Heather Snitch

Heather Snitch

"I am learning about who I am, and trying to be the best at it for my son and me"

D.O.B-  25th July, 1988

Nationality- Aussie!

Why did you decide to become a campaigner?  Nothing seems to be happening in my life. days pass by and nothing changes except my age. I hope putting some things down to work for will make things happen.

What's on your list?

2-get rid of everything in my house that I dont need- in process
3-meet a tiger
4-experience zero gravity
5- Get to a healthy weight and stay there (only 10 more kg to go till current goal weight!)

6- Camp at Flat Rock
7a- Finish a piece of art
7b- Exhibit a piece of art
7c- Sell a piece of art or craft
8 Wear clothes that make me happy. (ongoing)
9 do not trip over whilst modelling for fashion parade in my church
10 drive to Sydney
11 drive interstate
12 go overseas
13 live and work overseas
14 learn french
15 get married
16 own a home
17 take a risk every now and then.
18 let my son grow up like I did, free to explore, and sometimes get dirty or injured.
19 volunteer for charity
20 sing in front of people.

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