Josie Smith

Josie Smith

"If you shoot for the stars and hit the moon, it's ok...but you've got to shoot for something.  A lot of people don't even shoot.'  I like to keep in mind that some people also don't get the opportunity to shoot, so screw it, just do it"

Nickname- Jo/Bogan/Flo

D.O.B-  22nd November, 1989

Nationality- Aussie

Why did you decide to become a campaigner?   My mate beat me to it! ...but we've always kept bucketlists so why not support an awesome charity like Camp Quality, and a great bloke in Seb for coming up with this idea.

What's on your list?


1.       Backpack Europe
2.      Visit the Van Gogh museum high in Amsterdam
3.      Climb the Eiffel Tower
4.      La Tomatina
5.      Oktoberfest
6.      See a Picasso Exhibition
7.      Visit La Louvre
8.     Live in the tropics (Cairns 2009/10)
9.      See crocs in the wild (Cairns and Daintree)
10.  Sleep under the desert stars
11.   Silent disco (Ibiza 2008)
12.  Get a tattoo that I’ve designed
13.  Have my own website
14.  Learn a new sport (karate)
15.   Get a pet snake
16.  Ayers Rock
17.   Spontaneous voluntary work (AIDS Foundation – Lisbon, Portugal)
18.  Run 10km (Lake Run 2010)
19.  Get facial piercings (eyebrow and nose)
20.  Ride a camel in the outback
21.  Meet a hero (Wally Lewis, State of Origin Game 3, 2010)
22. Get live on national TV
23. Teach myself didgeridoo


24. Create my own religion
25.  Learn to spraypaint Banksy style
26. Donate blood
27.  Walk around a city dressed as a cartoon character for a day
28. Start a public food fight
29. Sing ‘boston’ in Boston
30. World’s biggest theme park ride three times in an hour
31.   Protest Whaling
32. Ride an elephant
33. Hug an orang-utan
34. Sleep in the Amazon
35.  Do my PADI course
36. Hike a glacier
37.  Kokoda Trail
38. Hitchhike across Europe (perhaps Swansea to Morocco route?)
39. Stay awake for 72 hours
40. Have a child named after me
41.  See a plate spider – hold it preferably
42. Make $100 on ebay starting by selling something worth less than $1
43. Get shot
44. Travel with a close mate in an EPIC fashion
45.  Visit a live volcano
46. Sunrise hot-air balloon ride
47.  Get some real ‘homies’ in the US and learn some slang
48. Do a kayak or water expedition
49.  Madagascar
50. Run over a cane toad with the windows down (POP!)
51.   Live in Europe
52.  Bet on the NRL
53.  Bargain using ‘camels’ in Egypt
54.  Snooze in front of the pyramids to make up for all the hard labour done there
55.  Learn to sail
56.  Haunted cemetery in Scotland at night
57.  Watch a sunset on a beach in WA
58. Help fulfil a terminally ill child’s wish
59.  Grand Canyon
60. Witness the running of the bulls
61.   Walk across a country
62. Give a motivation talk
63. Buy a property
64. Start my own business
65.  Get a Guinness World Record
66. Write a book
67.  Buy a homeless person a meal and some clothes (or whatever they really need)
68. Give someone a tattoo
69. Travel to every continent
70.  Have a Singapore sling in Singapore
71.   Splash out in Vegas
72.  British music festival
73.  Go to Ibiza with mates and no return tickets
74.  Triathlon
75.  Do wildlife conservation work
76.  Learn a language
77.  Volunteer at an orphanage
78. Skydive
79.  Get a degree
80.Shark dive (great whites preferably)
81.  Travel Asia on a motorbike
82. Drive around Australia
83.  Live in the outback
84.  Eat nothing but Weet-bix and Vegemite for a week
85.  Blind-book a flight – rock up and take the next one available
86. Road-trip across the US
87.  Quit my job and go
88. Get a dog and travel with him
89.  Get on radio
90.  Helicopter ride
91.   Great wall of China
92. Visit Mount Everest (trek to the first station)
93. Machu Picchu
94.  Sail the Galapagos
95.  See Sumo Wrestling
96.  Trans-Siberian Express
97.  “Complete a task off another person’s bucket-list with them”
98. “Complete a task off another person’s bucket-list with them”
99. Open for suggestion
100.  Raise $10,000 for charity

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