Michael Basham

Michael Basham

" I think life itself is a positive and any oppurtunity to promote happiness should be taken"

Nickname- Basham

D.O.B-  19th September, 1993

Nationality- Australian

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? Love what the campaign stands for and believe that anyone can do and be what they want

What's on your list?

1)solve a rubik's cube in under a minute
2)become a good snowboarder
3)go skydiving
4)appear on a movie or tv show
5)drive a 1970 dodge charger
6)own a 1970 dodge charger
7)go snowboarding in new zealand
8)go to a country with a completely different culture (asian country maybe)
9)make a change in someone's life for the better
10)run 100km in one go (walking breaks allowed)
11)get married
12)have kid(s)
13)compete in a iron man triathalon
14)make $100 through freestyle soccer
15)compete in an mma fight
16)give a motivational or inspirational speech
17)spend a week without speaking
18)invent something useful
19)buy a car
20)buy a motorbike
21)fall asleep while standing up
22)grow a moustache
23)learn to backflip
24)snowboard while wearing hawaiin shirt, hawaiin shorts and a lei
25)learn guitar
26)swim in the great barrier reef
27)do a paintball run nude (also known as bucks run)
28)go bungee jumping

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