Kylie McClunie # 22. Be a Walking Billboard

November 14, 2010.
Tho my list of 100 things still requires some tweaking, its starting to take shape.
Today was my first opportunity to cross something off that list, and i chose number 22... be a walking billboard.

Dave and Sebastian are doing a motivational tour, which i thaught was a perfect thing to be promoting, given that it was a source of inspiration to me personally.

I emailed 100things when i heard the tour  would visit Brisbane (1 hr away) and offered to help promote the talks by being their human billboard for a day. 'Ledgend' said Seb.. Lets do it-A billboard extravaganza! '  :D

With the weekend looming the  decided time and place  was to be southside markets Brisbane, Sunday.
I aquired some cardboard from work, and brought paints and set to work. (messy business!) Of course, i had doubts the whole time of the quality of the product, but thats always the case with ones own creations, isint it.
Sunday saw me up with the birds,and travelled to brisbane with friends passing there.
Strolled along the riverfront, with billboard, guitar + self made flyers to meet the lads... quite nervous at this point. But, it turned out to be like meeting old friends.

So after a  drink and quick chat it was down to business.-had to get over my disdain of cameras and photos because dave was playing stalkers with his camera from a distance... can only imagine somewhat akin to being cased by a private investigator... but  good to have someone supportive to watch my back..
 At some point Seb decided to walk alongside, and be a wandering minstrel, playing  the  only three songs he  claims to know, on my guitar.  And it was pretty good!.  Tho i dont believe him for a second about the repoirte, This might explain  why Sebastian has taken to  randomly creating his own songs, at any  given place or time.  I can quite honestly say nobody has ever made up a song about me on the spot before, which was very cool.. embarrasing as shit, but funny and good for helping to get rid of flyers. haha...

Initially  approaching and talking to people was nerve racking but eventually  some kind of mojo began to flow. there were some good conversations with people... and some flat out rejection..but thats how it goes for a human billboard! Its tough work, i tell you! And on a hot day, thats some manual labour, right there! 
 Seb suggested i could give a pile of leaflets to a local cafe, but i decided that was cheating..  It wasnt a challenge completed if those leaflets werent personally distributed..  Then the minstrel proceeded to  plonk himself on a borrowed cafe stool, right in the middle of the marketplace and sang a couple of tunes,to draw a bit of attention to my already large and loud billboard...it was no reflection on him personally that we diddnt even make fifty cents- im sure a hat would have helped, if that had been the purpose of things. (which it wasnt.. this was MY parade.. there was no stealing of thunder.  :)

Took maybee 3 hours to hand out all 300 flyers,  but I did it.Yay !!

This was a great thing to have started with as it threw me out of my comfort zone,in a challenging yet supported way.The euphoria of having completed a list item was AWESOME... this could be seriously addictive.
I travelled back home with Dave and Sebastian, as an honourary road tripper/backseat driver / for the day. It was a colourful first 4 wheel driving experience.

Tonight im thinking its time i hit the gym..cos i went home and slept for 2 hours! 
Tho being a human billboard was tiring,it is SO crossed off. Number 22... you are TOAST. HA! :D

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