Jessica Crowe

Jessica Crowe

"Life's a Dance"

Nik name- Jess

D.O.B-  March 23rd, 1990

Nationality- Canadian

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? Following Sebastian Terry on his Journey to conquer his bucket list inspired me and opened my eyes to a world of opportunity!  To make the most of life and embrace everyday and every chance I get to LIVE OUT LOUD! Life is way to short to not have fun and do what you've always wanted to do! We have one chance to Live it Up! 

What's on your list?

1.            Sky Dive
2.            Give a stranger $100.00
3.            Travel to Africa
4.            Go on a missionary trip
5.            Receive a dozen roses anonymously 
6.            Save a Life
7.            Backpack across Europe
8.            Donate to a charity
9.            Learn Burlesque dance
10.        Meet my dad
11.        Swim with dolphins
12.        Go on an archeological dig
13.        Learn a song on Guitar
14.        Visit the grave of a cultural icon
15.        Go rock climbing
16.        See a geyser
17.        Visit the museum of Egypt
18.        Stay in a haunted building
19.        Go on a hot air balloon ride
20.        Visit a volcano
21.        Inspire someone
22.        Have a baby
23.        Nude Portrait
24.        Take a photography course
25.        Learn Kick boxing
26.        Meet a Football Star
27.        Deep Sea Fishing
28.        Become a child and Youth Care Worker
29.        Singing lessons
30.        Visit Ireland
31.   Helicopter Ride

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