Deccez # 66- Drink Raw eggs

Problems: Really the biggest problem is mindset, knowing what I was drinking was the worst part (apart from the consistency)
What Happened: A few short days after adding this to the List I was asked by some friends to bring my fabled List to school and let them browse it to see if they could help me with anything. These friends then noticed that not many items had been crossed off the ever growing List so they decided that day, during our 2 hour break at school, I would cross something off.
After much debate about which items could actually be achieved at school number 66) Drink Raw Egg was chosen.
We then had to find a raw egg in the school. Fortunately I am in close ties with the canteen manager (as myself and my close mate Michael are her best customers). After a brief explanation of my list she provided me with an egg in a plastic cup and brusquely hurried me away because “she knew nothing about it”. With a deep breath and a shudder of revolt it would be down the hatch, or so I thought. Attempt one resulted in me gagging and spitting the egg back into the cup. Attempt two got part of  the egg down my throat but due to the consistency of raw egg its all or nothing, in this case it was nothing.

It was taunting me, but I had a brainwave. Maybe if I whisked it I could get it down in sections. Whisking was a problem with a lack of any tools to whisk with, so instead I simply shook the cup until the egg was a yellow gooey liquid. My plan worked and I managed to stomach about half the egg. Unfortunately whisking the egg had made its taste almost unbearable.
The remainder of the egg was a problem. This problem was solved by my lovely Ancient History teacher who was kind enough to point out that I had only ever wanted to drink raw egg, I had stated no desire to drink a WHOLE one. However I was a trooper and (after mixing the egg with some milk from the History faculty staffroom) downed the remainder of the cursed egg.
It was a success and once again I felt the rush of crossing an item off my List. However this achievement came with a cost. Two days later I was diagnosed with a terrible case of food poisoning. I threw up for a week and developed an intolerance to raw egg but at least it is crossed off.

What I Learnt: Raw egg is absolutely disgusting, I would never suggest it to anyone. Whisking does NOT help. My Ancient History teacher, the History staff, and the canteen manager are great people.

Why: To be honest I'm not entirely sure. I think I was discussing body building with some mates one time and we got onto the topic of raw egg drinking. I then bragged I reckoned I could do it. This then triggered me wondering what it would be like. As a result of such thoughts it found its way onto the List.

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