Megsy #65- Drive the Autobahn

When I was growing up, I didn't have a car. In fact, my mum never has had a licence. And so for years I was the girl who got 'lifts' from friends...or walked! Without a car, driving practice was difficult; the guys in the neighbourhood all promised to teach me to drive but once they got their P's, they were off! Little surprise then that to this day I only have ever had a licence for an Auto...

But that hasn't stopped me from wanting to go fast. I've seen Talladega Nights like a kazillion times. I've had a couple of speeding tickets. I have even dated a professional driver. But the Open Road has kept calling. It was only a matter of time that #65- Drive the Autobahn became a reality.

I headed to Munich for the weekend and picked up my BMW 325i Convertible bright and early (even the sun came out to play). Surprisingly, noone replied to my ad for Road Trip Crew at the hostel- probably thought it was a joke. But the team at Hertz helped me navigate my way round the Sat Nav ('Muchas gracias Hanz' ;-) and then I was off...to F***ing, Austria. Literally. That's the name of the town. The 250km round trip was very scenic, most of it was on quieter back roads. But there was a stretch of Autobahn!

It took a while to get over the 'driving on the wrong side of the road' mindset. It felt strange to go faster than 120kph without looking for Highway Patrol. But eventually the roads were clear enough for me to go the fastest I have ever gone...185kph! (or 115mph!) and shaking, I managed to get a photo of the speedo. I couldn't help but think of my old Hyundai 'Jen-nay' (said in Forrest Gump's voice) who'd struggle climbing Mt Ousley and would shake as I nudged 120km; The BMW 325i felt like it had so much more sitting in reserve, it was all too easy! But just as I was feeling all 'Mark Webber', 'Schumacher' flew past me in a red Porsche so fast, that by the time I got my camera in position, he was a mere speck on the horizon! Even at 185kph, it is possible to feel like you're only managing 60kph!

Needless to say, one day was simply not enough and so the next day Europcar had another BMW 3 series for me to take for a spin; this time to Kissing, Germany. Sunroof open, blue skies above, this trip just 75km outside of Munich was nearly all straight Autobahn! I got up to 185kph again but nerves got the better of me and I backed off. I learned (nearly the hard way) the value of the rear view mirror, as cars that you don't see one minute are literally sitting on your butt the next! The drive was nothing short of amazing and I am left admiring anyone who can do this at night/in the wet/in snow conditions. If ever you get the chance to drive the Autobahn, you should do it!

Me and my BMW 325i Convertible

Driving on the wrong side of the road in the wrong side of the car

Top speed: 185kph! (115mph!)

The Autobahn

Day 2, car 2

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