Latest News in October, 2010...

November 10th, 2010...

Hundreds and Thousands Road Trip- Day 3

Today was a quite one which saw us move from Coffs Harbour up to Byron. Essentially a day off, we managed to squeeze in a cheeky surf at Yamba and even managed to get amongst a pod of around 20 dolphins who decided to share the waves.

A big thanks at this stage to Chrysler and Sanyo who have both jumped on board to help the speaking tour happen.

Now we're just getting ready for a talk at Brunswick Heads in a days time.

Unsigned Artists Needed

So as part of this road trip, Dave and I are filming every moment and turning into a littel documentary. Now we can certainly add some content and get some beautiful shots BUT one thing we can't do (although we'd like to think we could) is create beautiful music.

So you're a budding musician or are in a band that is looking for some exposure, please feel free to send you music this way and if we use it in our documentary, we'll plug you ridiculously!

If you're up for it, send any songs or info to info@100things.com.au!

Great Support!

When it rains; it pours. 

Today, 100Things was featured in not only in the local Manly Daily, but also Australian Geographic and also on Star FM (Coffs Harbour)! 

Manly Daily  

Australian Geographic

To read either article, just click on the picture!

We also managed to get a hold of last weeks The Circle interview (Channel 10). Of course this sounds great, but sadly it was quite tragic; the girls decided to show the footage of my first ever Salsa Lesson (Number 32)!

It's early days but at the moment i'm looking terrible for my upcoming salsa competition!

I'll be honest, it took me a while to balance my thoughts on media exposure but more recently it seems that any sort of press is a great way to spread the positive message that is building with this journey. 
With the media following comes more awareness of Camp Quality and also more people realising that if someone like me can do something this; well there is no reason why they can't either.

It also allows me to meet some incredible people and also get some great tips and suggestions from viewers. Who knows, perhaps i'll find a salsa partner from the above clip for an upcoming Salsa Competition in Sydney?

100Things... What's on your list?

November 9th, 2010...

Hundreds and Thousands Motivational Tour enters Coffs Harbour.

The Hundreds and Thousands Motivational Speaking Tour continued up the coast today all the way to Coffs Harbour. We're only on the second day of this epic road trip and we've still got Byron, Brunswick Head, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Hervey Bay and another 10-day s of talks in Sydney ahead of us.

For those of you new to the 100Things journey; firstly welcome! I'm Sebastian and i'm currently attempting to tick off all 100 items from my bucket-list. As I do so I raise money for Camp Quality, the charity helping kids and famillies affected by Cancer 

The list is as varied as it is bizarre, take Number 98- Crash a Red Carpet for example:

Having just finished a 16 months stint overseas where I was able to knock-off  42 of the items listed on the left side of the page, the journey is now growing in a way that I could never have imagined i.e motivational talking! 

Thanks to people all over the world, we've also managed to raise over $13,000 for Camp Quality.
Final Bookings

Sadly the Hundreds and Thousands speaking tour finishes in late November so if you are thinking that your school, business or community group would like to have us along, just email me on to secure a date:


* Sydney schools note that we have are back in town from November 23rd to December 4th*

We do also have 2 more shows with available tickets, these are:

Brisbane- Victoria Point SHSPAC 17th November, 2010 ($15 ticket)- CLICK TO BOOK

Sydney- North Sydney Oval 24th November, 2010 ($15 ticket) - CLICK TO BOOK

The response has been amazing so if you would like to come out and say hello, check out the info links above.
Of course if you want to find out more about the talks and also meet Dave Cornthwaite, professional adventurer and all round good bloke who is joining me for all talks, click HERE.

Number 4- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality

Having met with Sydney and Coffs Harbour Camp Quality branches today, i've decided that the last 5 spaces on the list are now up for Auction. Basically this means that YOU can choose what I have to do! 

All you, or your fantastically generous business, have to do is make a donation to Camp Quality. In the name of charity, i'm willing to do anything (well almost) and so if you do have an idea, please just email it to info@100things.com.au

All suggestions will be seriously considered!

Our Campaigners Go from Strength to Strength

One of the most exciting things about the last 16 months has been the development of the Campaigners Page. Here, people have decided to share their own lists by creating their own profile and by doing so have helped to develop a community fo like-mided people all chasing their goals.
To check out some of the campaigners, click HERE and if you think that you'd like to join the team, take a look at the easy 1-step guide.
By doing so you'll be helping other people to see that anything is possible.

Another 8 this year?
Ok, with 42 items down i'm now set on ticking off another 8 items before the end of the year. At the moment it's looking like i'll be racing a horse, staying awake for 72 hours, and perhaps having a sandwich in Melbourne named after me. If these all work out, that means I just need to tick off another 5.

Can you help?

If you think that you might be able to help in any way, just let me know. All idea's are appreciated, no matter how far fetched, after all, that's how I delivered a baby in Canada (Number 23)!

Click HERE for story on this amazing experience!

Dave an I are shooting up the coast to Byron Bay tomorrow.... keep posted for more shenanigans.

100Things... What's on your list?

November 8th, 2010…

Day 1- Hundreds and Thousands Road Trip

We’ve been on the road for 1 day now and a lot has happened already.
Yesterday we picked up our brand new tour vehicle; a shiny blue Jeep Patriot (thanks to the guys at Chrysler!), and headed up towards to Stockton Beach for a crash course in 4 wheel driving with Vix Widman.

 Can you believe we didn't roll it?

Now Vic is not only Australia’s top 4 wheel-driving experts but one of the funniest characters you’d ever meet. Being a friend of Daves (they met whilst Vic was driving through the Nullabor Plain 4 years ago when he passed a strange bloke pushing his skate-board on the side of the road) he thought we’d enjoy putting the Patriot to the test and getting it filthy in the process- we did!

Vic runs Great Divide Tours (http://4wd.net.au) and I can safely say that without Vic there telling us what to do over the walk-talky, we would have been in a lot of trouble.

Highlights include dropping off a ridiculously steep sand ridge and surviving, getting stuck half way up a massive sand dune, seeing a 30 year-old ship wreck and generally being allowed to drive on the sand in a powerful vehicle allowing me to act like a 12 year old.

Dave snapping up the action...

Great bloke and great teacher- thanks Vic.

The Tour Continues…

As we today head up towards Coffs Harbour for our next motivational talk, Dave Cornthwaite and I will continuing to film our journey for the purpose of putting together a great little tour video.

Over the next 2 weeks, we will be heading to various pre-booked talks all the way up to Hervey Bay and back down again to Sydney.

If you would like to see us talk, we have 2 ticketed events coming up:

Brisbane- Victoria Point SHSPAC 17th November, 2010 ($15 ticket)- CLICK TO BOOK

Sydney- North Sydney Oval 24th November, 2010 ($15 ticket) - CLICK TO BOOK

Of course if you think your school or company would like to hear us as a private booking, please just drop us an email at talks@100things.com.au and we’ll gladly come and say hello.

For more information on ‘Hundreds & Thousands’, a humerous motivational talk, click HERE.

Number 26- Help a Stranger

After a great response from everyone last week regarding the completion of Number 26- Help a Strangers, we have now put together a great little video of the day where we were able to speak to Billie, a bubbly 10 year old school girl from Altona, and her class mates.

Number 80- Have Something Named After Me

On the back of a strange and funny radio interview last week where Gipplsland’s Star FM offered to find a listener who would help me tick off Number 80- Have Something Named After Me, we have received some bizarre offers.

Currently we are in talks with a well-known cafĂ© in Melbourne who have offered to name a sandwich after me. Step 1- Ingredients.  

