"It's never too early OR too late to start living..... that is, unless you're dead"

Nik name- Deccez

D.O.B-  October 2nd, 1993

Nationality- Australian

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? I would like to become a campaigner obviously to help raise money for charity but also to share my list and chat with other people with a similar mindset

What's on your list?

1. Ride a unicycle over 50 metres

2. Go diving

3. Travel Europe

4. Travel America

5. Travel South America

6. Get a cut throat shave

7. Do a gorillagram for someone's birthday

8. Elope with a stranger in vegas

9. Reach Black Belt

10. Earn a Bushido Cross

11. Publish a novel

12. Get a pet husky

13. Go on a cruise

14. Get married

15. Have kids

16. Crash a stranger's 18th or 21st and give a speech

17.Crash random wedding and get in as many pictures as possible

18. Finish university

19. Climb a mountain

20. Reach base camp of Mt Everest

21. Swim in the infinity pool in Singapore

22. Go sky diving
23. Do a 360 on skis (land it)

24. Backflip (also land it)

25. Karaoke roadtrip

26. New Years on Darling Harbour

27. New Years in New York

28. Horse drawn carriage through Central Park in winter with someone special

29. Wear nothing but a toga for a whole weekend

30. Dye my hair a ridiculous colour

31. 'Tepee' something

32. Slide across a car Dukes of hazzard style

34. Ski overseas

35. Sideways grind on skis

36. Spend an entire week in silence (sneezing/coughing allowed)
37. Walk/backpack along a country

38. Buy complete strangers lunch

40. Attend a live music festival

41. Get a tatoo

42. Race a motorbike

43. Attend a mass happening

44. Go to an airport and take the next flight out of the country

45. Set self on fire (burning man stunt)

46. Crowdsurf

47. Fight a bear (or at least a person dressed as one)

48. Elvis impersonation

50. Grow a beard, keep it for 3 months

51. Dog-sledding

53. Change someone's life for the better

54. Learn to dance

55. Shave my head

56. learn piano
57. Learn the bongos

58. Own a ukelele

59. Perform a song on the ukelele

60. Fight in a 3 round MMA fight

61. Fall asleep standing up

62. Receive acupuncture

63. Bicycle kick (soccer)

64. Perform at a comedy festival/on a comedy show

65. Give an inspirational speech

67. Speak in the third person for three days
68. Recreate a Music Video Clip
70. Randomly HIt a Mascot and Run
71) Have an overseas penpal
72) Smoke a cuban cigar
73) Participate in a food fight
74) Be part of a barbershop quartet
75) Be on 'The Amazing Race'
76) Sail To Antartica
77) Learn to read lips
78) Experience something paranormal
79) Go to a Soul Church
80) Go to a roller disco
81) Learn to DJ
82) Survive a week without use of thumbs
83) Mass shared birthday
84) Meet another 'Declan Edwards'
85) Learn flairtending
86) Go zorb-balling
87) Experience zero-gravity
88) Take a bite of an "Elvis Burger"
89) Break a World record
90) Walk the Great Wall of China
91) Trek the Kokoda Trail
92) Melbourne to Cape York (East Coast of Australia) on a tandem bicycle
93) Half an hour as a store mannequin
94) Spruiker

95) Jump off a diving board 8 metres or higher
96) Spend 10 days 'back to basics' camping
97) Velcro-wall
98) 'Gnoming'
99) Learn another language

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