Dale Shortt

Dale Shortt

Nickname- Shorty

D.O.B-  31st October 1998

Nationality- Australian

What's on your list?

1.    To ride a motorbike across Australia
2.    To join the army
3.    To make it into the AFL
4.    To get married by 27
5.    Go to university
6.    Go to SEDA before university
7.    Be a personal trainer
8.    Finish year 12
9.    Have my own business
10.    Have 2 children by the age of 25
11.    Become a DJ by the age of 17
12.    Catch a shark
13.    Have my own Ferrari
14.    Travel around Europe for 2 months
15.    Own my own house
16.    Go to Las Vegas – put $100 on black
17.    Go to Africa and go on a safari
18.    Volunteer for Seeing Eye Dogs Australia
19.    Go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower
20.    Score a century in a cricket game
21.    Get a hat-trick in a cricket game
22.    Join a basketball team
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