News on all these items will follow soon but of course if you have something that needs a name and you also possess a sense of humour, let me know! Whether it’s a tree, a park bench, a boat or even a goat, I’m game!

Number 72- Attempt to Stay Awake for 72 Hours

This one is of course a strange item to have on the list, but ever since talking to a bloke called Matty who plies his trade in the Australian Air Force, I can’t stop thinking about it.

Matty, who you might recall walked by my side as we ticked off Number 36- Walk Across France, told me that of all his military training, having to stay awake for 3 days was the hardest thing that he did. A mental and physical challenge that is as difficult as it is simple, I can’t wait to attempt this towards the end of the month.

Matty and I with our travelling companion; Trojan the Trolley

Now through coincidence, Dave Cornthwaite will still be in town at this stage and so we have decided that we will attempt this challenge together. The key, Matty tells us, is to stay active. With this in mind if YOU have any ideas or suggestions on what we should do during this 72 hour period, please let us know by emailing me at seb@100things.com.au. We will consider everything and if you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, let’s catch up!

For now, we’re off to Coffs Harbour...

100Things… What’s on your list?

November 5th, 2010...

Hundreds and Thousands- a little motivation mixed with s a little adventure!


Number 21- Help a Stranger- COMPLETE!

Today was just amazing.

After announcing on The Circle two weeks ago that I wanted to help a stranger, I spent the next few days going through hundreds of emails which were sent to me from people watching the show asking me to help them do an array of things. From being asked to help someone to move house, to someone asking if I could babysit their child for a week while they went on holiday, there was an interesting bunch of offers on the table.

After some deliberation, there was one email that really caught my attention and although I wrote about this last week, I think it would be appropriate to show it again now. It was from a concerned mother based in Melbourne:

"Hi Seb,
I am so inspired by your motivation and zest for life.
I have a 10 year old daughter who is beautiful, smart and has the most  
beautiful and kind heart, however she is bullied endlessly by kids at  
school.She cries herself to sleep on a regular basis.
Both my husband, daughter and I would be so grateful if you would talk  
to her class about your life, I think it would go a long way to stop  
the torture she goes through everyday.
Thanks for your consideration.

How could I look beyond this email?

This brings us to today, where funnily enough I find myself in Melbourne. This of course is no coincidence, in fact all it took was one phone call to the school of Billie (Sian’s daughter) who eagerly invited us down talk!

As such it fills me with absolute pleasure to announce that today not only did I manage to tick off Number 26- Help a Stranger from my list but more importantly, I got to meet a lovely young girl in Billie who along with her class mates made the talk an unforgettable experience.

Mid-talk- Altona Primary School students listen intently to one of many videos in the talk

Everyone had a great time  and I’d like to thank Altona Primary School for having us. As I write this I am still nursing severe 3rd degree carpet burn to my legs courtesy of an impromptu ‘Dance-Off’ with class clown Kyle who challenged me after the talk. I should have known that a knee slide across the carpet could only have ended in pain but a dance-off is a dance-off and extreme measures need to be taken! I knew I was in trouble when I saw Kyle open up his routine with The Worm and so it should come as no surprise to announce that I think the better (and far younger) dancer won in the end.

Don't ask.... I thought this move would win the 10 yr old crowd over (it didn't).

After the speech I stuck around to meet everyone in person and spending time with Billie was just great. Billie is simply a great child and I’m hopeful that sharing some of my experiences with her class and talking about respect of oneself and others helped in some small way to showing the class that bullying is simply not cool. For some reason, I feel this was a great day for everyone in the room.

Billie smiling amongst her class mates


During the talk, each child wrote down 1 thing that they have always dreamt of doing and I promised that I would post it in the site. It’s amazing what things a group of 10, 11 and 12 year olds will think of and it goes to show that no matter what age, we all have dreams and aspirations. I promise if you read them, you’ll be left smiling (note that some names are missing)!

Michael - To try windsurfing
Nick - To own a goat as a pet
Nick (2) - To watch an entire episode of Doctor Phil
Haylee - To be an Australian netballer
Ana - To learn how to play the guitar
Sam - To kiss 10 girls in the same night
Maddy - To go down a hill in a shopping trolley
Nang - To swim with dolphins
Robin - To eat a maggot
Nana - To scubadive
Evangeline - To break a record
Elise - To try bungee jumping
Jack - To meet David Beckham
Liam - To pilot an airship
Jarryd - To ride a donkey
Ebony - To swim with dolphins
Heather - To kiss a dolphin
Reece - To ride a jockey that has won The Melbourne Cup
James - To eat a live snail
Lydia - To be silent for a week
Zeaton - To verse a celebrity in a dance-off
Tim - To say hi to a celebrity
Corey - To go on the red carpet
Sarah - To kiss a dolphin
Jack (2) - To skydive through a cloud and land on a trampoline
Luke - To go to jail for a week.
Sit motionless for a day
Eat raw goats testicles
Not to look at my hands for a day, while using them.
Don’t speak for a week
Drive on the busiest highway at 1km/h
Pole dance in public
Swim in the Red Sea
Get my black belt in karate
Not blink for 5 minutes
Swim with a whale shark while covered in shrimp
Fly to Mars
Sleep on a jelly bed for a week
Go to jail
Get kicked out of Disneyland
Fly a plane with over 200 passengers in it.
Sit in a graveyard at midnight
Be on a game show
Go to America
Fly in a private jet
Help Sebastian Perry  (I think she meant Terry!) with one of the things on his Bucket List
Scuba dive
Dance in the middle of the city in a penguin suit
Dance and have it be shown on TV
Smack a strangers bum
Shave my head bald
Do a nudie run in the city
Talk really fast for a dayTalk for a whole day without saying “ummmm....”

These kids were simply great and after the talk they even surprised me when they offered a generous donation to Camp Quality, the charity that I am raising money for. They had decided to have a gold-coin donation! This was not expected and again I’d like to thank the students for their kind gesture.

Sian, Myself, Billie & Dave Cornthwaite

Thanks to Dave Cornthwaite for his support today. Dave is of course joining me for the current East Coast Speaking Tour. Meet Dave @ http://davecornthwaite.com

If course you would like to follow in the footsteps of Altona Primary School and make a tax-deductible donation to Camp Quality, please just click HERE to be taken to the secure donation page.

Not only will you be helping to tick off Number 4- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality, but more importantly you’ll be helping kids and families affected by Cancer. Awesome!

What now?

Well the girls on The Circle have invited me back on the show first thing tomorrow morning (11am) and once there we’ll be talking about a few of the items I’ve recently completed including Number 41- Take a Stranger to Lunch. Embarrassingly, I think they will also be showing footage of my first salsa class that they helped to organise for me which took place a week ago. If you want a quick laugh at my expense, make sure you’re watching Channel 10 at about 11am!

The most interesting lunch I've ever had

Hundreds and Thousands Speaking Tour

After today’s talk at Altona, Dave Cornthwaite and myself then ventured down to the Southern Teaching Unit in Moorabin to do one more talk for more great kids. With only 2 days down in our 3 week talking tour, it’s becoming clear that Dave and enjoy talking so much that every talk  will ultimately end up as an open discussion on life! It is an amazing feeling to be up there on stage and with some open dates still available for Sydney and Brisbane, please let know if you, your school or company would like to have us along. Trust me when I say that it would be our pleasure!

Have a look at the INFO PAGE for more details or simply email us on talks@100things.com.au

We hope to hear from you soon.

From what started as a very personal journey 17 months ago, 100Things has grown into something that has a life of its own now. With this in mind I have realised that there is a lot of good that can be done now for other people and this is now my objective. If by achieving seemingly ridiculous tasks (such as Number 73- Getting Shot Whilst Wearing a Bullet Proof Vest) I can help others, well so be it.

