Meg "Megsy" Ellis


"The ship is safer in the harbour but it is not meant for that (as per my Fortune Cookie)"

Nik name- Megsy

D.O.B-  September 18th 

Nationality- Australian in London

Why did you decide to become a campaigner?  I have already had some pretty adventurous experiences (see Things I've Already Done list). Now I'm inspired by Sebastian Terry to really 'Live & Give' by supporting Camp Quality, a truly worthy cause... Besides, I can never have too many Drops of Jupiter in MY hair!

What's on your list?

  1. #2. Vegas Showgirl/Moulin Rouge dancer for a night
    #3. Marry a stranger in Vegas
    #4. Rollerskate in a buffalo herd
    #5. Act in a play (Pref. Shakespeare)
    #6. Climb Empire State Building dressed as a gorilla
    #7. Give a $1000 tip to a pizza delivery guy
    #8. Help Make a Students Dream Come True
    #9. Learn an instrument
    #10. Be a nude Life Drawing model
    #11. Sell/exhibit my art
    #12. Meet my Doppelganger
    #14. Help build a house
    #15. Silent for 1 week
    #16. Celebrity kiss (Pref. Sean Penn)
    #17. Deliver a baby animal
    #18. Mud wrestle
    #19. Sail the Nile
    #20. Twirl fire
    #22. Cheerleader
    #23. Film Festival entrant
    #24. Walk the Rabbit Proof Fence
    #25. Drive Route 66 in a convertible
    #26. Trapeze
    #27. Dawn Service at ANZAC Cove
    #28. Inform Lottery Winner
    #29. Visit weird place names
    #30. Perform Tea Ceremony as a Geisha
    #31. Discover gold/opal/diamond
    #32. Sing karaoke
    #33. Raft the Mississippi
    #34. Start a fire without matches
    #35. Own a company
    #36. Drink a cocktail in the Caribbean
    #37. Press wine grapes with feet
    #38. Blow glass
    #39. Karate chop wood block
    #40. Stand up surfing
    #41. Bury treasure and publish map
    #42. Swim with dolphins
    #43. Write a book
    #45. High Tea at The Ritz/The Savoy
    #46. Amalfi Coast
    #47. Crazy hair model haircut
    #48. Learn to juggle 
    #49. Ice skate on a frozen lake
    #50. Graffiti Hollywood sign
    #51. Change a flat tyre in heels
    #52. Sawn in half (magician's assistant)
    #54. Plant a tree
    #55. Smash plates in Greece
    #56. Skyscraper window cleaner 
    #57. Walk hot coals
    #58. Learn French
    #59. Acupuncture
    #60. Catch a boomerang
    #61. See a butterfly emerge from cocoon
    #62. Fight a fire
    #63. Run City to Surf in heels
    #64. Eat with Royal Family
    #65. Drive the Autobahn
    #66. World Record
    #67. Build lifesize sandcastle
    #68. Lasso my target
    #69. Signal Stock Exchange Bell
    #70. Picnic in Central Park
    #71. Create an ad campaign
    #72. Ringside girl/Grid girl
    #73. Rescue an animal
    #74. Haunted House
    #75. Loop the loop in a plane
    #76. Get 'Zhuck-zhang' into the dictionary
    #77. Be in a street parade
    #78. Manual driving lesson in a supercar
    #79. See the Northern Lights
    #80. Back flip
    #81. Full Moon Party
    #82. Relive earliest memory
    #83. Spend a week in jail
    #84. Send a message in a bottle from a Desert Island
    #85. (Naked?) Skydive
    #86. Get tattoo from Miami Ink
    #87. Work a Soup Kitchen on Xmas
    #88. Invent something
    #89. Bare Foot Waterski
    #90. NYC NYE
    #91. Break a ridiculous law
    #92. Solve a Rubik's Cube
    #93. Adventure travel with Richard Branson
    #94. Hypnotised
    #95. April Sun in Cuba
    #96. Teach in impoverished area
    #97. Raise 10k for Camp Quality
    #98. Bikini!
    #99. TBA
    #100. Hula in Hawaii
 $100 per item doesn't seem so huge. Get your folks, your brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, Facebook friends, husbands, wives, ex-husbands, ex-wives, in-laws, children, grandparents, neighbours, class mates, team mates, work mates, bosses, business contacts and the like (i.e. 'you' :-) to help me prove it!

It was a challenge in itself to set my 100 Things list, as I have already done the following...

