Dion Huel

Dion Huel

" Courage my friends, tis not too late to make a better world" Tommy Douglas"

Nickname- D

D.O.B-  28th Januray

Nationality- Canadian

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? My dad used to say "shit or get off the pot", he was no philosopher but I think Aristotle would agree that this is a good way to look at life. It is time for me to get on with "business"

What's on your list?

  1. Learn to surf
  2. Scuba dive on a shipwreck
  3. Kayak trip
  4. Spend a winter in Europe
  5. Have a book published
  6. Photo in National Geographic
  7. Marathon
  8. Trans-Siberian railway
  9. Silent for a week
  10. Learn another language
  11. Put together a successful fundraiser
  12. Archeological dig
  13. Trace family history
  14. Follow the path of Canadian troops in WWII
  15. Sell some art
  16. Bike Vietnam
  17. Coach football
  18. Make a piece of furniture
  19. Canoe trip
  20. Write a travel article and have it published
  21. Take cooking classes
  22. Photoshoot with a celebrity
  23. Walk Hadrian’s wall
  24. Rent a canal boat
  25. Win a photography contest
  26. Win a writing contest
  27. Paint in rural France
  28. Horseback ride in mountains
  29. Make a sculpture
  30. Write a play
  31. Rappel
  32. Hold an art show
  33. Do an impromptu public photoshoot
  34. Sleep in the Jungle
  35. Take a photography course in an interesting place
  36. Go exploring in a cave
  37. Watch the sun come up from a sand dune
  38. Play catch with a pro quarterback
  39. Walk the Inca trail
  40. Oktoberfest
  41. Ride a motorcycle
  42. Rent a house on the Italian coast and have a glass of wine while watching the sun go down
  43. See an active volcano
  44. Drive around Iceland
  45. Treetop zipline
  46. Drive down the west coast in a convertible
  47. Make stained glass
  48. Own my own business
  49. Sleep in a castle
  50. Route 66
  51. Visit the 7 New Wonders of the World (2/7)
  52. Shop in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul
  53. Row a boat in Central Park
  54. Have a glass of wine – Rooftop Garden Metropolitan Museum
  55. Polar Bear Dip
  56. Wine tour France by bike
  57. Flip a house
  58. Read (and understand) one of the great philosophers
  59. Louvre
  60. Sleep in an Italian Monestary
  61. Go to Dieppe for Remembrance Day
  62. Compete in track and field again
  63. Fast for 48 hours
  64. Eat curry in India
  65. St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
  66. Cajun in New Orleans
  67. Go on an adventure
  68. Eat in a Paris Michelin rated restaurant
  69. Hang out in a monastery drinking beer made by monks
  70. Canada Day in Ottawa
  71. Write about someone’s history
  72. Own a bed and breakfast
  73. Solve a mystery
  74. Write a historical novel
  75. Bike the Kettle Valley Railway
  76. Work at a job I truly enjoy
  77. Share the beauty of Saskatchewan with someone not from here
  78. Design and build a unique home
  79. Go on a treasure hunt
  80. Make a ghost tour
  81. Zorb
  82. Write a letter to the editor
  83. Create a great ad campaign
  84. Art hop in Florence
  85. Stay on a deserted island
  86. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
  87. Volunteer with an art gallery
  88. Take photos for underprivileged/shut-ins
  89. Have a house with a rooftop garden
  90. Leave my mark on the world
  91. Save baby turtles
  92. Red Square
  93. Help someone else accomplish goal/dream
  94. NFL game
  95. Mekong river
  96. Ha Long bay
  97. Hermitage
  98. Land of the midnight sun
  99. Make a stand
  100. Go 1st class for a night
  101. Tibet
  102. Make a website for myself
  103. Teach a class
  104. Buy a great piece of memorabilia
  105. Me a mentor
  106. Talk to a stranger at least once per week
  107. Attend an art gallery exhibition opening
  108. See a Broadway show
  109. See Phantom of the Opera in London
  110. Enter something in a food competition
  111. List 5 things I am grateful for everyday for a month
  112. Blow glass
  113. Visit a ghost town
  114. Put change in someone’s expired meter
  115. Pay for a stranger
  116. Find a secluded spot in the country and spend the afternoon writing
  117. Visit every province and territory (5/13)
  118. Visit 28 countries (5/28)
  119. Visit the national museum/gallery in 7 countries (1/7)
  120. Fish pedicure
  121. Take at least one photo every day for a year
  122. Movember
  123. Bring my wife to visit my friends in Korea

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