Tristan Batchelor

Tristan Batchelor

" Lifes a garden DIG IT!"

Nickname- Batchy

D.O.B-  14th Januray, 1994

Nationality- Australian

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? To get the very best out of myself and others, to help out in every way possible, make new friends, see new places, try new things and get the best out of life.

What's on your list?

1. Climb the Brisbane bridge.
2. Surf Safari
3. Hole in one
4 Skydive
5 walk to the city 
6 organ donor
7 . help people less fortunate then others
8. human billboard
9 Kokoda trail
10 photo with buckingham palace guards
11 journey with dave and seb
12 stay silent for 1 week
13 street perform in las vegas on the strip
14 marry a stranger in vegas
15 go to amsterdam
16 drive a left handed car
17 hitch hike 
18 get my fortune told
19 raise money for camp quality
20 no more lies nothing but the truth

"Support me everyone and help me accomplish this!" 

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