2. Ice skate Rockefeller Centre, NYC, Xmas morning (childhood dream)
3. Bungee jump, Gold Coast
4. Abseil down a skyscraper, London
5. Dive, GBR
6. Parasail, Gold Coast
7. Hang glide, Stanwell Tops
8. Make a wish in Trevi Fountain, Rome
9. La Tomatina, Spain
10. Orange Battle, Italy
11. Oktoberfest, Munich
12. Date NYC Fireman, Valentine's Day, NYC
13. Crash London Fashion Week Runway/Catwalk show Feb 08
14. Free upgrade on a plane San Fran to NYC
15. Went to work in pjs (and as a punk, school girl, fairy tale character, air hostess, waitress and Cleopatra)
16. Won competitions (diamond bracelet, cds, concert tickets, chocolate hampers, gym membership, cash, celebrity meet and greet)
17. White Xmas, Oslo
18. Protested bullfighting, Barcelona
19. Appeared in a Japanese documentary with my class with Junko Morimoto
20. Extra in a feature film, 
21. Bought jewellery from Tiffany's, NYC
22. Been in AC/DC music clip (Rock'n'Roll Train) and met Brian Johnson
23. Outrageous bid on Banksy at Bonham's (£20k, luckily sold for £65k)
24. Climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge
25. Broke a bone
26. Got a tattoo
27. Painted in Monet's Water Lily Garden, Giverny, France
28. Created a strapline for a nationwide company (Best Practice), UK
29. Completed a Monopoly Pub Crawl, London
30. Been part of a flash mob (T Mobile), Trafalgar Square 
31. Bribed my way into secret KGB room, Estonia
32. Held a crocodile, QLD
33. Eaten; escargot, frogs legs (cuisses de grenouille), chicken heart, crocodile, zebra
34. Chatted to a celebrity or two (Claudia Schiffer, Gordon Ramsey, INXS, Kiss, Tom Jones, Shia Labeouf)
35. Had a reply from message attached to helium balloon - Sent from London, recovered in Germany!
36. Seen a psychic, London
37. Skinny dipped at midnight, Australia
38. Stayed in the best suite of a 5 star hotel, Prague
39. Been sent 6 dozen roses (all at once, by the same person)
40. Made a pie from scratch 
41. Had my day in court
42. Featured in national newspaper, The Independent, UK
43. Wrote my initials in a heart on the Eiffel Tower
44. Gambled in Monte Carlo
45. Danced all night, till my feet bled!
46. Built a snowman
47. Thrown a sickie
48. Got Amsterdamaged!
49. Watch my favourite sporting team play live, NSW v QLD
50. Had a piercing (nose)
51. Swum under a waterfall, Nellie's Glen
52. Stood someone up on the Empire State Building
53. Got 'carded' (asked for ID) after turning 30
54. Free upgrade of seats at concert (Row M to 2nd row, Bon Jovi)
55. Sang 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game' at Yankee Stadium with a World Series Semi-finals crowd!
56. Picked a 4 leaf clover
57. Quit job after 1 day
58. Gone on a Blind Date
59. Told NYC cab driver to "Step on it!"
60. Kissed a frog (the amphibious kind) 
61. Have ridden a; bike, car, gondola, train, plane, tram, helicopter, boat, ship, tube, truck, horse, go-kart, ferry, ambulance, police car...
62. Raised money for charities dressed as Santa and abseiling
63. Visited a Concentration Camp, Czech Republic
64. Hand fed a kangaroo
65. Seen the Mona Lisa
66. Crossed the Brooklyn Bridge on foot
67. Been to a brewery; Guinness Dublin, Heineken Amsterdam, Pilsner Prague
68. Danced on life sized keyboard ala Tom Hanks in 'Big', FAO Schwartz, NYC
69. Eaten a decadent dessert at Serendipity, NYC
70. Been in overseas hospital, Valencia
71. Danced on stage
72. Had a French man chase me in the rain to tell me he loves me
73. Eaten pizza in Italy
74. Had Michael Jackson VIP Opening Night concert tickets
75. Invited into the Mayor's party of Dusseldorf for Altweiberfastnacht - tie cutting in exchange for a kiss festival
76. Been to a Drive In and Dive In movie
77. Run up the escalators the wrong way
78. Faked being pregnant to get a seat on the Tube
79. Eaten strawberries and cream at Wimbledon
80. Been to a Toga Party
81. Polo with the Queen 
82. Rendered first aid to a cyclist stuck by a car
83. Been to the ballet; Paris, London, Canberra
84. Been to the opera
85. Been given all expense paid trip to another country, plus spending money (for work)
86. Reported my car as stolen when I had forgotten where I had parked it! And returned to station to cancel APB.
87. Been heartbroken, homeless, jobless and in debt all at the same time
88. Been inside a Mansion, Castle and a Palace
89. Helped 1000+ children to become literate
90. Caught a thief
91. Tricked or Treated in costume for Halloween ( Devil Wears Prada, Heath Ledger's Joker)
92. Participated in 'Last Round on the Underground'
93. Had the Fire Brigade called on my behalf to put fire out on my jeans
94. Stayed awake until I hallucinated
95. Been in a TV audience
96. Learned Sign Language alphabet 
97. Seen my musical idols in concert (Art vs Science)
98. Eaten at a restaurant alone (The oldest in Paris, Cafe Procope, est 1686)
99. Climbed a mountain (Mt Coolangatta and Pigeonhouse, NSW)
100. Helped a stranger/Made it my business

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