I look forward to seeing what happens.

100Things… What’s on Your List?

November 4th, 2010...

Hundreds and Thousands- a little motivation mixed with s a little adventure!


Number 26- Help a Stranger.... almost complete!

After an awesome first day of our speaking tour, Dave and I head to Melbourne this morning to tick off Number 26- Help a Stranger. In answer to a heartfelt letter written by concerned mother who explained that her 10-year old daughter was being bullied at school, we are now going to school itself to talk to the kids about our own journey (the full story is on November 1st blog below).

We can't wait and will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Latest Charity Donation

In the pursuit of raising $100,000 for Camp Quality, I'd like to thank the anonymous person who made yesterdays donation of $100! Legend.

Thanks to the mystery person we are now sitting at a little above $13,000. We are getting there!

If of course you'd like to make a tax-deductible donation and help kids with Cancer at the same time, just click on the logo above!

Number 80- Have Something (anything) Named After Me.

In theory; easy, in reality; tricky. Well, that was until the awesome guys at Star Radio (Melbourne) rang up this morning. You see, I've always thought that it would great to have something named after you. Why not? Whether it's park bench, a tree or even a dog, I don't really mind.

So this morning when the guys at Star rang me and announced live on air that that they were looking for listeners to consider naming something 'Sebastian Terry', I couldn't laughing.

The first suggestion that a cafe could name a sandwich after me was unreal, but this was soon trumped when someone informed us that there is a new housing development currently being built in the Gippsland area and that perhaps I could be nominated to be street name! If you've heard of this new development or even know the bloke in charge of naming the streets, PLEASE buy him a beer for me! This would be awesome!

Who knows what will happen but I am waiting eagerly for another phone call soon to see what the outcome is!


Often people write in asking where they can find online videos of some of the things that I've completed from the list so far. Well for those of you still looking, just click on the VIDEO tab at the top of the page and there's a heap of selected videos for you to check out.

To help you on the way, here's one of the favourites at the moment that will soon be featured in a documentary in Europe- Number 98- Crash the Red Carpet

A big few days for me in Melbourne- keep posted!

November 3rd, 2010...

Hundreds and Thousands motivational tour starts today!

Yes, we're excited. Today we start our speaking tour of the East Coast; Hundreds and Thousands.

Today Sydney, tomorrow Melbourne and then back to Sydney on Monday where we'll jump in Jeep Chrysler (Thanks to the guys at Chrysler for that!) and head up to Queensland.

Along the way i'll be ticking off some items from the list including Number 20- Yes Man!

The premise of this item is that I will say YES! to everything for 1 week. You see, years ago, I worked long and hard hours at a business that I attempted to set-up and in the process I slowly realised that I forgot about all parts of my life outside of my work and basically said NO! to everything. By saying no to everything, I realised that I had shut myself off to growing as a person. NO! to family, friends, good times and any type fun. When I finally realised this, I promised myself that I would say YES! to everything for the period of 1 week just to completely turn it around, and simply see what happens.

This time is now near, and who knows what will happen.

Charity Update

As you know, Number 4 on the list is to raise $100,000 for Camp Quality, the charity helping kids and famillies affected by Cancer. At this very moment, we are sitting on a grand total of $13,225 and so we need to start picking it up.

If you or anyone you know would like to donate, please just click on the logo above to be taken to a secure online donation page. Every donation is amazing.

If you're feeling brave, maybe you feel that you and a bunch of friends could take the next step and run an event like some other kind people over the 16 months that the journey has been going. From school raffles to entering a fun-run, we've had some great support in this sense and if you'd like any ideas, just email me on info@100things.com.au 

The Next 10 Items

The most immediate goal at 100Things is to complete a total of 50 items by the end of the year. With 41 items currently ticked and Number 26- Help a Stranger to be ticked off this Thursday in Melbourne when we talk to a school about Bullying (See November 1st blog entry), we are now planning another 8 things for the next 2 months.

If you think that you can help in ANY way whatsoever, I would love to talk to you so please let me know by email on seb@100things.com.au.

Thanks to a few people over the last few days emailing me some suggestions, we are currently looking at racing a horse in country NSW, living on a deserted island for 1 week and possibly even getting a celebrity kiss!

We need more!


The Campaigners Page on the site is one of my favourite pages to visit right now as everyone is absolutely killing it!

One particular person who has made me laugh over the past few months is Deccez, a young man from Maitland, NSW.

Deccez has attacked his list with gusto and last weekend went on a blind date with a slight twist- he actually wore a pair of goggles which he had painted back, literally making him blind! He didn't even stop there, he actually managed to spend 48 hours in complete blindness (Number 38).

Deccez, you are a funny man and keep up the good work!

If you'd like to more of this legends page, click HERE and if you're interested in becoming a campaigner, feel free to check out the easy 1-step process HERE.

Wish Dave Cornthwaite and myself luck as we kick-off our talk tomorrow. We can't wait!

100Things... What's on your list?

November 2nd, 2010...

Talking it up....

The last 3 days have been unreal. Dave and I have sat down and created an awesome speech which we can't wait to unleash on the East Coast of Australia!

There are bunch of stories, a bevy of props (including the board that Dave skated across Australia on), some candid thoughts and even some great laughs.

Prop #2- My Guinness World Record which Dave finds much humour in

Public Shows??

We have been receiving heaps of emails asking if we are doing any public shows and today we have some great news. We now have ticketed Sydney and Brisbane shows!

On top of a host of bookings from schools, businesses and community groups, today we were contacted by the honourable MP Peter Dowling who offered us a free venue in Redlands, Queensland.

As such we thought we'd try something new and so now for the first time, we are able to offer interested individuals or groups a public venue place to come hear us and say hello! Thanks of course to Peter Dowling who as a matter of fact features in our talk. He once joined Dave for one of his previous expeditions involving paddling the length of the Murray River by Kayak!

The Brisbane ticketed show will take place on November 17th, 2010 at the Victoria Point High School Performing Arts Centre and there are limited spots (250 we have been told). Tickets can be bought below.

We also today managed to lock down an amazing Sydney venue thanks to Jenny from North Sydney Oval and so we now have a second ticketed event at North Sydney Oval on November 24th, 2010. Capacity is 120 seats and again tickets are $15. 

For specific times and to purchase your on-line ticket, simply click on the appropriate link below:

10% of proceeds of course will be donated to our respective charities; Camp Quality and the AV Foundation and the rest will hopefully pay for enough petrol to get us from Sydney to Brisbane and then back again!

If you want to find out more info about the Hundreds and Thousands talk, please just click HERE!

November 1st, 2010...

Number 26- Help a Stranger....

After being denied a kiss by Scary Spice on National Radio last week (Number 34- Kiss a Celebrity), I decided that the only way to hit back would be to tick off another epic item from the list this week! 

Enter- lovely family from Melbourne. 

Now since my last TV appearance on Channel 10's The Circle, where I offered my services to anyone in Australia in need of help so that I could tick off Number 26- Help a Stranger, I have been going through hundreds of emails trying to find a cause that was not only meaningful, but also practical. 


As you can imagine, the choices were varied and from being to asked to locate Johnny Farnham, to helping re-build a bathroom in outback Victoria, there was one email that stuck with me more than any other. It was written to me from an upset mother in Melbourne. It read;

"Hi Seb,

I am so inspired by your motivation and zest for life.
I have a 10 year old daughter who is beautiful, smart and has the most  
beautiful and kind heart, however she is bullied endlessly by kids at  
school.She cries herself to sleep on a regular basis.
Both my husband, daughter and I would be so grateful if you would talk  
to her class about your life, I think it would go a long way to stop  
the torture she goes through everyday.
Thanks for your consideration."

