Tina Sander

Tina Sander

 "Get up. Step up. Harden up. Focus. Drive. Love. Laugh. Simple"

Nickname- Teens
D.O.B-  6th February, 1982

Nationality- A massively loud and proud Australian

Why did you decide to become a campaigner?   

So many reasons. To sum it up….
a)   Camp Quality is my favourite charity and one of the most special and important people in my life I met through Camp Quality. So I want to ensure I am giving back to them where and when I can.
b).      I love being attached to…..and associated with people who are hard working and focused on achieving big things and that is what “having a list” is all about it
c)       I love a massive challenge
d)      I get totally inspired by watching people grow and them having fun while doing so ……and joining up as a Campaigner will take this love of mine to a whole new level!
e)     I don’t want to get to be 80 years old and realise I haven’t achieved what I wanted to. Creating this list is just a part of the awesome heights that I want to live and achieve at!

What's on your list?

1.    Run with Bulls
2.    Sail around the Greek islands
3.    Skydive over the Greek islands
4.    Be in a movie
5.    Be in an add
6.    Learn to Swim
7.    Triathlon
8.    Ironman
9.    Marathon
10.    Buy a surf board and surf regularly and consistently
11.    Work in and orphanage in South Africa (minimum of 2 weeks)
12.    Foster a child (one of many) in retirement
13.    Get helicopter licence
14.    Get motorbike licence
15.    Get boat licence
16.    Fly over the centre of Australia in a helicopter
17.    Jump out of helicopter at the top of a mountain and snow ski down
18.    Mt Everest (base camp)
19.    Kilimanjaro
20.    Attend a massive music festival in another country
21.    Get Golf Lessons and then be able to play 9 holes and get what is perceived as a good score
22.    Learn to play chess and then win a game of chess
23.    Get Scuba licence
24.    Go Scuba diving with sharks
25.    Start a business
26.    Go on a marlin fishing adventure
27.    Go to a desert and stay over night
28.    Do a photo shoot on a deserted island with my best mates
29.    Own seahorses
30.    Get over my fear of snakes
31.    Follow the Tennis grand slam tournament for a whole year
32.    Get as ripped and fit as the chick in that picture (I know what the picture is)
33.    Attend the Olympics one year
34.    Speak at a Conference outside of Harcourts
35.    Learn to snow ski
36.    Learn to Snowboard
37.    Kokoda track
38.    Compete in the Masters Games
39.    Become an Australian champion at something
40.    Get a degree
41.    Sky Dive on own
42.    Write a consistent blog (personal and professional)
43.    Learn about history and geography
44.    White water rafting
45.    Become not just a good cook – but a great cook
46.    Be fluent in 2 other languages
47.    Base Jumping
48.    Do work with a company that supports countries in war and suffering from natural disasters
49.    Do a really big bike ride in another country
50.    Learn how to sing
51.    Tap Dance and sing in a stage show
52.    Donate my eggs
53.    Send a thankyou card /note /email every day for a year
54.    Send feedback to companies /people – positive and things to work on – one per day for a year
55.    Do a photography course
56.    Have a photo and thoughts of mine about it put in magazine or on website somewhere
57.    Become better at analysing numbers and knowing more about the economy
58.    See an awesome mountain range in another country
59.    See ice glaciers in another country
60.    Have a picnic with a massive green mountain somewhere in another country
61.    Go backpacking for 3months somewhere
62.    Jump from somewhere really super doper high into water – in another country
63.    Stay in a shack right on the beach for 2 weeks. Have no plans for this 2 weeks
64.    Travel around Australia in a Combi Van
65.    Teach an adult to read (local)
66.    Teach a child to read (local)
67.    Ride Brisbane to Sydney
68.    127 hours movie – slide down rocks into water
69.    Take Jassy on Overseas holiday before she is 16
70.    Start Pilates and become good at it
71.    Have no phone or internet for a week
72.    Read a book per day for a year
73.    Canyonying in the blue mountains
74.    Rock climbing master indoor
75.    Rock climbing master outdoor
76.    Do an epic climb somewhere over seas
77.    Do work for the SES
78.    Only buy items on sale for 12 months – this excludes food and beverages
79.    Cook something new every fourth home cooked meal
80.    Attend Tour de France
81.    Create a quote per week for a year and document it. Call it “Tinas 52”
82.    Create mission statement for myself
83.    Each day write down the thing that I learnt for the day and the thing that I am thankful for for the day – for 365 days – call it “Tinas 365”
84.    Stay in a bungalow on the water on an amazing island
85.    Have an office with a big window
86.    Support a school in another country financially. Either one off payment or monthly
87.    Work with Teenage girls in regards to motivation and following their goals
88.    Create a documentary
89.    Be in a Reality TV show (Amazing Race)
90.    Design a suit and get it made
91.    See the New York Skyline (at night)
92.    Climb the mountain in Zurich from Natalie Cooks photo
93.    Renovate a house
94.    Cave diving (special name)
95.    See a massive , stunning waterfall somewhere!
96.    See a baby being born
97.    Assist a community in famine. Aid. Fund. Assist. Minimum 2 months
98.    Hit a bullseye with a gun at shooting range
99.    Commit to an environmental cause
100.    Help others achieve items on their 100things.com lists

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