Fitness 2428's 2011 Bucket List

"Fitness 2428" Owners Kerryann and Fergus Hayes

"Remember your yesterdays, Dream your tomorrows BUT MOST IMPORTANT .......... Live your today’s"

D.O.B-  All Ages

Nationality- All Welcome

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? To encourage others to take a step outside of their comfort zones....with a little push from their personal trainers, of course!

What's on your list?

1.     Discuss Australian Obesity Issues With A Member Of Parliament- What Is On The Horizon In The Way Of Preventative Measures And Government Support?           
2.     Get on TV ‘Sunrise or Today’
3.     Enter Your First Adventure Race
4.     Climb One Of The World’s Highest Peaks
5.     Give Up Chocolate For A Year
6.     Be an Australian Champion at Something
7.     Volunteer at an Animal Shelter
8.     Help Forster Tuncurry Lose a Tone and a Half
9.     1 Weeks’ Silence
10.  100 Push Ups Non Stop
11.  Learn to Read a Map (not upside down) and Use a Compass
12.  Read 1 Book Per Month For 12 Months That Educates You About Something You Don’t Already Know      
13.  Enter an Ocean Swim
14.  Visit a Haunted House
15.  Skinny Dip at Shelleys Beach
16.  Complete XPD 2011  
17.  Kayak in the Barrington
18.  Learn to Meditate
19.  Cycle Through the Wineries
20.  Lose 10kgs or More (Have to be 10 kilos lighter at end 2011)
21.  Enter Your First Fun Run
22.  $10 000 to Charity
23.  Say “I Love You” in 20 Languages
24.  Break a Guinness World Record
25.  Learn to Surf with Mick Schumann
26.  Swim With a Dolphin
27.  Tandem Skydive
28.  See the Sunrise at Cape Hawke
29.  Get Golf Handicap Into Single Figures
30.  Mountain Bike at Possum Brush
31.  Catch a Deep Sea Fish eg Marlin
32.  Follow Through on a New Years’ Resolution
33.  Represent Your State
34.  Walk Through a Storm
35.  Stay Awake For 48 Hours
36.  Get Over 200 Hits on YouTube
37.  Be a Mentor
38.  Help a Friend on the Path to Better Health
39.  Follow a Detox Program
40.  Visit a 1 of the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World    
41.  Visit a 1 of the Modern Seven Wonders of the World
42.  Take the Fitness2428 Cap to an Overseas Location And Get Photo
43.  Drive Your Dream Car….You Don’t Have To Buy It, Just Drive It !
44.  Fit into an Old Pair of Jeans- (Must not have been able to fit into them 2 years or more)
45.  Get Naked in a Waterfall
46.  Fitness2428 1000 Thumbs Up on Facebook
47.  Wild Endurance/North Face 100km Endurance Run 
48.  Improve Your Race Time- (Any Sport)
49.  Help Out A Stranger
50.  Finish Biggest Winner Ultimate Thinner 2011                                            
51.  Shop All Year With Re-usable Shopping Bags             
52.  Bungee Jump
53.  Give Up Alcohol For A Year
54.  Write A Letter Of Thanks To Someone Who Has In Some Way Impacted Your Life
55.  Complete 1 day Anaconda Adventure Race (Individual)                                                            
56.  Publish an Article In a National Magazine
57.  Watch the Sunrise and Sunset in Same 24 Hours
58.  Stay Awake Long Enough To See A Sleep Monster
59.   Walk in the “Seals for Sal” March 12th and 13th
60.   Do 10 Chin Ups in a Row…..you must not be able to do them at start of 2011
61.  Sponsor A Cause                  
62.  Enter A Fitness2428 Body Balance Challenge
63.  Attend All Four Fitness2428 Nutrition Seminars
64.  Meet A Celebrity And Get A Photo
65.  Have Something Named After You/Us etc
66.  Have a Go at Paddleboarding
67.  Hot Air Balloon
68.  Work at Our Local Mission One Friday Night
69.  Win Local Business Awards -Business of The Year 2011
70.  Be The First One To Say Hi
71.  Feature On The Front Page Of The Advocate
72.  Have a Go at Kite Surfing
73.  Learn to Dive and Dive with the Grey Nurse Sharks at Seal Rocks
74.  Summer Afternoon On a Party Pontoon in the Lake With Great Friends
75.  Visit the Tallest Tree in NSW
76.  Place $1000 on Black
77.  Track Down Someone of Questionable Character in Your Family Tree
78.  Track Down Someone of Notoriety in Your Family Tree
79.  Do a Triathlon…..1st Timers Only
80.  Do an Ironman
81.  Trek Somewhere Breathtaking and/or Amazing…..Need Photos
82.  Camp on an Island Overnight Where You Are The Only Person/Two People   
83.  Get in Touch and Meet Up With An Old Friend You Haven’t Seen For 20years +
84.  Face a Challenge With Courage
85.  Don’t Turn Your TV On For or A Month
86.  Learn to Abseil
87.  Eat At 1 Of Restaurants Featured On Master Chef
88.  Get Up Every Morning For A Month 1 Hour Earlier Than Normal
89.  Learn 10 New Healthy Recipes
90.  Turn Off Your Mobile Phone For A Week
91.  Pat a Lion or Tiger Cub
92.  Learn to Play a Musical Instrument
93.  Get A Meaningful Tattoo
94.  Build A Snowman Taller Than Yourself
95.  Solve A Rubiks Cube
96.  Get A Six Pack (Musn’t of had one at start 2011)
97.  Attend A Major Sporting Event
98.  Visit A Volcano
99.  Go To A Motivational Seminar
100.  Go Zip Lining

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