Now I think it goes without saying why it was that this letter struck a chord with me and so I am absolutely stoked to announce that after a quick phone call to the concerned Mum, this Thursday I will be flying to Melbourne to talk to the school and the child's class about the 100Things journey and also about respecting yourself and others.

I can't wait for this opportunity and a big thanks goes to the school for allowing this impromptu talk.

On the trip I will be joined by Dave Cornthwaite who has coincidentally just touched down in Sydney for our motivational talking tour of the East Coast; Hundreds and Thousands, and together we look forward to trying to help and do our bit.

Keep posted for details on this one.

Hundreds and Thousands

As Dave and I finalise our talk, let me just say that this will without doubt be one of the funniest and interactive motivational talks you'll ever hear. Sadly for me, much of the laughter wil be directed AT me, as opposed to WITH me.

Take my newest acquisition, a Guinness World Record (which I only framed today) for example. I  am so proud of this achievement that it has now replaced my university degree on the wall. Dave however cannot stop laughing at the text that's written upon it.

It reads;

'Guinness World Record- The most eggs crushed with toes in 30 seconds is 24 and was achieved by Sebastian Terry (Australia)....."

Ridiculous or genius? You be the judge!

Like I said, this will be a funny talk.

If you are interested in seeing us in any of our Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane gigs (or anywhere in between), please check out the INFO PAGE or simple email us on talks@100things.com.au 

For now, we're finalising the last bits and pieces for the week ahead, and we'll talk to you tomorrow!

Funny hat, funny talk... the writing process

100Things... What's on your list?

October 30th, 2010...

Planning, Writing, Speaking 

The eagle has landed. Well by Eagle I actually mean a fair-skinned Englishman by the name of Dave Cornthwaite.

Dave, as you're probably aware, is not only a professional adventurer, but also my talking partner for our upcoming East Coast Talking Tour; Hundreds and Thousands, and this weekend we are sitting down with no distractions (other than a few surfs) to create a quality 1 hour show.

Our first booking is on Wednesday in Sydney before we then head to Melbourne and all the way up into Queensland! We can't wait and again would like to thanks Jeep Chrysler for jumping on board and giving us a Jeep!

If you want to find out more about the talk, please click on the logo below and if you have any questions or booking inquiries, just let us know.

Have a fantastic weekend and talk soon.

100Things... What's on your list?

October 29th, 2010...

Number 34- Kiss a Celebrity.... the one that got away

The act of asking someone to kiss you is very confronting for most people, including myself. Now imagine that the person that you ask to kiss is actually one of the worlds highest grossing female performing artists in the world. Just to add an even higher dosage of danger, imagine now that this entire process is actually caught on national breakfast radio.

Welcome to my day!

Kyle and Jackie O are known for hosting  Breakfast with the Stars’,  2Day fm’s hit radio show that runs all week nationally in Australia. A random phone call placed this morning whilst checking the surf at Manly ended with me being put through to the pair as they chatted to callers at about 6.30am. I’m not sure exactly what it was that I said, but after a quick explanation of the 100Things journey, Kyle and Jackie O decided to help. They wanted to help me tick off an item from the list, and not just a small one. They wanted to help me tick off Number 34- Kiss a Celebrity and as it happened Mel B (or Scary Spice as she is also know as globally) was in the studios- all I had to do was bring my A-game and convince her to kiss me!

Mel C or Scary Spice

By the time I arrived at the studio, Kyle and Jackie O were well into their interview with the former Spice Girl singer. The Spice Girls I might add had a shed-load of Number 1 hits across the globe, grossed however many millions of dollars and were responsible for setting the late 90’d alight with their ‘Spicemania’ movement. I was about to ask one of them to kiss me for no other reason than it was on my list- easy, right?

What happened next was simply brilliant and i'd like to take this opportunity to thank Kyle and Jackie O for all their help on this! 

Have a listen to the 2-part interview by clicking on the Parts below!

Part 1       Part 2

The video will follow soon!

Although I wasn't able to woo the lovely Mel C, I have just been informed that Kyle and Jackie O might even invite me in for the next show when they meet the next celebrity. I have a good feeling about this!

100Things... What's on your list?

October 28th, 2010...

Number 41- Buy a Strangers Lunch- COMPLETE!

As this journey has grown in stature, so to have the lovely offers from people all around the world who have all suggested that I should take them out for lunch in order to tick Number 42 from the list.

Although I admit that this would be great, I think that there are people out there who would probably be more in need of a lunch than those with access to internet, a job and even a house. That's why today, whilst walking the streets of Sydney I asked two people, a couple in fact, if they would allow me to take them out for lunch. Thankfully, Chris and Emily said YES!

Why did I choose Chris and Emily? Well at the time that I walked past them, they had this sign below propped up in front of them:

That's right, Chris and Emily are homeless people, living on the streets on Sydney.

What happened over the next two and half hours moved me and made me realise just how different the lives of people can be.

For the story of what happened, please click HERE

Chris and Emily, thanks for the day!


In what has been an intense 2 weeks back in Australia, I think it's time I re-cap (for my benefit as much as yours) on where 100Things is at. 

If you've just joined the journey, welcome of course. To fill you in on what this is all about, picture a bloke travelling around the world with little cash-flow in an attempt to tick off all 100 items from his bucket-list. As he does so, he aims to raise $100,000 for Camp Quality, the Australian charity helping kids and famillies affected by Cancer. Does that makes sense? I hope so.

Well anyway, that bloke is me but more lately i've been joined by a bunch of amazing Campaigners who have been inspired in one way or another to create their own lists. Together we are trying to show that nothing is impossible and no matter what your dreams are, it's important to have a crack!

Hundreds and Thousands

Since being back, I have been invited to speak at various venues up and down the East Coast of Australia. In reaction to that I have been brainstorming with Dave Cornthwaite, an adventurer friend of mine, and have come up with a motivational speaking tour that starts next week!

Did I mentionDave and I both hold World Records for ridiculous stunts?

Titled Hundreds and Thousands, we are joining up and sharing stories that we believe hold important key messages for us in life. Aided by amazing photos, videos and props (beware!), we can't wait to start and having been given a brand new Jeep to use for the tour by Chrysler, we are rolling in style!

We are booking up quickly, but if you think that your business, school or community group might be interested in having us along, please just let us know by emailing talks@100things.com.au

We'd love to see you!

The Next 10

So with the smile still on face from completing Number 41 today, this means that I have only 9 more items to complete this year in order to take the total of completed items to 50. This is my latest goal.

I have had some great ideas sent to me which I mentioned in previous few days posts (think racing a horse, throwing a party, acting in a play and learning salsa) but again I NEED YOUR HELP!

If there is anything from the list that you think you could help with, let me know. I'd love to hear from you and any contacts, suggestions or leads would be awesome! This journey would not be possible without you and if you need proof just take a look at HOW I DELIVERED A BABY (Number 23).

You Pick for Charity!

Mixing up the idea of raising money for charity with embarrassing myself, you may have noticed that the last 5 items on the list are titled 'You Pick for Charity'.

Basically we're looking for any corporate or individual to donate a minimum amount of $5000 to Camp Quality and by doing so you will be able to pick what stunt I do next (all suggestions are considered).

With a close media following and a website that is getting busier and busier, i'm hoping that not only will you have done your good deed for the day, but you will also gain exposure through the event itself.

