Grace Dulawan

Grace Dulawan

" You don't have to live your life the way other people expect you to"

Nickname- Grace

D.O.B-  4th April, 1990

Nationality- Filipino/Australian

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? I've always had a 'bucketlist' of things I wanted to do ever since I watched 'A walk to remember' (don't judge me, I was fourteen!) after my first list I've been adding and changing items to that list. A few months ago, when I started my blog to keep in touch with people when I go to spain net year I put up a list of 'things I want to be doing'. Coincidentally, a friend brought me to a talk by Seb speaking on his list of 100things. The main reason I decided to campaign was that anybody could make a 'bucket list' but it takes real guts and stamina to go out there and make it happen - and to do it all for charity. Listening to the talk made me want to travel and do things with a difference. 

What's on your list?

1. Live in another country for a year
2. Learn to speak Castellano [Spanish]
3. Write a book
4. See the launch of a space shuttle
5. ride in a helicopter
6. go to the Australian outback
7. busk in another country
8. go scuba diving
9. learn how to ride a motorcycle
10. make friends with a stranger
11. help someone build a house
12. volunteer in a third world country
13. go to every continent in the world
14. Baguette fight in front of the eiffel tower
15. lean on the tower of pisa
16. white/black water rafting
17. go on an African Safari
18. pat a tiger, lion or other man-eating creature
19. find a job i love and make it my career
20. Learn how to cook, properly
21. Cut off all my hair/Shave for a cure
22. Grow my hair to my waist
23. go on a pilgrimage
24. meet the pope
25. Learn how to take amazing photographs
26. watch a football game in Europe
27. Meet gypsies in Spain
28. Learn to speak and write in Arabic
29. Be able to play a Chopin or Mozart piano piece
30. Buy a mustang and roadtrip across America
31. Go to a WWE wrestling match
32. Get somebody to name their child after me :p
33. Do something awesome enough to merit somebody naming their child after me
34. meet one American President in my lifetime (preferrably Obama but beggars can't be choosers...)
35. Crowd-surf
36. Run a Marathon
37. Wake up in Vegas
38. Climb Mount Everest ( not necessarily to the top.. but as long as I get a few steps up from ground level)
39. Live on a house-boat
40. learn to surf
41. watch a musical on Broadway
42. own a dog and name him simba, bambi or peanut
43. make a movie
44. swim with dolphins
45. sell all my clothes, at one point in my life
46. meet Jack Johnson
48. Do Yoga in India
49. Participate in a mass protest
50. Learn how to sew
51. Teach English in another country
52. Ride an elephant
53. Do the egyptian walk in front of the Pyramids in Egypt
54. Travel to Cuba before Fidel Castro dies
55. Start a social movement
56. Become a youtube hit
57. Have a TV show
58. Feature on Nat Geo Adventure
59. Kiss a stranger in another country, in broad daylight, sober
60. Get a paid job at a charity organisation
61. Visit a live volcano
62. Experience an earthquake
63. Ice-fishing
64. Kite-surfing
65. Watch an Aurora
66. See a polar bear in its natural environment
67. Go on an actual sailing trip
68. Go jogging in Central Park
69. Re-create a scene from a famous movie
70. Be an extra in a tv ad/movie/show
71. Visit a ship-wreck
72. Campaign for a cause I care about
73. Get my fortune told
74. Running of the Bulls
75. La tomatina
77. Batalla de vino

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