Doctor Andy Thomas

Doctor Andy Thomas

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if  
you'll die today" James Dean...  Cheesy as anything but I love it!!"

Nickname- Doc / Anteater / ART / Drew / No Show / Spanders

D.O.B-  23rd February, 1982

Nationality- British

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? 

I was initially inspired to make a bucket list by my flatmate and good friend Sebastian 
Terry. Shortly after he left Sydney in June 2009, I moved to New Zealand.  
Living for a year in a country that is all about lifestyle and adventure, I realised that 
literally anything is possible!!  
I hope to continue with the same mentality as I move  back to Australia and to 
wherever my life takes me in the future...

What's on your list?

1. Complete an Ironman
2. Work as a Ski Doctor for a season in New Zealand
3. Complete my Divemaster course and gain some experience in Dive Medicine
4. Be true to who I am, be the "True Drew"
5. Be a better son, brother and friend
6. Learn to play the acoustic guitar
7. Commit to my career
8. Commit to meaningful relationships
9. Learn to surf properly
10.Go on a trans-Australian scooter mission with Sebastian Terry
11. Travel more, not less
12. Read more
13. Take up photography
14. Run the London marathon
15. Practice medicine in the third world, but only once I have the 
skills and experience to make a positive difference
16. Take time out to travel around South America
17. Learn to cook
18. Learn to speak a foreign language
19. Get my helicopter license
20. Do the world's highest bungee jump
21. Motorbike across America
22. Take my family on holiday
23. Paraglide over the Himalayas
24. Be a Yes! Man
25. Donate more to charity
26. Get a tattoo
27. Go to all seven continents
28. Compete against mon frere in a triathlon
29. Own a dog
30. Be more environmentally conscious
31. Never live a day without laughing
32. Cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats
33. Own a property
34. Shave my head

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