Emil Tiedemann

Emil Tiedemann

" If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one" (Dolly Parton)"

Nickname- Emer

D.O.B-  29th September, 1979

Nationality- Native-Canadian, French/German

Why did you decide to become a campaigner?  I can't think of a reason NOT to.

What's on your list?

1. Write a book
2. Swallow the tequila worm
3. Go to New Zealand
4. Vegetarian for 6 months
5. Stand in an ocean
6. Do something special for my parents' anniversary
7. Learn to BBQ the perfect steak
8. Montreal photo movie
9. Be a film or TV extra
10. To be determined
11. Jump out of a plane
12. Become a paid photographer
13. 'Carpe Diem' tattoo
14. Write a hilarious joke
15. Bartend
16. Own part of the moon
17. Meet an international star
18. Attend a 'black' church
19. Donate 100 hours of my time
20. To be determined
21. Eat an insect (on purpose!)
22. Be debt free
23. Write and record a song
24. Visit someone who's close to death
25. Self confidence, self respect, self control
26. Make a short film
27. White water rafting
28. Go skinny dipping
29. Remix a hit song
30. To be determined
31. Experience Mardi Gras
32. Join a bowling/ pool league
33. Hot air balloon ride
34. Spend the afternoon with a homeless person
35. Live it up in Vegas
36. Listen to the '500 Greatest Songs of All-Time'
37. Shoot a gun...a real one!
38. Skunk someone in pool
39. Photo calendar
40. Be someone's best man
41. Make somebody's day
42. Publish an article with a legit publication
43. One week without telling a single lie
44. Quit my job (or get fired from it!)
45. Sign my donor card
46. Drop the 'pothead' title
47. Go back to school...and finish!
48. Discover an untapped skill
49. Learn CPR
50. To be determined
51. A lifestyle 360
52. Avoid cancer
53. Become an advocate
54. Appear in a music video
55. Roll the perfect joint
56. Invest
57. Have my picture taken with the Statue of Liberty
58. Ultimate road trip
59. Lose 20 pounds
60. To be determined
61. See Shane Koyczan perform live
62. Party with strangers in a foreign city
63. Forgive someone who wronged me
64. Witness a miracle
65. One last all-party weekend
66. Laser eye surgery
67. Confess something to somebody
68. Buy my first (!) suit
69. International pen pal
70. To be determined
71. Visit New York City
72. Complete a 1,000+ piece puzzle
73. Rekindle an old friendship
74. Fast for 48 hours straight
75. Join a soccer/ hockey team
76. See Brazil
77. Read the '50 Greatest Novels'
78. Pop my karaoke cherry
79. Invent a new drink
80. 'Happiness' tattoo
81. Stroll down 'Music Row' in Nashville
82. Be part of a studio audience
83. Learn an instrument
84. You decide!*
85. Pay someone's bill
86. Win a photo contest
87. Live in another city
88. Complete a marathon
89. See John Fogerty in concert
90. To be determined
91. Take a train ride across Canada
92. Paint a self portrait
93. Become a father
94. No TV or Internet for one full month
95. Throw a dart at a map and go there
96. Learn to cook (good)
97. Make it to 40!
98. The love thing
99. Can't say just yet!
100. To be determined

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