Lucy Proud

Lucy Proud

"My grandma always says “You gotta to put tickets on yourself... And if that book runs out, get some more!!!” - loving the self is the key to life!"

Nik name- Luce

D.O.B-  March 22nd, 1982

Nationality- Australian

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? What better way to support my passion for kids in need!!!

What's on your list?

  1. Salsa (I have started lessons as I mentioned but just noticed I forgot to put it on the list!)
    Camp Quality
    Paddle Boarding (actually teaching yoga/Paddle Boarding classes starting Jan 2011)
    belly dancing – bollywood style!
    qi gong
    write/illustrate a children’s book
    ask a random guy out on a date
    give a stranger flowers
    sail the mediterranean and Greek Islands
    learn accupressure massage
    travel Indonesia/Bali
    travel to the temples/gardens in Japan
    travel to the temples/gardens in China
    study aromatherapy
    travel to Bhutan
    meet a Shaolin Monk
    Go hiking in New Zealand
    Travel the world to top Spa/health Resorts
    create a tibetan sand mandala
    have an exhibition of my art in a gallery
    create a range of textile/fabric prints from my art
    learn to use photoshop/illustrator graphics properly
    host a garden tea party
    learn to tap dance
    perform in an amateur musical
    learn piano or guitar...or both!
    learn Italian – fairly fluently!
    go fishing.... And catch a fish!  - preferably salmon or tuna for some fresh sashimi!
    learn to skin a fish
    learn to make sushi/sashimi from a Japanese chef
    visit an organic honey farm and learn about honey
    learn the art of making tea – black, green, herbal etc!
    open an organic tea house – (in combination with yoga studio and wellness treatments!)
    climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
    swim with the sharks
    smile non-stop for a whole day
    make a child laugh
    help someone in need to cross the road
    learn to surf
    learn to paddle board
    run a mini marathon
    go riding in a hot air balloon
    plant a tree
    Start my own organic herb/veggie garden
    get some voice training and sing in a bar... Just one song will do!!!
    paint and create art that someone will buy!
    learn to face paint
    volunteer to face paint at a children’s event/party/fundraiser
    learn to make silver/gold jewelry
    learn the art of stone setting jewelry
    create my own jewelry
    write an inspirational article... An have it published!
    travel across the Egyptian desert (and visit the pyramids)
    swim in the dead sea
    visit the wild animals in Africa
    yoga/meditation Ashram in India
    meet a herbal medicine guru – like in ‘eat, pray, love’!
    pay for a stranger’s order in a coffee shop
    dress up as a fairy/butterfly for no reason!

Please help me fulfill my dreams so we can help fulfill the dreams of those in need :)

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