Rodney Owen #39. Send a letter to and receive a reply from someone infamou

I remember once seeing an interview with an American teenager who sent letters to famous serial killers, even visting some in prison. He then turned these experiences into a book. Being a fan of true crime stories I was amazed that it was possible to write to infamous people and that would actually write back.
In the first ear of the list, the whole country was talking about the brilliant new Australian TV series, Underbelly which made Gangland killers Carl Williams Andrew Venjiman and the Moran family infamous.
I saw in the news that Carl Williams had a Facebook account, seizing the moment, I quickly found it. Obviously Carl himself wasn’t maintaing the account (considering he was busy serving a life sentence in prison) however it lead me to his wife Roberta, who was also infamous thanks to Underbelly.
What do you write to a woman whose husband is a convicted killer? Figuring she wasn’t a fan of the show I decided to talk about myself and some of the things I’d been through in an email. The next day, she replied. I found her to be a real sweetheart, full of concern and happy to hear from me. She said Carl had wanted her to tell their side of the story and hinted that maybe I could make a documentary (of course nothing ever eventuated but the idea alone was exciting). I also sent an email to Standover man and best selling author Chopper Reid, disappointing his reply consited of “Thanks Mate”.

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