Again, if interested, please just shoot us an email on info@100things.com.au

In fact, if you feel like donating to what is a great cause, please feel absolutely free to donate above by clicking on the link. All donations are tax deductible but more importantly, you're making a difference!

Until next time...

100Things... What's on your list?

October 27th, 2010...

Camp Quality meets a Boat Race

Thanks to many generous online donations from around the world, so far 100Things has raised over $13,000 for Camp Quality. This is awesome but our big target is $100,000- I think it's tome to get serious!

This opportunity came when I took myself to Camp Quality headquarters to meet the amazing people behind this great cause.

Maraya, myself and Heidi

After a lengthy discussion about what we could do, it was decided that we would organise a big event. This is something i've wanted to do for a long time and so now we are brain storming a few ideas. At the top of the list so far are the following:
  1. Throwing a massive "50- Party" where we celebrate the milestone of achieving 50 items from the list by the end of the year.
  2. Organising a Boxing Match (Number 22)
  3. Holding a special auction where we put some interesting items on the blocks and even some people!
Whatever we end up doing, we'll let you know. Thanks to Maraya and Heidi from Camp Quality for taking the time to chat. They even informed me that by hitting our target of $100,000, we will be helping over 100 kids go to Camp Quality!

Of course, if you guys have any ideas or would even like to help us organise this event, please let us know.

Number 40- Sail the Seas

This item excites me greatly! When I say excite, I also mean that it scares me, challenges me and makes me nervous. It's perfect for the list.

In short I simply want to sail across an ocean as part of a crew. All I need to do is learn how to sail- Enter James Young (or Youngy) from Merit Sailing.

James got in touch recently and suggested that the best way for me to learn how to sail was to jump one of his boats. James, I should mention, runs a corporate sailing company on Sydney Harbour and so yesterday I took myself out to see him and his boat.

Needless to say when Youngy rocked up on what I could only describe as a bloody big sail boat, I could not stop smiling as I conjured up images of crossing oceans whilst standing at the front of the boat announcing to everyone that I was 'King of the World!'.

I was of course brought back down to earth rapidly as I failed miserably in being able to tie a knot in one of the ropes that Youngy threw me, but I guess they'll teach me that soon (?).

Once tied up to the dock, Youngy took me on board his amazing boat and showed me around before then dropping a bomb-shell on me;

"Do you want to race with us from Freemantle (Western Australia) to Bali (Indonesia)?"

I couldn't have said YES! quick enough as my mind reverted back to images of ocean crossing and so I'm stoked to announce today that in April next yea I will be ticking off Number 40, Sailing Across an Ocean!

I can't thank Youngy and Merit Sailing enough, and i'll be sure to keep you updated with news of the training schedule.

I'll leave you today with an photo that Megsy, one of our awesome Campaigners, sent to me today. 

Number 22 on Megsy's list was to make 1000 paper cranes and here is evidence that she did it! An absolute top effort and you'll be hearing more about Megsy and all of our Campaigners as this journey progresses.

It makes my own journey so much more enjoyable to witness this positive message being spread- thanks to all the Campaigners so far. 

100Things... What's on your list?

October 26th, 2010...

3 New Campaigners and a Big Tick from the list this week!

It brings me great pleasure to introduce to you all to Luty, Loz-Dog and Nessy, our newest Campaigners.

By joining our ever-growing league of legends, these guys have now committed to chasing their goals and you'll hear plenty more about them as they start to tick off their items.



With our Motivational Speaking Tour starting next week, Dave Cornthwaite (my speaking partner) arrives from England this Thursday when we'll be picking up our brand-new Jeep (kindly donated by Jeep Chrysler) and heading to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and everywhere in between. 

We still have vacant dates for talk and so if you think that your school, community group or workplace could do with 2 bizarre individuals coming in to talk about things such as crossing countries on skateboards or getting your name in a Guinness Word record Book, please let us know or click HERE for more info (motivational speaking sounds so boring sometimes! haha).

You Pick for Charity

You may have noticed that the last 5 spots on the list are titles 'You Pick for Charity'. 

Now just to make this slightly clearer, I've decided that as a way of raising money for Camp Quality, your organisation or even a group of friends, can make a minimum donation of $5k to Camp Quality and in return I will do whatever it is that you want! (Keeping in mind the spirit of positivity that I have entered into this adventure!) 

This idea will bring some great publicity to the organisation that donates the money and help me reach my target of $100k.

You can be as involved as you like for the challenge and we can certainly align the item with an event of your choice. Chances are we'd get some great media as well!

If you're interested, please let me know and we'll talk turkey!

10 Items Before the Years Out

Ok, so as you know we have set ourselves the task of ticking off another 10 items before December 31st, 2010. by doing so, we will have reached the half way point of the list.

So far, these are the items that are shaping up for the next few months:

- Number 20- Yes-man (say YES! to everything for 1 week)

- Number 32- Learn Salsa

- Number 37- Be a Horse Jockey and Race

- Number 48- Act in a Play

- Number 50- Throw a Party

- Number 54- Endurance Scooter (Attempt to cross Australia on a Scooter)

- Number 69- Cattle Muster

- Number 72- Stay Awake for 72 Hours

- Number 62- Live on the Streets for 1 Week

Of course if you have any suggestions, think you can help me tick something from the list or even want to "Pick for Charity" send an email to seb@100things.com.au 

I'd love to hear from you!

100Things... What's on your list?

October 24th 2010...

Our Campaigners Go from Strength to Strength

It started 6 months ago when a group of people decided to send me their own 'bucket-lists'. Not sure what to think at the time, it seemed a good idea to post these lists on the site. A week later some more people sent me their lists and it wasn't long before I then decided to start a Campaigner Page.

The idea was that people who wanted to share their lists could create their own profiles and by doing so develop a community of like-minded people- all ambitious to complete their own lists. These guys were called Campaigners.

At the moment, we have about 50 campaigners, and every day i'm getting updates from existing campaigners or new people joining up. It's great to see!

It seems that there are people all over the world starting to think about their own lists and it's a pleasure being able to help them chase their goals. At the same time, they are all able to raise money for Camp Quality.

This week both Megsy and Deccez have sent some great updates. Megsy, with ability to find celebrities to wear her 100Things t-shirt wherever she goes, has got in touch Graham Norton and also Pixie Lott who apparently both loved the site!

Deccez on the other hand has chanced his arm with helicopter riding (Number 69 on his list) and has just invited myself and Dave Cornthwaite to talk at his school in Maitland during our November speaking tour- Hundreds and Thousands. We can't wait!

Are you up for the Challenge?

Tomorrow we'll be adding 3 new campaigners but if you think that you need a kick in the bum to get started with your own lists, why not join up?

It's easy to do and who knows, you might be finishing that marathon or jumping out of the plane a lot quicker than you anticipated!

100Things... What's on your list?

October 22nd, 2010...

What a Response!

It turns out that announcing to a national TV audience of 150,000 people that you're willing to help a complete stranger with any activity (Number 26) is a great way to get your email inbox filled up!

We (Channel 10 and I) are still trying to look through all the emails and thank everyone for the offers. I've never previously considered planting 1,000 trees on a farm property, in the same way that i've never considered changing a babies nappy for a couple in QLD, but these offers along with hundreds of others are all being considered!

Taking a quick breath to update today, I thought that I'd share a story that has really moved me and I feel so proud to be involved with, if only in a small way.

A few months ago a lady by the name of Rebecca contacted me. Rebecca, a Perth resident, noticed that Number 26 on my list was to help a stranger and so she told me her story. Rebecca is less mobile than the normal person and as such she is unable to move her old fridge from her backyard to the rubbish tip. In a candid email, she asked if there was any way that I could help. At the time I was in Canada awaiting the birth of a child and so was personally unable to help BUT a day later I was fortunate enough to do a radio interview with Boom Radio, a Perth-based radio station.

