Nathan Woodfall

Nickname- Nath

D.O.B-  19th May, 1997

Nationality- Australian

What's on your list?

1.    Finish yr12
2.    Become a famous musician
3.    Keep every guitar I buy
4.    Sky dive
5.    Win at state for trampolining
6.    Own over 40 guitars
7.    Get a penny board
8.    Backflip a BMX
9.    Get my license
10.    Get a car
11.    Get job when I am 14 and 9 months
12.    Get a pet snake
13.    Snowboard
14.    Be in a band
15.     Fly a plane
16.    Buy a boat
17.    Own a block of land
18.    Buy a motorbike
19.    Have a my own CD
20.    Move out when I’m 17
21.    Meet 3 famous people
22.    Be a yes man for one day
23.    Stay awake for 72 hours
24.    Bungie jump
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