Rach Betteridge- Help a Stranger

I was walking home in the rain and i heard alot of car horns blairing , there was a blind gentleman stood in the middle of the road, this angered me, that all those car users would rather use their car horns and confuse the man further than to actually help him espeacially as there was a fair bit of traffic so it's not like they could get anywhere. so when i caught up to him i asked him if he was ok? he then told me he was lost, he went to the shop and thinks he went the wrong way. i then asked him where he needed to get to, so that i could point him in the right direction and get him across the road safely, he told me his address knowing that was about a 10 minute walk in the other direction i decided the best thing to do was to walk him home. 

on the way home we had a bit of a chat and he asked me what i did, i told him i am in education learning to play drum kit and learning music. he then told me he plays harmonica, i told him that i did too well try to as im not very good at it! and he told me about a couple of blues bars in the area, if i was interested in playing i should give them ago. i replied i think i would have to get better first, but i would love to hear him play.
so when we got to his house he got his harmonica and played,

I have to say i have never heard harp playing as good as that! he then told me that if i wanted to he would give me a few tips and tricks and a couple of lessons if i wanted them. 
so i think i will take up his kind offer, and this will help me accomplish another item from my list 'get better at harmonica' 

i guess the moral to this story is sometimes you get more when you give.... i never expected anything from this man just wanted to see him get home safe, and in return i am getting some relativly cheap harmonica lessons. God  really does work in mysterious ways!!!

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