During the interview, Chris, the radio announcer, asked what was next on the list and I mentioned that I really wanted to tick off Number 26 by helping Rebecca. By virtue of Boom Radio also being Perth-based, Chris an I then put a call-out to the listeners of the show to see if anyone wanted to help. This happened two months ago and today I received this email from an excited Chris:

"Last thursday (14th October) one of our fearless lecturers , four other students and myself got together to help out Rebecca Anderson. 

We met Rebecca Anderson through Seb's 100things.com.au website and after numerous phone calls we finally had a date when we could help her out.
As Rebecca has a Chronic Pain Disability due to spinal damage lifting things can be quite problem for her, so the team at Boom Radio stepped in to help. 

Michael Smith, Jessie Michaels, Rebecca Anderson, Clint Westall (kneeling), Chris Littler(myself) and Ryan Lamb

Thursday morning, we all met together at the college to make the trip up to Noranda (about 30 mins north of Perth City) Our lecturer Carolyn Bertram led the expedition, organising the Ute for the afternoon from the college. Organising this Ute for the day was no easy task, and after almost a month of red tape to cut through, papers to sign and a guidebook of rules and regulations of use of college vehicles, we we're on the road.

We arrived in Noranda to meet Rebecca and her dog, Chikita, who both showed us (Chikita a little more excitedly) the bed and washing machine that needed moving, and she explained her situation to us.
She is a single mother, and due to her condition she is unable to work, let alone stand for long periods of time. This has proven to be a challenge for her which she is proving to overcome. 

Rebecca had two items in her house, an old bed and washing machine that needed to be taken to her local rubbish collection facility. Unfortunately, as she cannot take the items herself to the facility, she asked the local council for help in the situation.
Her local council does not provide a rubbish removal service for people in her situation or for people with disabilities, or even assistance to help move or remove any items.

After searching many different avenues to try to remove the washing machine and bed, none being successful, in a last ditch effort she emailed you at 100things.com.au. There was nothing to lose.

The five lads filed through the house to find the machine tucked in a shed in a tiny courtyard. This proved to be our first problem. There were too many of us and not enough space to move. The second problem encountered, as this was an older style machine, the base of the machine was extremely heavy, filled with concrete to stop the machine kicking about when its spinning on a full load.
After a lot of grunting, groaning and tight squeezes we had the machine out to the front driveway to the ute. This is where the extra bodies came in handy. We all grabbed a corner and heaved it onto the back of the ute.

Rebecca had already orgainsed rubbish tip passes, (as this is all the council could offer in the way of help to her situation) and we were off to dump the unwanted goods.

Rebecca was overjoyed at the occasion and really appreciative of the efforts of the guys (and girl), taking some time out from their day off to help a person in need.

Needless to say we were all very happy to help and glad we could show just a little support to a person who needed it."

Chris Littler and the gang from Boom radio, you're all legends and I can't thank you enough for helping Rebecca. To witness such an act of generosity makes this whole journey of mine so much more worthwhile and drives me even harder.

100things... What's on your list?

October 20th, 2010...

R.I.P Chris- this journey was started 4 years ago today when I heard the news. You've started something special and left a legacy for others. Legend!  

The Next 10 Items- We need your help!

A big thank you to the girls on Channel 10' s, The Circle, for the interview this morning. Having spoken only via skype for the majority of the year as I battled my way around the world, it was lovely to meet them in person. It was also great to see the support from the team as they offered to help tick off a few items, starting with Number 32- Learn how to Salsa!

If you've just joined the 100Things journey and are wondering what it's all about, let me quickly explain. My name is Sebastian and basically I have a list of 100Things that I want to complete before I die. As I travel around the world attempting bizarre items, I raise money for Camp Quality, the charity helping kids and families affected by cancer. It's awesome! Read more HERE

Speaking Tour- Hundreds and Thousands

The man who helped me complete Number 19- Break a Guinness World Record, Dave Cornthwaite, arrives next week just in time for our speaking tour on the east Coast of Australia. 

Number 19- Break a Guinness World Record- COMPLETE!

Titled Hundreds and Thousands, the talk draws on our experiences as adventurers (Dave once skateboarded across Australia!) as we share stories, photos and videos that relay important message that are reflected in life.

The motivational speaking tour starts in November and we would love to come and see you. If you are interested in having us talk to your school, company or community group, check out the INFO PAGE  or email us at talks@100things.com.au.

10% of money raised will go to our chosen charities!

Number 4- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality

As you know Number 4 on the list is to raise much needed money for Camp Quality . After reaching our initial goal of $10,000 really quickly, we thought we'd raise the bar to $100,000 for something to do. So far we are a shade under $15,000 so if you're enjoying the journey and would like to help out with a great cause, your donation would be amazingly appreciated!

To be taken to our direct Camp Quality Donation Page, just click on the logo above.

I'm actually heading into Camp Quality Head Quarters this Friday so keep posted for more news and pictures here.

Join Us

Of course there are a number of ways that you can join the 100Things journey. The easiest way is to add us on Facebook or Twitter but if you're kinda feeling that you want to share or even create your own list then maybe the Campaigners Page is for you.

So far we have about 50 people who have created their own profile page, and by doing so they now have joined a great little community of people all striving to tick items from their list. 

To see who's there already, check out the CAMPAIGNERS PAGE and to create your own profile, take a look at the easy 1-Step guide HERE.

We look forward to hearing from you!

New Logo

Finally I'd like to thank Phillipe and the boys at Orbweaver, a Sydney based graphic design company who offered to create a new log for 100Things.We just received it and I for one and big fan! Your thoughts?

So for now it's time to start thinking salsa as we prepare to hit the dance floor with the Channel 10 team.

Wish me luck!

100Things... What's on your list?

October 18th, 2010...

Time to Get Stuck in!

After a great weekend of catching up with friends and family, it's definitely time to start focusing again on the next couple of months. After all, we have challenged ourselves to tick off 10 more items before the years out.

October 8th, 2010...

With this in mind we have a HUGE week ahead starting today when I fly down to Melbourne to meet the girls from The Circle (Channel 10). The Circle have followed 100Things through out the year and now i'm back in Australia they've invited me into say a little hello. Should be fun!
Not only this but the girls have decided that they will help me tick off some items from the list and so tomorrow i'll be making an absolute fool of myself on national television as i attempt to tick off Number 32- Learn How to Salsa. Footage of what will be one of the trickiest items from the list (for me anyway) will be on the show on Wednesday morning.

East Coast Talking Tour

With a busy November talking schedule building up as we speak, I'd like to say a huge thank you to Jeep Chrysler who have generously given us a brand new Jeep Patriot to help us get from Melbourne all the way up to Brisbane. Travelling in style, Dave Cornthwaite and myself will be filming the 1-month tour and can't wait to get started.

To find out more about the tour and meet Dave Cornthwaite, click HERE!

New Logo Offer

It's no secret that my design skills are terrible and if it wasn't for this straight forward website template you'd be having trouble keeping up to date with 100Things.

Last week I got an email from Phillipe from Orbweaver, a graphic design company here in Sydney, who must have also noticed my lack of skill and very kindly offered to create a new logo for 100Things!

Why not? I thought and so this morning I went down and met Phillip and his design team (including Axle) and went through some options. The logo will be finished sometime this week and we can't wait. 

Cheers Phillipe you legend!

Axle showing me the first draft

So it's back to the drawing board for now before pack I pack my overnight bags with my dancing shoes. I'm already getting embarrassed.. perfect!

