Rodney Owen #24. Own and ride a motorbike.

This one took a few months to acheieve. I spent many nights studying the motorcycle riders handbook, but before I could go for my licence test, I had learn how to ride.
My 2 day pre learners course  was a challenge. I’d never ridden a motor bike before, the closets I’d gone is riding a bicycle but I hadn’t done that since I was 12. I kept trying to stop by dragging my feet along the ground. Even so I managed to pass and went down for my licence test the next day, also passed.
Couple of days later I was the proud owner of a 2nd hand postie bike. Now I was ready to ride, which wasn’t as easy I thought. Having only done a 2 day course, I was nervous. Realising I was out of my comfort zone, I stepped up.
My first ride, I just went around the block, nothing crazy. My next ride, I went a little further and gradually increased each ride. Soon I noticed that only was I no longer scared, but I was comfortable going faster and longer. I eventually really enjoyed riding, it was fun *though I hated it when it rained). Most importantly, I had expanded my comfort zone. 

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Northern Beaches Wedding Photography
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