Rodney Owen #40- Have my photo take with a celebrity

This opportunity presented itself  only a few short weeks after writing the list. I was waiting in line at my local supermarket (of all places) when I casually turned and spotted the person next to me. I was shocked to find it was “Better Homes and Gardens” Host Johanna Griggs.
Trying my best to remain cool, calm and collected I paid up, left the supermarket and found myself sitting outside, heart racing and my mind ticking over. I couldn’t believe the first item had manifested itself so quickly. Luckily I had my mobile to take the picture.
When she came out, I nearly chickened out (seriously how many celebs like people approaching them at the supermarket?) Summoning up the courage, I tentitivly walked up and (after apologizing for disturbing her) asked for a photo. She was really nice and accommodating, even stopping a compleate stranger to take the photo for us. I walked back home in a daze, the event being surreal, and exstatic I was on my way to compleating the list.

Northern Beaches Wedding Photography

Northern Beaches Wedding Photography
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