If you think you can help me tick off any of the items on my list by the end of the year, i'd love to hear from you! Thanks in advance.

100Things... What's on your list?

October 16th, 2010...

Back on Home Soil

It's good to be home!

The sun is shining, the surf is rolling into the Northern Beaches and even when I went for a run this morning at Dee Why Beach a couple of baby whales decided to poke their heads up and have a splash in the ocean as I passed by. I do love it here.

The final ferry home to Manly

What Now?

No doubt this weekend will be an amazing opportunity to catch up and reconnect with friends and family alike. In doing so there'll be plenty of stories shared and as such plenty of time to reflect on what has happened in the last 16 months away. This is much needed not only for my friends, but also for me. It's been quite the journey and one I could have never have predicted. I've known for a while that time back in Australia will offer the perfect setting to re-assess where I am on the journey.

Up to now, I have managed to tick off 40 items from my list of 100Things. I am stoked, but over this time it's become clear that more important than the individual items is a realisation that there seems to be a positive message hidden within all of this that I now want to explore, gather and spread. This is my newest challenge and the thing that I am willing to put all my efforts into.

This starts with a Speaking Tour on the East Coast of Australia commencing in November. Titled "Hundreds and Thousands", the talk will see me join up with great friend and fellow adventurer, Dave Cornthwaite, as we share stories, show pictures and video and talk to people about the values, lessons and tips that we have learnt on our journeys that apply to life. If you'd like to find out more, please click on the logo below.

Sure, I am as excited as ever to tick off the rest of my items, in fact as you know I am now planning to tick off another 10 items by the end of the year (planning for this is going well!), but as we'll see, coming back home is the beginning of the next step. I'm excited.

This will of course sit alongside Number 4- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality, a challenge I am so happy and proud to be part of.

Tip: Watch out this coming week for a few television appearances... more info to follow soon.

100Things... What's on your list?

October 12th, 2010...

The Journey Comes Around full Circle

Well today you simply cannot take the smile off my face!

Usually packing my bags is a task I hate, but today there is a bloody good reason; I am flying back home to Australia! The 100Things journey will continue on home soil for a while!!

100Things started as a very personal journey 16 months ago BUT in this time something has happened that I could never have dreamed of. I don't want to bore you all by repeating things that I mentioned in the October 8th post but I would like to step aside from everything in front of me right now just to thank every single person that has come into my life since beginning this trip.

So far I've managed ticked off 40 items from the list, raised over $13,000 for Camp Quality and learnt things about myself and the world that will stay with me for life.

I remember a while ago I was sitting in the back of a yellow cab in New York having a conversation with the driver about what I was up to. After explaining that I had a list of 100Things that I wanted to do before I die and that I had dropped everything in my life to accomplish these goals, the driver turned around and asked;

"What is you do that allows you to do what you do?"

I laughed initially before then realising that actually I wasn't sure how to answer this this question. This was a year ago. Twelve months on I believe that I'm getting closer to answering his question; it's a combination of a few things. Primarily I am able to do what I do simply because I believe that I can do it; a positive attitude. Second to this though, but just as important, is the goodness of people. With an open attitude, people connect with people and experiencing this connection is what keeps my faith in this journey, as well as life, alive. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that 100Things would not be possible without you and for this I owe you everything. I mean that. 

I have a feeling that this journey is only just finding it's stride now, and in the next few months back in Australia will see amazing things happen. I look forward to sharing this with everyone. Hopefully you can be a part of it and even better, we get to meet at some stage.

So what am I doing with my last few hours on my last day overseas?

Well, I find myself sitting on a sail boat somewhere in the waters north of LA. A complete stranger has invited me for breakfast. In the sun, we are playing music with a guitar and a ukulele as we watch waves roll onto a beach in the distance. 

Thanks Heidi.

I can't wait for the next stage of this trip.

100Things... What's on your list?

October 10th, 2010...

A Day of Nerves Ends in a Bang!

I feel like I’ve been given a new lease of life; yesterday I was shot, and survived. By doing this, I successfully completing Number 73- Get Shot Whilst Wearing a Bullet Proof Vest!

The Moment of Impact

It has to be said that I was a little nervous in the 24 hours leading to the event but these nerves allowed me a moment of clarity to think about not only item number 73 from my list, but my life in general.

I made a promise to myself yesterday that if I survived the shooting, I would turn my life up another notch or two and so as I type this update, the prospect of the future makes me itch with excitement. I cannot wait.

Number 73- Get Shot Whilst Wearing a Bullet Proof Vest.

Yesterday, a Colombian man I’d never met before shot me in the stomach. Luckily, this man was Miguel Caballero, creator of world renowned bullet-proof clothing, and he was nice enough to lend me one of his garments before hand, otherwise I’d be in a bit of trouble.

I could sit here and tell you exactly what happened yesterday, like learning that Miguel shoots all his staff as part of initiation, but instead I think a video would be more appropriate.


I am still on a high from this amazing event and currently I have a plane to board which takes me to LA for 2 days before then on to Sydney! I can’t take the smile off my face.

While it’s on the top of my head, here are a few things that I have prioritized for my return:

- See family and friends
- Reconnect with Australia
- Tick Another 10 items from the list before the end of the year
- Organise a charity event for Camp Quality, further adding to our goal of raising $100,000.
- Complete an amazing speaking tour up the East Coast of Australia with friend and fellow adventurer, Dave Cornthwaite
- Get 100Things to the next level, whatever or wherever that may be

The above items, as well as the past 16 months, would not be possible without the help and support of you guys so if you have anu ideas, suggestions or contacts, please let us know!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Life is an opportunity.

100Things… What’s on your list?

1 More Sleep Until I get Shot! 

My True Thoughts....

On the eve of possibly one of the most dangerous days of my life, I sit here with an intense bout of the flu, unable to think straight.

Tomorrow, I will ticking off Number 73- Getting Shot Whilst Wearing a Bullet Proof Vest. It's finally here.

I've been waiting here in Bogota for 10 days for this moment and it's only now, one day out, that I have actually thought about the ramifications. Of course I am completely confident that the bullet proof vest will work. How could it not, right? But as with anything in life, there is no certainty. What if for some ridiculous reason, the vest fails and I end up being shot, for real!?

With that in mind, I thought it might be a good time to jot down some of the thoughts and feelings that this flu allows right now.

Tomorrow, as I stand in front of that gun, awaiting a Colombian man to pull the trigger, this is what will keep a smile on my face- whatever happens after the bullet leaves the barrel:

As has been well documented, 4 years ago, a close friend of mine passed away. 'Detho', as he was known, passed away tragically, and his death rocked a community. Everyone was affected differently but for me I wondered whether that if Detho had known he was going to die that day, would he have changed what he was doing- not only on the day of his death, but the previous week, month, year and so on. The answer to this, I concluded, was no. I think in this sense Detho was lucky; he lived everyday exactly how he wanted and his final days were spent amongst friends, a place he loved to be, and he would not have changed this.

Immediately, I wrote a list of all the things that I had ever wanted to do and before long I had decided to drop everything in my life to complete this list. My thinking was that life is an opportunity to carry out your wildest desires and if you are not spending time chasing these things, well surely you're wasting time.

I left Australia 16 months ago on this journey which I called 100Things. It was the easiest decision that I had ever made. In this time I have seen a world that I could never have anticipated and felt things internally that I find hard to explain in words. I have felt the kindness of loved ones from complete strangers, seen how the benefits of a positive and open attitude can open up the world, and truly believe that anything is possible.

