Cody Allen

Nickname- Cods

D.O.B-  18th August, 1998

Nationality- Australian

What's on your list?

1    own a compony
2    be sponsored for skating
3    be famous
4    get my lip pierced
5    get 2 iphones
6    go back to school
7    get my drivers license
8    dont ever touch drugs
9    own a snake
10    be in a movie
11    go around Australia on a dirt bike
12    own the nike company
13     meet travis pastrana
14     own a dune buggy
15    sky dive
16     fly a plane
17    own a pitbull
18    be in a drift comp
19    own a chevy
20   backflip a dirtbike                                                            
21    be on tv
22    meet someone famous
23    own a house
24    go to Ibiza
25    have a laptop
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