Ben Brown

Ben Brown

" Life is like a box of chocolates; I intend to eat everyone"

Nickname- Brownies, Big Ben

D.O.B-  4th October, 1983

Nationality- English/Australian

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? To Fufil my own dreams and goals whilst helping others and raising money for charity

What's on your list?

1.     Own home
2.     Own a Dog
3.     Appear in TV commercial
4.     Compete in World Series of Poker
5.     Become an extra in a movie
6.     Drive an exotic car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas
7.     Learn one martial arts style
8.     Buy a 1967 Shelby GT 500
9.     Learn to break dance
10.  Learn to salsa and tango
11.  Have a Chest wax
12.  Travel to all continents except the arctic
13.  Get a six pack and maintain it
14.  Learn to cook – cooking classes
15.  Learn to make chocolates
16.  Design and get tattoo
17.  Get body piercing
18.  Be able to do a back flip
19.  Be able to do the splits
21.  Run a half marathon by the age of 30
22.  Run a marathon by the age of 30
23.  Run a Triathlon by the age of 30
24.  Compete on Masterchef
25.  Go Bungee Jumping (Golden Eye Bungee Jump)
26.  Go Heli Boarding
27.  Go sky Diving
28.  Go Zorbing
29.  Watch England Football Game at Wembley
30.  Watch England Football World Cup Games
31.  Watch Olympic 100m Race
32.  Learn Foreign Language
33.  Swim With Killer Whales
34.  Complete Cook book
35.  Drive at 200 Km/Hr
36.  Swim with Whale Sharks
37.  Visit a random country
38.  Fly in a Hot Air Balloon over the Serengeti
39.  Go Hand gliding
40.  Go on Gameshow
41.  Make homemade pasta from scratch
42.  Watch NBA Finals Series
43.  Watch Superbowl
44.  Visit Pyramids at Giza
45.  Stare down a Mountain Gorilla (Rwanda)
46.  Visit Victoria Falls
47.  Visit Athens
48.  Visit Taj Mahal
49.  See The Vicious Komodo Dragons
50.  Rio during Carnival
51.  Hold an Anaconda
52.  Visit the Galapagos Islands
53.  Raise $10,000 for Charity
54.  Walk across a country
55.  Go to Airport and Book next International flight
56.  Ride an Elephant
57.  Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge
58.  Go Cage Diving in South Africa
59.  Ride in a Helicopter
60.  Give a Homeless Person $100
61.  Ride in a fighter Jet
62.  Stay in a Penthouse Suite in Las Vegas
63.  Eat at Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire, England
64.  Grow Beard
65.  Drive on Autobahn
66.  Yell “Drinks on Me” at a Bar
67.  Smoke a Cuban Cigar in Cuba
68.  Climb Ayers Rock
69.  Go to Madri Gras in New Orleans
70.  Eat my way through the Hat Restaurants in the Good Food Guide 2011 by 31st December 2012

Any ideas for new List Items would be awesome and please donate to charity. Some of the activities i will also be running a Charity run specifically so please donate and help some wonderful people

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