Jack Ryan

Nickname- Jacko

D.O.B-  23rd May, 1997

Nationality- Australian

What's on your list?

1 sky dive with a scooter below my feet
2 work in a hospital
3 do a wheely in a car
4 do a back flip on a scooter
5 meet a famous person
6 get married before I turn 26
7 not swear for a whole 3 months
8 cook for 300 people in one night
9 leave home at 18
10 finish school and go to university
11 dye my hair all colours of the rainbow
12 buy a sports car
13 give money to a poor person
14 do a back flip on a skate board
15 own 12 dogs
16 travel the world
18 be a graffiti drawer
19 create my own shoes
20 have my own shop
21 write my own book
22 not get into trouble for a month
23 teach a dance class
24 write a song
25 coach a basketball team (disabled)
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