Kayla Hawthorne Haynes

Nickname- Kayla

D.O.B-  26th February, 1993

Nationality- Australian

What's on your list?

1.     Own my own business / night club
2.     Do the 1000 steps x 3.
3.     Adopt a child in need.
4.     Be in a famous dance video clip, or a street dance movie.
5.     Help look after sick animals that need a home whilst they’re recovering
6.     Get my license
7.     Get a car
8.     Own my own house
9.     Get my teaching degree
10.  Do a photography course.
11.  Swim with dolphins.
12.  Hold a massive snake
13.  Live in Thailand or New York for a year.
14.  Model for monster / rockstar / bras’n’things / surf brands.
15.  Help run a foundation for children with cystic fibrosis or cancer.
16.  Design my own clothes label.
17.  Meet, usher, lil Jon & beyonce.
18.  Be a good enough dancer to be on so you think you can dance.
19.  Help the homeless
20.  Get into the Police Force
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