Being a school that works with disengaged, at risk adolescents, we are always on the look out for motivating and inspiring guest speakers that can act as role models for our students. Passion and creativity are attributes so highly valued and yet so rarely exhibited in tandem. Sebastian Terry and Dave Cornthwaite demonstrate and live these attributes on a daily basis.
Sharing their own unique recount of finding their way in life by ‘staying true to yourself and your purpose’ is nothing short of inspirational. Through their own journey of self discovery they are able to deliver a motivational, humorous and highly engaging presentation. Hundreds and thousands speaking tour will motivate children, youth and adults alike and facilitates a flow of new ideas and positive change. It is a diverse and creative presentation that comes highly recommended for any project or event.

Kate Cooper – Leading Teacher Southern Teaching Unit

Seb and Dave inspired me so much when they talked about their goals and what they
have achieved in their lives so far. They were just so encouraging. I was just blown away by some of the things that they have done and achieved. I walked away believing that I could achieve anything I wanted to. Thank you so much.

Tara Year 9 - Southern Teaching Unit

I found Dave and Seb really inspiring and interesting. They were really funny and I was amazed at what they have been able to do. I had never thought of writing a list of things I want to do but I now have a list of 10 things and I can’t wait to start doing them.

Ramadan Year 8 – Southern Teaching Unit

I think Seb and Dave are so funny and so brave. They have such awesome adventures and don’t care what people think. They never give up, they help other people and they live their life having fun. I have written a list of 40 things and I’ve already started working out how I’m going to cross them off.

Jacob Year 7 – Southern Teaching Unit

I really enjoyed Dave and Seb’s talk. It was very inspirational and it showed me how you can change your life by stepping away from the herd and achieving your goals by being persistent.

Kyle Year 7 – Southern Teaching Unit

Seb and Dave taught me:
• To think outside the square
• Step outside the herd – don’t follow everyone else
• Good brings out good
• Participate in life
• Commit to your goals
• Do what you want to do because you want to do it
Thank you so much for teaching me to live my dreams

Khorey Year 8 – Southern Teaching Unit

Thanks so much for your awesome talk.
To Seb: It really inspired me to make my own list. It’s not as extreme as your list, like
marrying a stranger and Sky-Diving nude, but hopefully it will fulfil my life.
To Dave: You have really inspired me to think outside the box. I loved the way you push your body to the limit like with the massive skateboarding trip and the Source to Sea expedition. Now you have inspired me to push myself to my limit.

Jordan Year 8 – Southern Teaching Unit

Dave and Sebastian were a big hit with our sales team.  Their commitment, enthusiasm and energy for their respective projects/paths is enviable and admirable and leaves you with a yearning to do more in your own life.  Plus! They are gentlemen and have a refreshing air of goodness and childlike optimism about them.  They left us all on a high – 

Claire Gordon, Marketing Manager, Supagas.

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