Rodney Owen #27. Go Scuba diving

I started a tradition of compleating a list item on my birthday, sort of help me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile. So, on my 28th birthday, I made good on a voucher for a free scuba dive experience.
I headed on down to Pro Dive, Manly where there were 4 others, all of us excited and ready for what was looking be an awesome experience. After a quick briefing, we made our way to Shelly Beach, an aquatic reserve ideal for scuba diving. We got suited up and headed out to the water.
First thing I noticed was that as soon as my head went under water, I wasn’t breathing. “Holy crap” I thought “Something must be wrong with the regulator” . However I soon realized that my brain was telling me not to breathe on account that I was under water. As soon as I told myself to breathe, I was back in business.
I loved scuba diving. It was awesome swimming on the bottom of the ocean, observing fish and marine life I would normally never have gotten to see otherwise. I can’t tell you how long I swam, but it was long enough to get the bug. It inspired more scuba diving goals on my list. I only wished I had taken a camera with me. 

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Northern Beaches Wedding Photography
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