Kylie McClunie

Kylie McClunie

D.O.B-  35 Yrs Old

Nationality- New Zealander

Why did you decide to become a campaigner?   My list was already a work in progress when a friend told me about Seb so of course it was something i felt connected to. He made me inspired to finish finding my hundie,and following Sebastian keeps my inspired. Its made me realise you can either be complacent and let life happen to you, or jump in and MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN

What's on your list?

1.Do something extreme that scares the hell out of me
2. Work in a soup kitchen or mission for a day.
3. Busk with my brother (Shaun)
5. Put my own hollywood star on the walk of fame &photograph it
6. Eat a cookie with Cookie monster, dance with Elmo, find Sesame Street.
7. Be a Character/mascot
8. Get a backstage pass to a concert.
9. Street performance..
10. Shake hands with  the current Dalai Lama.
11. Be on a tv gameshow and win something.
12. Design and execute a competition.
13. Weight down to 80kgs by HEALTHY means. 
14. Get my teeth fixed
15. Play the lifesized keyboard like tom hanks.(USA)
16. Make a  public artwork that includes input from 100 people.
17. Be a  fairy at a special event
18. Guest speaker
19. Make an art work and sell it to a stranger
20. Pay it forward / random act of kindness- COMPLETE!
21. Party in an irish bar for St. Paddys day (ireland?!). Cannot leave until have kissed an irishman. :)
23. Spend an evening working for a top medium
24. Organise and host a charity event
25. Start an inspirational scrapbook that travels the world.
26.Do up a piece of furniture
27. Raise $ 10,000 for charity
28. Sing with the Topp Twins
29. Take  a group  of people christmas carolling dressed as an angel
30. TBA 
31. Venetian Ball
32. Do something special for my mum and dad.
33. Write an article and have it published in a magazine
34. Go Kayaking and abseiling
35. Have an artistic exhibition
36. Ride in a fire engine.. slide down the firehouse pole
37. Sleep on a beach and watch the sun rise
38. Throw a beach art picnic and invite loads of arty peeps. :D
39. Travel Italy.. and squash grapes with my feet
40.  Egyptian pyramids
41. Go to a ward at a childrens hospital and dress  them as fairys and pirates :)
42 .Assist a wish
43. Make, decorate, distribute 100 smiley face cupcakes.
44.Try  ten new arty things to try to find my creative niche.
45. Enter wearable art awards (design an outfit)
46. Learn to Salsa
47. Design a range of greeting cards
48. Make $1000 in a day
49. Christmas  gift wrapper- COMPLETE
50. Help someone cross an item off their bucket list
51. Aquire a hippy van or bus and live in it for a month
52. Set up and sell on a small business
53. Initiate a bar sing along
54. Collect the autographs of ten famous people
55. Take an audition
56. Drum lesson
57. Tap dance lesson.
58. Website
59. Adopt stand in  grandparents
60. Inspire someone else to create a bucket list.
61. Facepaint 500 children
62.  Brazillian wax.
63. Sightsee on a motor scooter
64. Overcome loathing of all things animal and live on a farm for a week.
65. 30 Day fitness Blitz
66. Trade up challenge
67. Bridesmaid
68.  Instigate impromptu dancing in the street
69. Paraglide
70. Go Skiing.
71. TBA
72. Go snorkelling
73. Ride an elephant :) 
74. Get fit and be able to run for five whole minutes without stopping.or gagging afterwards.
75.  rollerskate in a deserted shopping mall
76.  Turkey (bazaar)barter for & buy a piece of jewellery
77. Hawaii: attempt to surf, do the hula
78. Shower under a waterfall
79. Minister a rose petal baby blessing ceremony
80. Attend a dawn parade
81. Visit greek islands
82.- 200 songs i really like on ipod
83. Have a hens night (with no reason to)
84. Work for a famous musical
85. Sunbathe on a nudie beach
86. (This ones a secret!!) :D
87. Midnight pinic in aotea square 
88. Create a vision board
89. Stay silent for a week
90. Belly dancing (in costume performance)
91. Go to a comedy club
92. Write a  book and have my brother illustrate it (David)
93. Be in the audience at an Ellen show
94. Live no more than 2 minutes walk  from the beach- COMPLETE
95. Learn Italian
96.  Spend a week saying YES more often.
97. Interview a classroom full of five year olds for insight into how they see life.
98. accept a challenge from someone else *now accepting suggestions*
99. accept a challenge from someone else *now accepting suggestions*
100. Guiness World Record

My quirky addition to $100 per item on the list is that i will adopt a different fundraising activity for each one.

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