Rodney Owen

Rodney Owen

"Live Each Day with Purpose"

Nickname- Rocket

D.O.B-  12th October, 1981

Nationality- Australian

Why did you decide to become a campaigner?  In 2008 I started my own list inspired by an activity I did at a training program. When I heard about Seb and his list 2 years later, I discovered a community of like minded people, I felt inspired and decided to continue my journey with them.

What's on your list?

1. Have a Son

2. Buy a house
3. Buy Investment Property
4. Go Skydiving
5. Go Shark diving
6. Go to Disneyland
7. Go to Universal Studios
8. Win Tropfest
9. Win an AFI
10. Win an Oscar
11. Make and Distribute a Feature Film
12. Have a Bank balance of 1 million Dollars
13. Produce and Direct "The Rocky Horror Show" Starring Hugh Jackman
14. Go to the Great Barrier Reef
15. Own a Huge Boat
16. Go spear fishing
17. Go to Ayers Rock (Uluru)
18. Sing in a Doors Cover band
19. Be a contestant on a TV game show
20. Enter the Archibald Prize
21.Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge
22. Ride in a helicopter
23. Own an MX-5
24. Own and Ride a motorbike
25. Eat at Aria
26. Finish a marathon
27. Go scuba diving
28. Go to Central Park
29. Attend the finals of all 4 Grand Slam Tennis tournaments
30. Visit Jim Morrisons Grave
31. See a Broadway musical
32. Receieve a Counselling Qualification
33. Be able to retire before I turn 40
34. Learn to play Golf
35. Own a Spa
36. Paintball skirmish
37. Own a Racehorse
38. Bowl a perfect 300 game
39. Send a letter to and receive a reply from someone infamous
40. Have my photo taken with a celebrity
41. Win a Poker tournament
42. Do the Skywalk at Centrepoint Tower
43. Go to Las Vegas
44. Drive a Ferrari
45. Pat a Tiger
46. Pat a Lion
47. Go to the Statue of Liberty
48. Swim with Dolphins
49. Learn to tapdance
50. Have a white Christmas
51. Ride in a hot air balloon
52. Learn to Tango
53. Write and Publish a book
54. Fire a Gun
55. Visit the Playboy mansion
56. Go to Hawaii
57. Walk across hot coals
58. Be a celebrity contestant on Dancing with the stars
59. Go into Space
60. Own a Jet ski
61. Go to the snow
62. Go on a cruise around the Carribean
63. Write and Produce an original musical
64. Drink a cup of Kopi Luwak coffee
65. Have a show at the Opera house
66. Be interveiwed on TV
67. Go on a Roadtrip
68. Go to Antartica
69. Meet Russell Crowe and shake his hand
70. Fly a Plane
71. Become a certified Scuba Diver
72. Go Wreck diving
73. Get a Blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do
74. Learn to Play 3 songs on a guitar
75. Read "Mein Kampf"
76. Perform a Stand up comedy routine
77. Ride an Elephant
78. Give an important and meaningful speech to a large audience
79. Be a mentor to someone else
80. Teach someone an important skill they will use for the rest/most of their lives
81. Be naked in Public
82. Fly First class
83. Name all Australian Prime Ministers by heart
84. Face Death and live
85. Ride a Horse
86. Solve a Rubiks cube
87. Complete the Kokoda Track
88. Meet Richard Branson
89. Own a Harley Davidson
90. Visit the Louvre
91. See the Eiffel Tower
92. Visit the Golden Gate Bridge
93. Visit Alcatraz
94. Do a 4-WD coure
95. Trade on the Stock market
96. Volunteer in a developiong country
97. Eat Escargo
98. Attend the Sundance Film Festival
99. Receive an Order of Australia
100. Be Australian of the Year
101. Start a Charity
102. Meet a sitting Prime Minister, President or Monarch
103. Buy an exspensive suit
104. Get listed in the Guiness Book of records

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