Ben Brown #21- Run 10km by the time I'm 30

On a good day for running except from a strong breeze on the 9th January 2011, i lined up way too early in the morning to complete item number 20 off my list - Complete a 10k run.
Have doing many unofficial 10k runs and a strong althetic background, my preparation was maybe too relaxed coming in to the event and a night out with friends and little sleep coming in to the event and an early start did not help.
Even still i felt good at the start and came through the first 2kms in very good speed. However after the 2km mark a twinge in my achilles and calf caused a decrease in pace and discomfort. But despite the discomort, i was determined to complete my first item from my list.
I managed to finish in a respectable time of 52:28. Hopefully more training will stand me in stead for the Item No. 21 i will be attaempting to complete in March.

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Northern Beaches Wedding Photography
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