Megsy # 53- Celebrity Stunt Double

A friend of mine works at the BBC in London and she had invited me in to give me a tour of the Britain's Next Top Model Final set during rehearsals on Sunday. We joked that I should be a 'Stand in' or 'Stunt Double' and no sooner had we uttered the words to her boss that I found myself up on stage (from 2pm-6.30pm), attached to a microphone and reading through the script with Host, Dave Berry! I was used as Judge Charley and BNTM Mentor Elle MacPherson before being demoted to eventual winner Tiffany. As it was a closed set photos were not allowed but I am in the process of getting my hands on a copy of the show reel. Then I was back on Monday for the live broadcast of the show and then on to the afterparty! I mingled with Judge and fashion designer Julien MacDonald and Tiffany's family before working up the courage to ask Elle's 'Manny' to her sons to take our picture with the 100 Things T-shirt. Elle was fantastic if not a little bemused by mine and Seb's antics but wished us all (the other campaigners) the best of luck :-) And even at 1am on a Tuesday morning, in a shirt and leather leggings, she looked stunning!

My invite to Britain's Next Top Model Final

Megsy and Elle MacPherson at the Britain's Next Top Model Final afterparty, BBC studios, London

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