Unexpectedly my journey has resonated with many people around the world and it makes me very proud to say that 100Things has inspired others to look at life in a more positive way, and even encouraged people create their own lists. Who'd of though? Not me.
This, I would have to admit, is the most satisfying this about this journey, the ripple effect. Sure, every time I tick something from my list I reach a state of complete euphoria (often communicated with a scream or a big smile!) but the true story lyes behind this.

Opposed to what many people may naturally assume, I do not have much money. 100Things is what I have chosen to do with my life regardless of influences such as finance. I wanted to explore life and the feelings that it allows. Living outside my comfort zone made me discover who I am (an ongoing process) and being shot tomorrow is the next item in a long line of activities that makes me feel alive. I would not change this for anything.

The journey has become less about me and more about others and I want to take an opportunity to thank everyone for letting me into your lives. I never would have thought 2 years ago that i'd be invited to deliver the baby of a complete stranger (thanks Carmen), be invited to minster a wedding (cheers Peter and Osamu) or even become an official Guinness World Record holder!

With our heads we are allowed to dream and with our bodies we are able to achieve.

I have just booked a flight back to Australia which lands in Sydney on Thursday. I cannot wait! One of the sacrifices of attempting a journey such as this is that you lose direct contact with loved ones, including family. Some may see this as selfish, but I do believe that it's important you spend time discovering and testing yourself so that you can be a better contributor in the long run.
I have a very close family and reconnecting in person with them is my priority on my return. If you guys are reading now; I love you and don't worry about tomorrow's shooting, a fortune teller once told me that I wouldn't die until I was 91 so how could anything go wrong?

I think this journey has already helped me in ways I am still yet to discover, and this development will continue for a long time to come. I am, after all, just a bloke trying to work it all out. But the one thing that is for sure is that the positive feelings and undertones that I have felt in the past 16 months are the same feelings that will allow me to not only enjoy being shot tomorrow, but drive me to build something very positive with the future for not just me, but for others too.

I'm truly excited.

Anyway, perhaps this flu has got to me over the past few days but when that trigger is pulled tomorrow, know i'll be smiling.

100Things... What's on your list?

October 6th, 2010...

3 Days until we tick off Number 72- Get Shot Whilst Wearing a Bullet Proof Vest!

After having some fun whilst being interviewed by the girls on The Circle yesterday, we have received some fantastic ideas and help from you guys regarding our newest goal of completing 10 more items from the list by the end of the year.

From Sumo Wrestling (Number 45) in Queensland and Working at an Orphanage (Number 43) in Uganda, to Living on a Deserted Island for 1 Week (Number 67) in Hawaii and even Throwing a Party (Number 50) in Sydney, the offers have been amazing and we thank you all. We'll be in touch soon to try and make it happen!

We also received a nice email from a guy naked German. Now after hearing of our journey in Colombia and how we were delayed by 6 days to get shot, German, owner of DESTINO NOMADA HOSTEL, kindly offered to put us up in his hostel for free for the remainder of our stay in Bogota! An absolute legend we just want to say a big thank you!

Located in the old La Candelaria part of Bogota, the location is awesome as are the staff! 

Cheers German! A must for anyone looking to backpack through Colombia!


Lately there has been some great things going on with our Campaigners, from celebrity signings to new members from around the world, this page is getting more and more exciting by the day.

With this in mind, let us introduce you to our newest Campaigner, all the way from England; Andy Thomas (or Doc as we like to call him).

The Doc

Now Doc is, as you might have guessed, a Doctor. Currently honing his skills as he galavants around Australia and New Zealand, this guy has a list which will really make you think. Currently the Doc is learning to fly helicopters (Number 19) but also has some items which we thing should be on all our lists!

Check Doc's list out by clicking HERE.

If you're interested in becoming one of our Campaigners, please find out more HERE.

We'll leave you with that for today but be sure to keep posted for some funky ideas for Saturday's shooting.

We're excited!

100Things... What's on your list?

October 5th, 2010...

4 Days and Counting

If you were going to get shot in 4 days what would you do?

To be honest, we're still working on the answer to that one but in the mean time we thought we'd do one last interview with Channel 10's The Circle who have been so so good to us over the last 9 months. Going live at 10.40 am, Wednesday Australia time, it might also be a good opportunity to hi to my Mum (I always forget!)

In an attempt to tick off Number 73- Get Shot Whilst Wearing a Bullet Proof Vest, we've been invited to get shot by the worlds most renowned bullet proof clothing owner, Miguel Caballero, this Saturday. Scheduled to take place at 10am at the Bogata factory, we're looking forward to once again step outside of our comfort zone and tick another item from the list.

Miguel Caballero are know as the Giorgio Armani of Bullet Proof Clothing and as such, even if the vest doesn't work, at least we'll look good I guess!

With different grades of clothing, we might find we get shot with any of the weapons on the left. Maybe we should find out which one before we go (I could swear that looks like a machine-gun at the bottom!).

Now assuming that the bullet proof clothing does work on Saturday, and we survive, we will be returning home to Australia for the first time since starting the 100Things journey (16 months ago) just in time to start our speaking tour on the East Coast called "Hundreds and Thousands".

Hundreds and Thousands

Joined by close friend and extreme adventurer Dave Cornthwaite, a man known for skateboarding across the width of Australia (silly boy!), we will be stopping in at schools, businesses, community groups and charities as we share stories, photos and videos that offer a humerous and inspiring message.

In fact, here is the video of Dave helping me complete Number 19- Break a Guinness a World Record, he is the one being covered by egg debris. Thanks Dave haha.

If you're interested in finding out more about our talk, please check out the Hundreds and Thousands Info Page.

We would love to come out and say hello. Of course 10% of all bookings goes towards our chosen charities Camp Quality and the AV Foundation

If you have any inquiries, just email us on talks@100things.com.au

50 Items by the End of the Year! We Need your Help!

So far, we have ticked off 39 items from the list and with success this weekend (we hope), we will be up to 40 items in total.

Now not being scared to challenge our selves, we thought we'd throw down the gauntlet once again- we are now aiming to tick off 10 more items by the end of the year, hence taking our total to 50! Why not?

Now this is a big ask, and as such we are asking for your help. If you guys think that you can help with any of the items on the list, whether you can teach me to Salsa dance (Number 32), know of a musical or a play that I can join (Number 48), or even own a horse that I can race on (Number 37)- please let me know!

In fact, if we are able to reach 50, we make a decent donation to Camp Quality!

This journey is not possible with out your help and we thank everyone for the suggestions, contacts and charity donations along the way.

You Choose What We Do!

Now having freed up 5 space on the list recently, we thought what better way to make this journey interactive than to let you guys choose what we do.

If you look at our list, we have 5 spaces towards the end that read "You Pick for Charity". In short, if you donate a certain amount towards Camp Quality, we will attempt to complete whatever items it is that you choose! Simple, right?

If you are interested in suggesting something, please email us first with your suggestion (info@100things.com.au) and we will get back to you quickly. In the name of fun, we will take all suggestions very seriously, even it means travelling to the ends of the earth dressed in costume!

Bring it on!


Finally for today, we'd like to congratulate one of our star-Campaigners; Megsy. Now Megsy joined our Campaigners Page not too long ago, but she has jumped straight into it with great success.

Attending the final of UK's Top Model Show last night, she even managed to grab a quick chat with Australia's own Elle Macpherson!

Megsy has completed a heap of items from her own list and in fact she just finished Number 13- Speed Dating. Good on you Megsy!

If you'd like to find out how you can become a Campaigner, just check out the "How To Become a Campaigner' page- it's easy!

4 days remain before we get shot.. wish us luck.

100Things... What's on your list?

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