Amanda Ortega

Amanda Ortega

"  My philosophy is; Embrace your journey, own your life, value yourself, laugh a lot, always give something back and trust your intuition"

Nickname- Mandy

D.O.B-  28th November, 1980

Nationality- Australian

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? To follow my dreams, achieve my goals and remind me to live my life like it will end tomorrow…..and the main reason……to support Camp Quality

What's on your list?

  1. Complete my Bachelor of Arts degree
  2. Learn a language (French)
  3. Visit Nepal
  4. Go on a Buddhist retreat
  5. Try a long island ice tea
  6. Work with victims of domestic violence
  7. Be comfortable in a bikini
  8. Buy a really expensive pair of shoes
  9. Learn to say “no” and assert myself
  10. (way to intimate to put in an email)
  11. Do a course on Chakras
  12. Go on a ghost tour
  13. Stay up all night watching movies
  14. Have my book published
  15. Go on a cruise
  16. Elope
  17. Get drawn naked
  18. Visit Wales
  19. Go on a gondola ride in Venice
  20. Go on a Contiki tour
  21. Buy a bottle of moet
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