Mark Rostoks

Mark Rostoks

“The meaning of life is to have life with meaning”
Nikname- Bufferman

D.O.B-  April 11th, 1979

Nationality- Australian (Latvian Heritage)

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? To get on with my life and not let my physical abilities restrict me and hold me back.

If you are not aware, I am chronically disabled with an unknown neurological disorder. In layman’s terms that means my body ‘she no work, no good, no more’. People tell me all the time that I’m an inspiration, either through the way I live my life or the way I deal with my challenges. I don’t see it that way, I see it more as survival.
Anyhow, for many years now I’ve planned on doing a ‘bucket list’ but my physical inadequacies have held me back. I always thought a bucket list included things like ‘running with the bulls’, ‘climbing the Eiffel tower’, but in reality these are unachievable for me. Instead I’ve come up with a more realistic list with a diverse range of challenges.
To me this is what a bucket list is all about. It’s about challenging yourself and achieving things you might normally see as unattainable. These experiences will hopefully bring some adventure and excitement, not to mention a lot of anguish to my life.
But most of all, I hope this experience will provide me with the self belief that when somebody says to me, ‘You are truly inspirational’, I can honestly say ‘Yes... I guess I am!’

What's on your list?

  1. Leap of Faith
  2. Every recipe in a cookbook
  3. Change someone’s life
  4. Get a tattoo
  5. Donate Blood
  6. Take a self portrait everyday for a year
  7. Modelling
  8. Get arrested
  9. Hold an art show
  10. Elvis impersonator
  11. Marathon
  12. Join the circus
  13. Eat my own weight
  14. See a clairvoyant
  15. Flash-mob
  16. Get passionate about a cause and spend time helping it
  17. Guinness world record
  18. TV show contestant
  19. Befriend a year 7 class
  20. Visit a town from a-z
  21. Throw a party
  22. Award named after me
  23. Crash red carpet
  24. Talk at my old high school
  25. Sell something random on e-bay
  26. Veggie garden
  27. Road trip (destination chosen by dart)
  28. Get married
  29. Dawn service on ANZAC day
  30. Appear on neighbours
  31. Adopt an animal in need
  32. Learn a language
  33. Perform in a musical
  34. Catch a big fish
  35. AFL grand final
  36. Hot air balloon
  37. Get something published
  38. Sing in a band
  39. Family tree
  40. Stand up comedy
  41. Health retreat
  42. Be Santa Claus
  43. Deaf for a week
  44. Blind for a week
  45. Host a backpacker
  46. Big brother mentor program
  47. Demolish a house
  48. Sleep on the streets
  49. Church choir
  50. Be there for someone who is dying
  51. Speed dating
  52. $1000 on black
  53. Support group
  54. Bald
  55. Meet the prime minister
  56. Pen-pal
  57. Hypnosis
  58. Colonic irrigation
  59. Tv commercial
  60. Extra in a movie
  61. Drive at 200kph
  62. Full body wax
  63. Jury duty
  64. Elaborate surprise
  65. Naked pose
  66. Make a short film
  67. Ride in a Lamborghini
  68. Grow a mullet
  69. Bury a time capsule
  70. Meet a relative for the first time
  71. Camp with the disadvantaged
  72. Message in a bottle
  73. Street performance
  74. Team mascot
  75. Witness a birth
  76. Change my name
  77. Kiss a celebrity
  78. Backstage at a concert
  79. Walking billboard
  80. Fireman
  81. Body painted
  82. Silent for a week
  83. Haunted house
  84. Street parade
  85. Visit a prisoner
  86. B & S ball
  87. Medical trial
  88. Catwalk model
  89. High school reunion
  90. Join a protest
  91. Front page of newspaper
  92. Random pub crawl
  93. Celebrate an international event
  94. Coach a team
  95. Present an award
  96. Medical training – cadaver
  97. Primary school friend
  98. Ramadan
  99. Donate every item of clothing
  100. Night at sea
  101. Invent something
  102. Zoo keeper
  103. Teach an adult to read
  104. Raise awareness about an illness
  105. Etiquette class
  106. Find out about past lives
  107. Music video
  108. Religious event
  109. National honours
  110. Challenge a champ
  111. Brew beer
  112. Attend a major event
  113. Blind date
  114. Meditation
  115. Caricature
  116. Random convention
  117. Classic Australian film set
  118. Beekeeper
  119. Crash a wedding
  120. Attend a charity dinner
  121. Extreme funeral
  122. Shave with a cut throat
  123. Ice sculpture
  124. Graveyard at night
  125. Snake bite
  126. Boot camp
  127. Taylor made suit
  128. Carols by candlelight
  129. Sky writing
  130. Athletics carnival
  131. Teach a class
  132. Enter a nationwide competition
  133. Auction at a mansion
  134. Witch doctor
  135. First aid course
  136. Heavy metal concert
  137. Invite 10 strangers to dinner
  138. Random costumes in public
  139. Roller derby
  140. McDonalds for a week
  141. Run for local council
  142. Join a committee
  143. Pre natal class
  144. Scout troop
  145. Singing telegram
  146. Down a mineshaft
  147. Security guard
  148. Below 30 degrees
  149. Home birth
  150. Step back in time

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