Megsy # 44- Colonic

Ever since watching that 'Toilet goer' scene on Absolutely Fabulous' first episode, I had always wanted to get a colonic, just so that I could say "Is that what you really want me to be, darling? NORMAL? Some boring, old, normal, old, toilet goer, huh? HMM? "Where is Mummy?" "She's on the TOILET." "But I want to go somewhere interesting and meet exciting people". "Well, she can't take you while she's on the bloody TOILET". Why, anybody can go to the toilet, darling, these days." 


Megsy with her 100Things shirt awaiting the Colonic
It was a split decision on the day and I was lucky to get an appointment as it turned out; apparently there are quite a few people 'Too posh to poop'! The whole process was explained to me after a consultation and then it was time to get ready. Um, I'll spare the details but it was rather...strange! For those of you who have tried this before, you know how it all ends! And I do mean, ends- finally ends! They say several treatments can help improve bowel health but seeing as how I lost nearly 1kg, I may even try it again!

Thanks to Claire from Ashlins Natural Health in Walthamstow

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