Australian Tour 2010

Presenting an adventurous motivational speaking tour in Sydney & Australia’s East Coast

Dave Cornthwaite and Sebastian Terry are available for lecture bookings throughout November 2010

Between them, Dave Cornthwaite and Sebastian Terry have broken world records, written books, produced films and presented to audiences on four continents. Accomplished speakers at home and abroad, they are delighted to announce 'Hundreds and Thousands', their first joint speaking tour. 

This inspirational and entertaining lecture is complimented by stunning slides and video, designed both to amaze and provoke thoughts about exactly what we hope to achieve from our lives.

Delivered with honest and humorous self-assessment, Dave and Sebastian present side by side, equating their individual and shared ventures by explaining how they have managed to stretch their boundaries without compromising the sensible stuff that modern life requires of us.

The duo's dynamism and lust for life is evident from the off, and binds a performance that is as varied and funny as it is inspiring. One thing is certain, these unique experiences in the world of geographical and social adventure combine to create an aspirational blueprint for life lessons and decision making. Everyone who hears Dave and Seb's story will consider not only what they dream to achieve, but they will also believe they're capable of making it happen, too.

Meet the Speakers

Sebastian Terry

Sebastian Terry, 28, has spent much of the last two years far away from home in Sydney, but his travels have been closely followed in his native Australia. Following the death of a close friend, Sebastian's priorities changed and he began travelling the world to chase his dreams, ticking off 100 Things from a bucket list such as visiting a prisoner on death row, hitchhiking across America, presenting the weather on Canadian TV and breaking a Guinness World Record.
With an infectious sense of humour which saw him star in the world-wide Live Every Litre documentary in 2010, Sebastian's project has blossomed into much more than just a one-man adventure as his journey has encouraged countless others to start following their dreams, as well.

Dave Cornthwaite

Dave Cornthwaite, 30, hails from Britain but his career as a professional Adventurer has already given him an intimate relationship with Australia. In 2006 Dave skateboarded from Perth to Brisbane, on what became the longest journey of its kind in history. In 2009 he walked and kayaked the length of the Murray River from Source to Sea, along the way investigating the reasons behind the Murray's struggles during the worst drought on record. 
An accomplished motivational speaker, filmmaker and author, Dave’s work continues to capture the imagination thanks to Expedition1000, his series of twenty-five separate journeys of over 1000 miles in length, each using a different form of non-motorised transport. Check out more of Dave's inspirational journeys at http://www.davecornthwaite.com/

To enquire about prices and availability please email talks@davecornthwaite.co.uk

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