!

Something special is happening!

What's on your list?

June 4th, 2009...

Big News! Australia's morning TV show 'Sunrise' has supported 100Things and Camp Quality!

They took the time to interview Seb (new t-shirt and all!) and even helped him tick off item number 60- randomly pick a country and go there!!

Thanks to Marc Beratta (the blind-folded sports reporter) for picking MONGOLIA!!!!

The gang at Sunrise have since donated $250!

Thanks to you guys, we are on the way to our grand total of $10,000.

June 4th, 2009...

The nice guys down at 'Runamukvisual.com' posted a little story on 100Things.

Make sure you check out their website and have a look at some amazing photos. A website dedicated to the self expression and the youth market. You could lose yourself for hours there!!

"RunamukVisuals.com is focused around the life and times of a core group of unique and interesting characters from the ‘youth market’ as they call it. Professional Surfers and Skaters, Filmmakers, Photographers, Models, Musicians, Artists & Menaces all find themselves on both sides of this ever growing site, posting pieces of their own life or kicking back in transit lounges to catch up on the tales of fellow family members… I heard a lot of things growing up, but the one thing that stuck was ‘you cant choose your family’Well times change, Runamuk Visuals is proof… If you wish to be a part of something truely unique this is the place to be…"

(Photo by Thai Neave)

June 3rd, 2009...

And we're off!

100Things has it's first donation!!!

$100 dollars has gone straight to Camp Quality courtesy of Tes! Tes, a marathon runner herself, has donated $100 towards item '86' - Run a Marathon.
So a big thank you to Tes! Now there's no excuse!

June 2nd, 2009...

ABC Melbourne Radio ran a story on Sebastian and 100Things this morning! Red Symons rang up at 6.45am (!) and wished us luck on the trip.

100Things asked Red if he had a bucket list of sorts, but he said he had already achieved everything on his list! Lucky man.

Watch out for Sunrise on Channel 7 this Thursday. Sebastian will be ticking off one more item live on national TV!

May 30th, 2009...

1ooThings is proud to announce that it is now working alongside Camp Quality! Both sharing the ideal that anything is possible, 100Things will be trying to raise $10,000 for this great cause!

Camp Quality brings happiness to the lives of families and kids effected by Cancer.

All we have to do is raise $100 per item on the list! This total $10,000!

Do you feel generous? www.campquality.org.au

100Things... what's on your list?

Northern Beaches Wedding Photography

Northern Beaches Wedding Photography
10% of fees go to CAMP QUALITY