Deccez #49- Own a Car

Why: Every teenage boy dreams of the day when they first get their own car, that freedom that is linked to such an object is near unrivalled so naturally I craved my own car.

Problems: Cash

What Happened: I can proudly say I am the delighted owner of a 1991 Toyota Paseo. With over 200, 000 kms on her and a backseat that would be lucky to fit the likes of an oompa loompa with a growth problem, my two door baby is my pride and joy. 
After picking her up from a kind lady for only $3000 I then spent the entire day cleaning, vaccuming, polishing and  armour-rolling my car. I don't know why a teenager has such issues with cleaning their parents cars when asked to do so but is overjoyed to clean their own. I have since spent upwards of $500 (alot to a student) on Penelope (as she has been dubbed) and intend to eventually spend more.
I have just recently purchased the all necessary white fluffy dice to hang over my review mirror. Also two of the four speakers in my car are now no longer working :(

What I learnt: Owning a car gives a strange overjoyed sense of freedom, followed by months of leaving it in the garage to 'protect' it until you get your Ps. Once you have your own car and your Ps you feel the compulsive need to wear sunnies, put the windows all the way down and blast 
super loud club music until your speakers break (as happened to me)

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